Boss Preparation

For the PS3 version, all you really need is a good N/A and Elixir, as well as good equipment. No joke.

For the Plus/DX verisons, you want at least a Himmelstern on top of that, plus some other helpful items.

Useful Items

  • Traits for most Usable items
    • Effect Boost L (150% max boost -- you won't get quite this high)
    • Rank Boost L (75% max boost)
    • Loner Slayer L (60% max boost) / Swarm Slayer L (45% boost for three targets)
    • Beginners OK / For Masters (for quality; better than Quality L)
    • Satisfying L (50% critical) / Final Strike + (50% boost)
    • Pro Favorite (+3 uses, mainly for Rorona) / Usage +2
    • Boost Effect L (30% boost)

This list is in order of priority.

The must haves are always Effect Boost and Rank Boost. They're worth HUGE bonuses. Secondly, you MUST have 101+ quality, so in goes a quality trait.

Satisfying will work quite well in place of a theoretically better trait (such as Final Strike +). If you REALLY want to use Final Strike over it, you're probably getting a small reduction in average damage, but for more consistency Just pick what you can get; things will die for you either way.

Beginners OK is actually BETTER than Quality L. This is because its cost is higher than Quality's, therefore making Effect Boost better. For Masters is exactly the same as Beginners OK, but it decreases success rates and is thus less desirable.

Some trait info lifted from:

Elixir Synthesis

For this to work, toss the Bless Stone directly in the Elixir. Your Nectar or Forest Dew should probably have Effect Boost and Rank Boost.

The Sage Herb should be tossed in a basket to get that low. Don't put a Blessed Coin with Rot Prevension in there at the same time.

This probably won't cut all HP loss from Shadow Bands in the Plus/DX versions. So you have a couple options.

  1. Make a good regenerating Totori Brunch.
  2. Make a second Elixir.

The second Elixir is pretty simple compared to the first. Use a high quality Nectar for the regen effect, then toss on Effect Boost L, Rank Boost L, Beginners OK, Swarm Slayer L, and Final Strike +.

Don't be cute and toss on Surging Power. You're better off with a high quality super trait-tastic Totori Brunch.

Initial version of the Elixir was shamelessly lifted from here:

Totori Brunch Synthesis

This is a pretty simple thing to make, but you have two options.

  1. The Regenerator
  2. The Fantastic Buffer (suggested)

For the regen one, use Cryptobotany's trait. Drop Final Strike +, but otherwise get the same traits as the other brunch.

For the super buffing brunch, you're going to need every point you can get. You might have to make two at once, too. Use your highest level ingredients (10/9 cost across the board) across every category to get a total of 47+ points. Mystery Ankh will help you, as well as the few other (Mystery) items with higher cost points.

Don't try to get Surging Power or Petrifying Meat. You will not match a brunch with the best of traits. Those traits, as usual, are Effect Boost L, Rank Boost L, Final Strike+, Beginners OK, and Loner Slayer L.

One thing I noticed about this item -- using duplicate does not change the effect one bit, whether you have skill boost or not.

Dimension Egg Synthesis

This item. So broken. This can add a max of four moves, so combined with Shadow Band, you can have SIX moves. Item user only, but do you see the potential here?

Since this is an enhancing item, you don't need to bother with quality. So instead: Effect Boost L, Rank Boost L, Loner Slayer L, Final Strike +, and Boost Effect L. Get as many traits as possible on a Spirit Stone or two.

This thing will absolutely eat all your MP. You should either carry a lot of MP restoration items with you, or get your Chims busy duplicating everything.

N/A Synthesis

The traits aren't any different from the generic usable item. Try to shove as many traits as possible onto Tar Liquids (lumber is your friend), and make sure to create some generically high quality ones as well. Mega Bombs should absolutely be 120 quality, whatever traits you slap on 'em. Supplement can be below if that's what it takes to get a needed trait on.

This item isn't as useful in the Vita version. You can make one, but use Himmelstern in Orthogalaxen.

P.S. Tar Liquids are doubly useful because you can also use them in Himmelstern later.

Himmelstern Synthesis

It's pretty obvious what you need to do here, and the process is quite similar to N/A due to the overlapping ingredients. But you have Crystal Ball and Meteor, which you can use to your advantage. Meteor is particularly easy to slap traits on because you can just make a high level cloth.

The major thing to note is that Swarm Slayer is NOT necessarily better on this item. If you're in the Vita version, you should definitely create a Loner Slayer version. Bosses get crazy elemental resistances in Orthogalaxen, so it's best to avoid N/A.

If you're in the PS3 version, don't bother making a good Himmelstern unless you really want to.

Dark Water Synthesis

Another item mainly for the Plus/DX versions. This is a shockingly helpful item!

You get 32 points to use, no matter what. Those are best spent like this:

  • Effect Boost L
  • Rank Boost L
  • Judgment L (for higher success rate)
  • Chain Explosion (free!)
  • Quality M, or something that costs up to 5 and raises quality.

You might have to make two separate Pure Poisons to make this work, but you need two anyway. The nice thing about Pure Poison is that it can take alcohol items.

Other Cool Stuff

  • Ether Ink
    • This item has two effects, depending on the quality of Magic Paint you throw in. Both are totally awesome. Get around 60 quality (maybe a little lower) for one trait, and as high as you want for the other. Remember that Dimension Egg? If you make a really good Spirit Stone for that, you have an easy synth here.
  • Auto Alarm
    • Revival is never a bad thing. I simply prefer to use Elixirs.
  • Mystery Ankh
    • A poor man's Totori Brunch, but it does have some neat effects to check out, such as HP+ Temp.

Equipment Synthesis

Holy and Healing Power

These are two of the biggest must-have traits in the PS3 version, and you should get them on all your equipment.

Supplements are a nice tool for getting both of these and one extra trait of your choice on any item. Quality L is the most generic choice.

The Plus/DX versions nerfed these two traits big time. Holy Power is still barely useful, but Healing Power? Don't even bother. There are other ways to get regeneration.

Weapon Synthesis

  • Attack +10
  • Inflict Paralysis / Heavyweight
  • Attack +5 / Convert Damage L
  • Holy Power / Lightweight
  • Healing Power

Put simply, make a Blessed Coin through this process: Supplement -> Komet -> Arland Crystal. Then make Sylph Breath for your (Mystery) item.. You can make a Sylph Breath out of another Sylph Breath, so pile as many traits as you can onto one of those.

If you make two Blessed Coins, you can get all five of your traits on it. Use a Mystery Ankh to up the cost level.

You can also make Tar Liquid or Pure Oil for some traits.

Suggested build? Go all out on attack and use the lightweight/heavyweight combo, as well as Attack +5. You don't really need Convert Damage (Elixir) or inflict paralysis (Dark Water). For Totori, you may want a more defensive setup; a bunch of elemental Power traits, as well as lightweight without heavyweight.

Armor Synthesis

  • Defense +10
  • HP +30
  • Quality L
  • Sturdy / Defense +5 (both are worth +5)
  • Holy Power / Lightweight
  • Healing Power

Alcohol is your friend. I like to use Floral Sour Mix, personally. Beer will take any liquid, which makes it really easy to slap on a good trait to items that take it as an ingredient.

Another friend is Living Rope. A little more difficult to work with, but you should be able to shove a couple good traits onto it through Hay.

To get Holy/Healing Power: Supplement -> Zettel

Lightweight can come from Liquor. It's especially useful on Totori. You shouldn't let her take a lot of damage, whatever you do!

Shadow Band (Plus/DX)

  • Skill +30%
  • Skill +20%
  • All Stats +10
  • MP Cost -20% / All Stats +5 / Skill +10%
  • MP Cost -30%

Make it as crappy as possible.

While you're able to make a more sophisticated item in the Vita version, it comes with a catch -- more HP is taken from you as the quality increases. And let me tell you, it hurts at max quality. With the nerfing of Healing Power, you have to jump through some extra hoops.

I made 3 Komets, and 1 Arland Crystal. I threw my favorite traits on and went to town. If you don't want to do that, you can always wander off to Crystal Spot and try your luck with Tonics for traits on Gravistones. You'll probably end up with higher quality for it.

I got in the 50's, myself, and the 55 damage per turn was the major thing that almost killed me in Orthogalaxen. This is related to the reason I suggest lightweight on Totori; she needs to outspeed as many bosses as possible, and preferably allies as well.

Duplicate is a really expensive trait (especially when you're facing bosses that double MP costs), so having two MP reductions is nice for Totori. I got away without it, though, and went for Skill +10%.

Shadow Band (PS3)

  • Skill +30% / Skill +20% (or even both)
  • All Stats +5 / All Stats +10
  • Holy Power
  • Healing Power

No jewels to toss in for you, so you only get 16 points to use for traits. Toss Holy/Healing Power on your Ingot.

For Gravistone, go to Crystal Spot. The inferior trait will come with using a crappy tonic. The superior trait will come from using an awesome tonic.

You know why you're putting Healing Power on every piece of equipment? To prevent this accessory from killing you.