Revisiting My First Atelier: Mana Khemia

I forgot so much, it was like playing for the first time again.

The many, many writers of Gust

The pen changes hands a lot over the years.

Charging for refunds?! Boltrend's mistreatment of Atelier Online

It ain't a small charge either.

Gust's Top 10 Worst Box Arts

The worst of Gust's box art, whether by NISA or by Gust itself.

Gust Mods

A list of Gust game related mods, for graphics, camera tweaks, PS buttons, and more.

Viorate: Not pronounced how you think

Not meant to be 'violet' either.

The Deep Dive: Blue Reflection Second Light

Blue Reflection Second Light is the stroke of brilliance that keeps me coming back.

Blue Reflection Second Light - Spoiler Free Review

The second part of Gust’s multimedia project is here. And it’s completely worth it.

Atelier PC Saves

A collection of saves for various purposes.

My Atelier game crashes immediately, how do I fix this?

Some can't boot the game at all, and no useful error messages show up. Here's a handful of instructions that should work.

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