Mimi Events

  • Make your basket almost/completely full, then leave Alanya for a day (with Mimi) and you'll get a scene upon returning. Several of the following events are almost automatic if you keep Mimi in your party. (10 friendship)

  • 15 days later, go to Atelier Totori. Mimi forces Totori to help around the house more... XD (15 friendship)

  • 15 days later, return to Atelier Totori. Mimi helps Ceci. (20 friendship)

  • 15 days later, return to Alanya again. Mimi is still jelly and refuses to talk about her family. (25 friendship)

  • 15 days later, you guessed it, go to Atelier Totori. Mimi has no friends. (30 friendship)

  • After you get Iron rank, talk to Cory. Cory knows what's going on just a little too well. (35 friendship)

  • Talk to Mimi. Supposedly this also occurs if she's in your party and you go somewhere with her. Optional.

  • Do 25 requests for Filly, then talk to her. (45 friendship)

  • After Year 2, 6/1, and 15 days later, go to the Adventurer's Guild. (50 friendship)

  • At least one day following that (I tested; it doesn't work the same day!), get a rank up.

  • 3 days later, synth at Atelier Rorona.

  • 15 days later, talk to Cory to watch Mimi rank up. She's back in the party.

  • Go somewhere with Mimi while you're building the boat. (60 friendship)

  • When the boat is finished, put Mimi in your party and take off. Then beat Flauschtraut with Mimi in your party.

  • An event will occur after you leave the Frontier Village. You'll get the ''Aristocratic Love'' trophy.

  • Defeat Evil Face by Frontier Village. Mimi doesn't need to be in the party.

  • Talk to Mimi about being the world's greatest adventurer (it's a short, surprisingly important scene). Then level her and Totori up to 50 for a scene. If it doesn't trigger, level up another person.

  • If you want to get all ends, don't get Mimi up to 50. Leave her hanging at 49.