Melvia Events

  • Event about giving Ceci a gift in some area you've traveled to.

  • Then another event in any non-town area about clothes. (50 friendship.)

  • After Year 4, 6/1, gab to Mel for an event about adventuring with Ceci, then talk to Ceci. (60 friendship)

  • A few days later, invite Ceci (Mel must be in party).

  • 30 days later, invite her again.

  • 30 days later, invite her again for the ''Ambushed'' trophy. You'll fight a few Scarlets, which aren't too difficult at high levels.

  • If you don't want Mel's end to trigger, don't invite Ceci the third time. However, if you do, you can recruit Ceci (DLC/Plus/DX).

  • Defeat Evil Face by Frontier Village. Mel doesn't have to be in the party.