A History of Gust DLC


In light of Koei Tecmo's poor DLC practices, I’ve compiled a list of prices for Gust’s DLC. Since Blue Reflection, the prices have exploded.

No Fluff means no cosmetics (except those that have gameplay functions), no music, no noob or help oriented packs. It does not necessarily mean you’ll want to spend money on these things. No comment is given on the quality or usefulness. It was something I was personally interested in tallying up, so hopefully y’all get something out of it too.

This is, furthermore, not an exhaustive list of all the DLC that ever existed. It is a list of DLC that can be acquired on PSN, so some things are missing here. Plus AT3 DLC since that info can mostly be found, but it no longer appears on the NA PSN.

Plus and DX versions have DLC from previous versions included, which is why they tend to have short DLC lists (if any). Koei Tecmo acquired Gust between Meruru and Ayesha.

Digital Deluxe is not included in totals, but the price of each one is shown. It includes the game and a set of exclusive DLC cannot be acquired through any other method (except Lulua). It is by far Koei Tecmo's worst DLC practice currently. This punishes people who want physical copies of the game by encouraging them to buy the game a second time digitally. DDX is usually a combo of cosmetic and mild, unnecessary gameplay related items.

Ar tonelico 3
Harvestasha Personalities Free
Elemia Island 1.99 each (probably) / 5.99 for all
Total 5.99
Atelier Totori
Model Viewer Free
BGM Changer Free
Ceci 2.99
Iksel & Cordelia 2.99
BGM Packs x5 2.99 each
Total 20.93
Total (No Fluff) 5.98
Atelier Meruru
Makina Domain Free
Mix Pack 2.99
Hanna 3.99
Pamela 3.99
Rufus 3.99
Total 14.96
Total (No Fluff) 11.97
Atelier Ayesha
Cow's Paradise Free
Hidden Paradise 1.99
BGM 2.99
Costumes x3 2.99 each
Marion 3.99
Odelia 3.99
Total 21.93
Total (No Fluff) 9.97
Atelier Meruru Plus
Swimsuit 2.99
Atelier Escha & Logy
Palace Depths Free
Palace of Paupers Free
BGM Pack 1 Free
BGM Pack 2 1.49
Costumes x3 2.99 each
Wilbell 4.99
Micie 4.99
Katla 4.99
Total 25.43
Total (No Fluff) 14.97
Atelier Rorona Plus
BGM Free
Swimsuit 2.99
Ar nosurge
Kanon Misogi Pack 2.99
Nay Misogi Pack 2.99
Shirotaka Geno Pack 4.99
Total 10.97
Atelier Ayesha Plus
BGM Pack 1.49
Costumes x5 2.99 each
Total 16.44
Atelier Shallie
Shallie Swimsuits Free
Costumes x2 0.99 each
Costumes x5 1.99 each
BGM Pack 2.99
Costume Pack 2 2.99
Costume Pack 1 3.99
Escha 4.99
Solle 4.99
Total (Cheapest) 19.95
Total (No Packs) 27.89
Total (No Fluff) 9.98
Atelier Escha & Logy Plus
JP Voices Free
Costumes x3 2.99 each
Wedding Costumes 3.99
Total 12.96
Nights of Azure
Atelier Sophie
Latter Days Episode Free
Hidden Archive Free
Gust Special BGM Pack Free
Item Pack 1.99
BGM Pack A 2.99
Dollmake Costume x6 2.99 each
Atelier Series BGM 4.99
Dollmake Set (5 Dollmakes) 10.99
Total (Cheapest) 23.95
Total (No Dollmake Set) 27.91
Total (No Fluff/All Dollmakes) 13.98
Atelier Shallie Plus
BGM Pack Free
Costume x4 2.99 each
Costume Pack 8.99
Total (No Costume Pack) 11.96‬
Atelier Firis
Gust BGM Pack Free
Atelier BGM Pack Free
Costumes x11 1.99 each
Heintz 6.99
Shanon 6.99
DLC Set 1 9.99
DLC Set 2 9.99
Total (Cheapest) 19.98
Total (Without DLC Sets) 35.87
Total (No Fluff -- Includes Firis Costumes) 17.96
Blue Reflection
Special Event 0.99
Costume Set x22 5.99 each
Bath Towel Set 23.99
Summer Outing Set 23.99
Vacation Style Set 23.99
Season Pass 79.99
Total (Using Costume Sets) 84.94
Total (No Costume Sets) 132.77
Nights of Azure 2
Costume Free
Wonderland of Sweets Free
Moonlit Night 8.99
Atelier Lydie & Suelle
Atelier BGM Pack Free
Gust BGM Pack Free
Delicates and Rarities Pack Free
Exp Quest 0.99
Coll Quest 0.99
Adventurers' Tales 1.99
Battle Mix Secret Teachings 2.99
Costumes x6 2.99 each
Blue Reflection BGM 4.99
Nights of Azure 2 BGM 4.99
Secret Synthesis Research Journal 4.99
Ilmeria 9.99
Lucia 9.99
Claudel Prairie 9.99
New Worlds 1 Map 11.99
New Worlds 2 Map 11.99
Season Pass 79.99
Total (Without SP) 93.82
Total (No Fluff) 63.92
Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists
Design Sets x7 3.49 each
20th Anniversary Arrange BGM 4.99
Extra Stories 9.99
Costumes 36.99
Season Pass 54.99
Total (Without SP) 76.40
Total (No Fluff) 9.99
Atelier Lulua
Legacy BGM Free
Atelier Online BGM Free
Newbie Item Pack Free
Costume x19 3.49 each
Machina Domain 8.99
Gust Extra BGM Pack 8.99
Meruru 9.99
Totori 9.99
DDX 15.00
Lulua Season Pass 21.99
Totori Season Pass 29.99
Meruru Season Pass 29.99
Total (Cheapest*) 81.97
Total (Without SPs) 104.27
Total (No Fluff) 28.97
* Digital Deluxe is slightly cheaper as it includes the Lulua Pass
Atelier Ryza
Legacy BGM Free
Costume x2 Free
Costume x7 2.99 each
Weapon skin x6 1.99 each
Extra story x2 5.49 each
Extra story x2 5.99 each
Secret Island Map 5.49
Solitary Island Map 8.49
DDX 12.00
Season Pass 54.99
Total (Without SP/DDX) 69.81
Total (No fluff) 36.94
Fairy Tail
Costume x53 3.49 each
Difficult Requests 9.99
Dungeon 9.99
Additional Friends set x3 19.99
Costume Pack x3 39.99
DDX 15.00
Season Pass 59.99
Total (No packs/SP/DDX) 286.65
Total (With packs, no SP/DDX) 199.92
Total (No fluff) 79.95
Atelier Ryza 2
Legacy BGM Free
Costume Free
Costume x7 2.99 each
Extra Recipes, etc x2 2.99 each
Extra BGM 8.99
Map x2 5.99 each
DDX 12.00
Season Pass 44.99
Total (No SP/DDX) 47.88
Total (No fluff) 17.96
Blue Reflection Second Light
Costume x2 1.99 each
Partial costume pack x6 4.99 each
Full costume pack x2 14.99 each
Ether Synthesis 0.99
Facility Pack 4.99
Maps x2 7.99 each
DDX 13.00
Season Pass 44.99
Total (No SP/DDX, partial packs) 55.88
Total (No SP/DDX, full packs) 51.94
Total (No fluff) 21.96