A History of Gust DLC

A History of Gust DLC

In light of Ryza’s extremely awful DLC practices (they’re charging for all character events, which is absolutely shameful, fuck you Koei Tecmo, fucking scumbags), I’ve compiled a list of prices for Gust’s DLC. Since Blue Reflection, the prices have exploded.

No Fluff means no cosmetics (except those that have gameplay functions), no music, no noob or help oriented packs. It does not necessarily mean you’ll want to spend money on these things. No comment is given on the quality or usefulness. It was something I was personally interested in tallying up, so hopefully y’all get something out of it too.

This is, furthermore, not an exhaustive list of all the DLC that ever existed. It is a list of DLC that can be acquired on PSN, so some things are missing here. Plus AT3 DLC since that info can mostly be found, but it no longer appears on the NA PSN.

Plus and DX versions have DLC from previous versions included, which is why they tend to have short DLC lists (if any). Koei Tecmo acquired Gust between Meruru and Ayesha.

Ciel nosurge is not included because it was never released outside Japan. Ryza will be added once the official US prices are listed.

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