Rorona Events

  • For the end

    • After Year 3, 1/1, visit Iksel's place for the trophy ''Unlikely Party''. This may be tied to other things... This is also when you can hire Iksy and Cory, if you have the DLC or Vita version. (40 friendship)
    • After Year 3, 7/1, visit Artisan's Way for a scene between Rorona and Cory. (50 friendship)
    • Six months later, visit Atelier Rorona. This event is based upon the higher of your two levels. This event will vanish after reaching Frontier Village. (60 friendship)
    • When you hit Alchemy Level 50, synth in Atelier Rorona for a scene.
    • Do not synth if you want to get all ends in one go. Synth in Atelier Totori instead. By that time, you'll have the gateway, which allows you to warp to either Atelier.
  • Recipes

    • After she joins, synth (several times) in Atelier Rorona for Rorona's Pie Notes. (Alchemy Level 5+)
    • Make a pie in Atelier Totori for Fish Pie Recipe.
    • 30 days later, go to Atelier Rorona for Rorona's Fish Memo. (Alchemy Level 10+)
    • 30 days later, go to Atelier Rorona for Super Tool Guide. (Alchemy Level 20+)
    • 30 days later, and after Year 4, 6/1, go to Atelier Rorona for Rorona Danger Book.
    • Sometime after this, you can get the Chim Pie recipe if you want it by simply not using a water of life. I suggest against it.