How to get True End

Second Light has two endings; if you're rushing through, it is possible to miss the "true" ending. The requirements are as follows: 1. Clear the game. The True End only shows up on NG+. See [here](blog/atelier-pc-saves) for saves if you're on PC. 2. Get any girl to talent level 10. * Choose this girl at the final choice. * Be sure to have seen her final scene at her Heartscape. 3. If you heard that skipping dialogue matters, as far as I have tested it does not in current versions of the game. Skip what you want. ## Differences from regular end (as spoiler free as possible) 1. There is a slight scene change before the final boss. 2. The girl you pick has two changes at level 10 -- the first can be seen on your first run, and the second is only seen on NG+. 3. The very final scene of the game changes.