How to get infinite gems

Gems are a very important currency in Ryza 3. By following this guide, you'll be swimming in them in no time! Feel free to check out the video for further context.

Overall Principle

  • Transfer the Super Trait Ultra Purity to an item of your choice
  • Be sure to fill out the material loop for super traits ("Additional slots for super traits") on the item so that it actually applies
  • Duplicate your item as many times as you can afford, then immediately reduce them to gems
  • You will have way more gems than you started with
    • ...Most of the time. Check your duplication/reduction costs before committing.

Further Context

Super Traits come from the golden gather points that you occasionally see. You will often see these near landmarks. It's often worth resetting landmarks to force new gather points to appear, especially if you're hunting specific categories of items.

You can gather Ultra Purity the very instant you see Super Traits appear; you just have to keep trying until you get it. Remember, they can only be transferred from raw materials to synthesized items.

Higher level items are more efficient for this trick, but you can use items as low as Neutralizers if you need to. You'll want to profit at least 50% to make this worth doing in mass.



"...Most of the time. Check your duplication/reduction costs before committing."

This is definitely true for weapons/armor. I tried adding Ultra Purity to a piece of armor. Duplication cost was 20k while reduction was around 9k.