Facility Sets

Beach Vacation

Increases HP and attack by 10%.

A Moment To Relax

Increases HP and defense by 10%.

Seaside Coffee Break

Increases damage dealt by 5%, including damage dealt during One-on-One.

Inside the Station

Increases EXP gain by 10% and item drop rate by 5%.


Increases critical hit rate by 10%, and critical hit damage by 10%.

Woodland Repose

Increases slash damage by 10%.


Increases pierce damage by 10%.

Bath Time

Increases shock damage by 10%.

Children's Paradise

Increases damage dealt to the enemy by 7%, and decreases damage taken by 10%.

A Self-Sufficient Life

Increases the amount of collectable items in the Rice Field.

Sleeping Under the Sky

Increases tremor damage by 10%.

A Flowery Scene

Increases warp damage by 10%.

A Place to Come Together

Increases HP, attack, and defense by 10%.

Midsummer Market

Increases Ether recovery speed on skill use by 7.

Nighttime Camping

Increases HP recovered by 20%, and recover 10 extra HP when using recovery skills and items.

A Festive Festival Day

Increases the amount of tradeable items at the stands.

A Corner of the Shrine

Increases enemy item drop rate by 10%.

The Bears' Rest Area

Decreases damage received by 5%, and decreases damage received during One-on-One by 5%.

What to Wish For

Increases ailment resistance by 25%.

Harborside Generator

Increases HP by 20%.

Homesick in Summer

Increases the amount of EXP gained from battle by 30%.

Cafe on the Corner

Increases attack by your Gear level × 5%.

Quest to the Stars

Increases slash, pierce, and shock damage by 10%.

Blue Sky Music Room

Increases attack by 12%.

School Music Festival

Increases defense by 20%.

Summer Festival

Increases tremor and warp damage by 10%.

Kokoro's Projects

Increases HP Up effects from facilities.

Rena's Projects

Increases Defense Up effects from facilities.

Yuki's Projects

Increases attack and defense by 15%.

Shiho's Projects

Increases Ether Recovery Speed Up effects from facilities by 15%.

Hinako's Projects

Increases Attack Up effects from facilities by 15%.

Kirara's Projects

Increases the odds of knocking down an enemy by 15%, and also reduces the odds of getting knocked down by 15%.

Hiori's Projects

Increases Critical Rate Up effects from facilities.

Mio's Projects

Increases damage dealt to the enemy by 15% during One-on-One, and decreases damage taken by 15%.

Uta's Projects

Increases Ether recovery speed by 7, and increases support skill activation chance by 10%.