Beating the Final Boss on Very Hard

For you achievement hunters out there, this is how you can get the missable Ruler of the Dream achievement. You will get the I Must Be Dreaming! achievement as well doing this, which is given for dealing over 99,999 damage in a single attack.

The short of it is, you're gonna build up Plachta's MP pool to insane levels (feel free to spend all your ability points on MP gains), then you're gonna toss an item that drains all of her MP at once and deletes the boss.

Overall Ideas

You will want the traits Dragon God Blessing and Devil's Brand. These will fuse with other traits into incredibly powerful traits. For Devil's Brand, it's from Evil Core. If you don't have one, it's in a chest at Quartz Lapis > Quartz Abime, or you can find it as a drop from a variety of enemies, but for Dragon God, you can buy a Dragon Eye from Alette's shop rather easily. If you don't have that anymore, gotta farm dragons.

Extra credit: Get Awakening to fuse with several other traits. This is purely up to you; if you want a stronger item for some reason you can sleep to reset Gnome's shop until you see Awakening on an item. I will assume you are not using this.

I will list a series of synthesis steps that I found rather helpful:

Basically, I relied a lot on white neutralizer as they can take Pure Water and two Snowflake Crystals, making them very easy to combine traits with.

It is very important that you are comfortable using the restricted panels and a certain degree of linking to unlock top effects. If you do not have at least a 6x6 Catalyst with Components Divided, get that now. The larger your board the easier a time you will have, but I did all of this with a 6x6 and I generally will not tell you to target more than a single effect. Components Divided is especially important as it allows you to place components on top of each other -- to create more links -- without removing anything from the board.

Many, many of these traits are fused traits. You are assumed to either have them lying around or have their parts lying around.





  • Traits
    • Sage's Wisdom
    • HPMP Supercharge
    • Dragon God Soul (Sage's Wisdom x Dragon God Blessing)
  • Intertwining Scarf
    • Can use Velvetis from armor
    • Second row (ice) is what you're after.


  • Traits
    • Sage's Wisdom
    • HPMP Supercharge
    • Dragon God Soul
  • Gunfighter Talisman
    • Second row (ice) is what you're after.


  • Traits
  • Twilight Prism
    • Above everything else, you want the last light effect, Wild Rainbow. Do not cut corners.
    • Use the restricted board. Link light together as much as you can. You will be okay.

Everyone Else


Further Help

I recommend reading the normal or easy set and applying that or better to your equipment. The short of it is, lots of stats, lots of HP. You do not need extreme equipment to survive a few turns against this boss. Breezy Aromas are very, very good to have around in case of emergencies.

If ailments in the second phase hit you hard, you can use Warding Incense (max light) to remove ailments from entire rows.

How to Use

Get 100% DG before coming into the battle. It will carry over.

Backline Plachta. Do nothing but guard until the aura breaks. Smash with Twin Action Twilight Prism, even if one of the enemies is going to block. First phase should be over.

Use Sophie and Ramizel's Dual Trigger on whichever row Plachta is in to restore her MP. Guard until Aura is broken again, destroy with Twin Action. If the boss still lives, just toss the item again without restoring MP because there shouldn't be much HP left.