Traveler's Memoir Guide - Rumor-chasing adventurer Achievement

Want to get all the Memoirs for Rumor-chasing adventure? Everything is here.

Video Guide

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  1. You don't need to open the chests for the achievement.
  2. If you really really want to open the chests anyway, the map will show them when you zoom in.
  3. You should focus on this after doing most other things


1. Record of the Establishment of Sardonica 1

2. Notes on the Sale of Artifacts

3. Artisan Town Treasure

Reward from Normal Quest: New and Super Precious Material

4. Record of the Establishment of Sardonica 2

5. Peculiar Power of Fairystone Mine 1

Reward from Normal Quest: Bring Back the Market Manager

6. Distribution of Artifacts 1

7. Peculiar Power of Fairystone Mine 2

Reward from Normal Quest: Making the Market Main Attraction

8. Fairystone Mine Materials

9. Fairystone Mine Treasure

10. The Road to Reconciliation

11. Distribution of Artifacts 2

12. Terror of the Fairystone Mine

13. To the Master

14. Registered Mail to Peers

15. Peculiar Power of Cleria Harbor

16. Resting Bridge Treasure

17. Peculiar Power of Waterfall Slope

Reward from Normal Quest: Small Devils on the Road

18. Records Related to the Southern Forest

19. Terror of Crystalshine Ruins

20. Second Punitive Force Report