SP Guide - Unlock the whole skill tree in 30 minutes

The skill tree in Ryza 3 is very powerful, giving you many ways to improve your alchemy prowess. By following the strategies in this guide, you'll be able to unlock the whole skill tree very quickly - even early in the game! Please refer to the video for more in-depth examples.

Synthesis Mechanics

During synthesis, the SP you gain will change based on these factors:

  • Item level
  • Number of material loops filled out during synthesis
  • And you will get a bonus for your first time synthing an item

The fast way: Item Rebuild

To unlock item rebuild, you need go to the skill tree, go up until you unlock 500 Quality, then right twice from there. Once you have this, you can get SP at an insane rate.

But first, let's list what else you will want to unlock from the tree as you continue to get SP to make this trick go faster:

  • Rebuild levels, which are right next to rebuild
  • SP Gain, there are three in the bottom portion of the tree

Now that you understand what to prioritize on the tree, the trick is simple.

In the rebuild menu, which you can access from the cauldron, take any item and stuff any ingredients into it until you max it out. Rebuild the item and enjoy the massive SP you just gained.

For a particular recommendation, create a Red Neutralizer with the effect Add (Gunpowder), and duplicate the item hundreds of times. You can then use those Red Neutralizers as ingredients in other Red Neutralizers.

If you need tips for gems, I recommend looking at the infinite gem trick.