Lucia bullying in the Lydie & Suelle files?


So I was crawling through the Lydie & Suelle files, and I found something really amusing in some of the playable character assets. Guess the devs like to bully Lucia as much as the game itself does!

Most of the examples of this appear in the battle UI, such as in this cut-in:

For those of you who don’t read Japanese, the ルーシャ you see in red means Lucia. So yes, they literally took a completed pic of Mathias and put her name on it as a stand-in. Of course, they do it with Mathias a lot, hence the bullying.

I especially like the use of the Mathias draft. Really nice touch.

On top of that, they use young Sophie in her place:

And last but not least, Heintz, of all people, was used. He was a DLC character in Firis, basically a guy not thought about in the fandom at all. So replacing Lucia with people like Mathias and Heintz is just the truest form of bullying.

So why does this all exist? Best guess is, they just didn’t have all the Lucia assets ready by the time they were testing all this. While there’s no particular reason this should be in the localized version of the game, they still released the updates (which include the proper Lucia assets) in the same order as the Japanese release, so that’s probably the ultimate reason why we can see these things still in the files.