How to get the Ultimate Swordsmanship achievement

This is how to get the most obscure achievement in the game.

The Weapons

First, you need access to three weapons:

  • Lost Alucard
    • Recipe: "A Special Gift from Hometown" Normal quest in Orim
  • Liese Divider
    • Recipe is from some sort of late Lent related event/quest, probably Kurken Island
  • Infestio
    • Recipe: "Preparing for Battle Against the Philuscha" Normal quest in Orim
    • Radiant Plate Recipe (since you need it): Supply Point using Super Rare Key in Kurken

The Super Trait

You need the non-transferrable Super Trait, Swordmaster. Yeah, seriously. If you do not have Swordmaster already, you can reset landmarks for the following:

  • (Metal)
    • Hammer Rank 1 with Gathering XL (trust me)
    • Meteor Castle -> Dragon Statue
  • (Magical) x2
    • Hammer Rank 3
    • Traveler's Road -> Beach of Far Bank

What you do is simply toss items with this super trait into the weapons, you don't even have to unlock the super trait slot. You will get a symbol that looks like this:

Where to turn in

Kurken Island -> Fairystone Lighthouse

Nemed -> Village of Faurre

Sardonica -> Marmo Square


Aside from the achievement, you also get the only source of the Drive Boost and Desperate Sword traits in the game.



Recipe morph is a good way to use other material with the trait. Kark Isles -> Erupting hill with a rank 1 hammer gives lots of amatite ore. Just remember to use a different amatite ore to morph, then put the one with swordmaster in


You meant link morph, but this is correct yes.


I appreciate this and all your other guides so much. Seriously you have no idea. I’m so glad someone’s making these guides for a game which is quite obscure and under appreciated in the West. Thanks!


Thanks for the guide! The Radiant Plate recipe is found in Kurken area, not in Orim. Don't waste your super rare keys there if you don't get any other recipes.


Oh heck my bad