Specialty Liquor

  • (Wealth + Sterk ends)
  • After Rorona joins, and after Year 2, 6/24, gab to Gerhard.
  • Then synth in Atelier Rorona for Alcohol and Life. Gab to Tiffani. Then synth the items for Fancy Drinks. Make them and take to Gerhard. You'll get for Fish Booze Memo. Take the fishy liquid to Gerhard for Specialty Notes.
  • After Year 4, 6/1 you can make the new items. Take them to Gerhard, then talk to Ceci. I don't think Ceci is required, but you might as well.
  • A month later, talk to Gerhard for Extreme Brewing. You can talk to Mel if you want; it's pretty funny. Talk to Guid, then Sterk. It's important for Sterk's end! A new place will appear on the world map.
  • Go to the fishing point (EXACTLY on the 30th, or as close as possible so long as you're there earlier) with Sonne Fruit in basket. You'll get the Legendary "Fish" trophy. And one hell of an image. GUUUUST.
  • Make the drink and hand it to Gerhard. Or DON'T if you want to avoid triggering the Wealth end. The next day, there will be another event with Gerhard.
  • By the way, you need 500,000 Cole for the Wealth end. See Money for the best (if utterly boring) way.