[PC] Why does my game run like garbage?

If you are on laptop, you need to make sure the game is not running on integrated graphics.

Windows 10 Settings -> Search "Graphics settings" -> Browse -> Select the game exe -> Options -> High Performance -> Save

If you are not on a laptop or if the issue persists, plug in a controller. Yes, really.

Further advice: disable TAA as it doesn't work, and try using fullscreen.

Are there missables?

Yes, there is a missable trophy. You need to make a save before beating the final boss to ensure you defeat it on Very Hard or higher. I explain how to beat it here.

I can't unlock this effect I need!

A number of effects are locked behind grey bars or have red lines through the bars. You need to use linked components to unlock these -- place same element 'stars' next to each other until you have enough to get your desired effect. Each link unlocks one more max level point you can reach.

What are those blocked out red bars I see during synthesis?

After you unlock Catalysts, you can get the highest effects on several items. These were previously hidden to you. In order to unlock them, you must use the restricted panel (with the holes in the board). They are otherwise the same as the greyed out bars; use links to unlock them.

Where do I get Pendegrun?

Two star staff. There are two types of nodes that grant them in Sea King's Domain. These are the places to warp to:

  • Rain: Southwest. Keep checking barrels until you find one (there are two barrel types).
  • Sun: Northwest, set to sun and right at the bottom of the stairs you can access is a pink crystal.

Where do I get Suspicious Liquid?

Dusk Forest > Azura's Pier

Northwest part of map, two star staff gather from pots in rain.

How do I unlock duplication?

Spend a certain amount of cole refilling items. (Not sure how much currently, maybe 3000.)

Is there an easy way to get money?

Per this video (Japanese), you can take advantage of the basic four neutralizer's low base cost. You will need duplication price reductions; you need at least two from Alette's ability menu to begin to turn a profit, but more is better. You get Overpriced, One of a Kind, and Golden Glow on a Red Neutralizer that is as low quality as you can make it. With duplication reductions, you will make a profit selling duplicated neutralizer.

I am unsure how well it sells, but you can synth an item like this: Overpriced/Rare Item/Expensive/Expensive+ and it will result in Overpriced/Rare Item/Finest. This would be the earliest version of this item that you can make.