How to get the Being Versatile achievement

This guide will get you all the roles in Ryza 3 for the Being Versatile achievement.

How to Unlock Roles

Just create any piece of equipment with a "Mark" effect unlocked.

Role Guide

  • Supporter/High Supporter: Equip gear with Mark of Assistance
  • Attacker/High Attacker: Equip gear with Mark of Aggression
  • Defender/High Defender: Equip gear with Mark of Protection
    • "High" versions require higher levels of Mark effects
    • Tier 2+ weapons and armor come with Mark effects by default
      • Use Final Tier weapons for Mark 6 effects
    • Can link morph Mark effects onto any equipment
      • Guardian Armor: Mark of Protection
      • Fairy Horn Adornment: Mark of Assistance
      • Ancient Sword: Mark of Aggression
  • Accel Battler/Mighty Lord/Round Arms/Artisan: can appear on RARE Keys
    • Use Pristine Keys with Rarity Up on Landmarks
  • Braver/Alchemist/Playmaker: can appear on SUPER RARE Keys
    • Use Pristine Keys with Rarity Up - 2 on Landmarks



This trophy it hard to understand this you mean all role or just one of each type role
I mean 1.supporter 2. High supporter or 1 supporter/high supporter(anyone) 2.attacker/hi attacker .....


Each role equipped once, not even at the same time.

La sopa

Thanks Bro. You are awesome!