• Priority of Ends
    • True
    • Characters
      • Adjust friendship values to get the desired ending, if you let your friends go above 60 you can hold off on final event triggers instead
    • Chim
      • Get your Chims to eat 35 large pies by putting them to work. 10 small pies = 1 large pie. See Chim End Requirements.
    • Wealth
      • Cooking Class + Specialty Liquor events, and you need 500,000 Cole
    • Normal
    • Bad

To get the true end, all the others must first be unlocked.

To get the normal end, simply go to Frontier Village after building the boat.

The rest of the ends are unlocked by events (except Chim). Don't do the final events until you make a split save at the end. Otherwise, you'll lock into the true end.

Notably, in this game, friendship locks at 60 unless you do quests. Don't bother getting it higher. That'll just mess you up.

There are three bad ends. The first is for doing nothing during the tutorial. The second is for failing to reach Diamond Rank by Year 4, 6/1. The last is for failing to reach Frontier Village by the end of the game, Year 6, 6/1. The last and perhaps first (not sure) of those will get you an image in the extras menu.

How To Handle Ends

  • You'll likely have enough time to snooze through much of the last year. I'd just create a split save for any optional boss fighting.

  • You can skip the credits after the first viewing. This is a godsend, after Rorona (''lalalalalalala~''). Unfortunately, the rest is mandatory watching.

  • Start with the Normal, Chim, and Wealth ends. These are the three with the lowest priority. Snooze till you hit the normal end, then reload and make Gerhard's last liquor. Then make sure the Chims eat 35 pies.

  • Then go back to your original save and trigger the Chim end, but DO NOT make Gerhard's last liquor. If you took my advice and didn't do any requests from friends, they'll all be hanging at 60 friendship. Go ahead and finish off their events, then save. Just raise the friendship of the character whose end you want. Requests come every 15 days, though they seem to follow your schedule as well. In other words, you'll probably hit a bunch of requests no matter what you do.

  • Go back to your save and turn in the last liquor to Gerhard. This will unlock the true end.