Year 4


  • A reminder: Be careful about the Filly and Tiffani Events. Beware the strict time limit. Also, don't forget about Specialty Liquor. It's the easiest of all events to make up if you're behind, but it's also one of the easiest to forget. You can't finish it at the moment, but find the time to do the events if you're behind.
  • (Normal end events) Cory will visit you at Atelier Rorona. Then go to Atelier Totori. After the day passes, go into the dining room. Stalk Ceci to Gerhard's bar. Another day stolen, but you'll get Boat Dismantling. Don't make it high quality. Make it crap quality. It's okay! These items are in the Key section, by the way. Prepare your Chims, because you need the following:
Material # Material #
(Ingot) x10 Supplement x5
Polish Powder x18 Shining Saucer x5
Magic Chain x3 (Threads) x5
(Lumber) x47 Mystery Ankh x3
(Cloth) x10 (Ore) x10
Sylph Breath x3 (Mystery) x5
Tar Liquid x5 Komet x3
  • You'll get Shining Saucers after 6/1.
  • There is one Ingot you can register: Blessed Coin.
  • Be sure to take Mimi somewhere before the boat is finished. (Mimi Events)
  • At some point, you'll have an event in Atelier Rorona about liking Alchemy or Adventures more. This depends on your levels. This will also vanish after reaching Frontier Village. The final step is to hit Alchemy level 50 and synth in her workshop. Don't synth in her workshop after that point, if you like other ends. (Rorona Events)
  • You can finish off Gino Events (and part of Sterk Events, actually) at Atelier Totori now if you have Gino over level 25. Don't, if you want all ends.
  • You can also finish Marc Events if his level is above 30. He'll appear at Atelier Rorona. Don't take him to the place he wants to go till it's time to manipulate ends.


Diamond AreasMaterialsMonstersNote
Crystal SpotSunny Crystal
Quake Crystal
Hermit's HomeTar Fruit
Stench Stone
Sea Puddle
Chest: Azure Wing
Mist RuinsNuse
Goat Horn
Fragrant Bug
Scare Phantom
Ear Puni
Landmark is at far end.
Mutant ForestMudhead
Sage Herb
Neumont ForestShining Saucer
Sage Herb
World Spirits
Dizzy Cap Spore
Star Ladybug
Bunny Puni
Box Squirrel
Pot Squirrel
T. Bomb Squirrel
11 gather points
Cobalt AreasMaterialsMonstersNote
Dusk ThroneBlack Runestone
Dark Dew
Shining Saucer
Dark Messenger
Landmark at the end.
Moonlight ForestMoonlight Flower
World Tree Twig
Forest Dew
Bunny Puni
Witch Rose
Glass Element
Landmark is beyond Glass Element.
Glass Element and Moonlight Flower are Galaxy Rank.
Night's DomainWispstone
Black Runestone
Dark Dew
Black Demon
Black Dragon
13 gather points.
Black Dragon is Galaxy Rank.
Old SanctuaryFuel Dirt
Metal Ore
Snow Stone
DragonLandmark is just beyond dragon.
  • You should also hit Cobalt (Chim End Requirements). You'll get a Water of Life. And that better be your last one.
  • For preparation against upcoming bosses, see Boss Preparation. You might not be able to follow all of the advice yet, but a decent part of it is available to you now. It's super total overkill for the PS3 version, but not the other versions.
  • There is one item you can miss without a certain amount of warning here, though it's very pointless to make unless you're the sort that likes to go for full license points or encyclopedia completion. It's Chim Pie. The recipe is associated with Rorona's events, but basically don't use a water of life and Rorona will give you the recipe at the end of her event chain. I believe you can still get the Chim end, but it's harder.
  • First Order of Business
    • Go to Neumont Forest (for Shining Saucer) and Hermit's Home (for the Azure Wing in the chest).
    • Once you have the Azure Wing, never waste time again! Make the Warp Gate. You can go to either Atelier from anywhere.
    • With the Shining Saucer, make all the boat parts and take them to Guid. Put Mimi in your party. Then run off to the Wharf. (Normal end events, Mimi Events)
    • If you didn't put Mimi in your party for that event, I don't think you're screwed. I can't find where in the world I read this (sorry I can't credit you, whoever you are), but try doing the next event, which is to destroy Flauschtraut with Mimi in your party. If it triggers, you're good!
  • Events
    • Synth at Atelier Rorona. You'll get Rorona Danger Book. (Rorona Events, under recipes) If there is a level needed, I haven't the slightest. I was 40 the time I kept track. Anyway, you'll get one of the better group killers, Diocraft, and N/A, a great boss killer in the PS3 version. It'll work for some things in the Vita version, but not everything.
    • Talk to Mel. She'll try to get you to take Ceci out on adventures. A few days later, you can. A month later, invite Ceci again. Don't invite her the third time till you're ready to play with ends. (Melvia Events) You have to finish these events to recruit Ceci (DLC/Plus/DX). I've heard you can get her earlier on NG+, but if this is your first run...
    • You'll face the Flauschtraut on the way to Altmeier. Make sure Mimi is with you! (Mimi Events) As long as you have the best equipment you can make (this includes accessories) and you're around level 30, it won't be bad. Better to not use Fire, by the way, unless you have an uber N/A, which you are capable of making if you followed my advice about in Gathering Better Items. (Normal end events)
  • Tips
    • To maximize your time, from Tiny Island, go east to Lost Island, then north to Ruin Island. Then, on your return trip to Frontier Village, go to the Islands you missed.
    • If you explore the Primordial Island to the south, and later, the Winter/Silver Lands, be sure to take the correct exits to discover new lands. It sounds silly, but new lands will not appear unless you exit the proper way. And yes, sometimes you have to go through multiple exits to unlock all areas. This is true of Primordial Island, but Winter Lands is less complicated.