Cooking Class

  • (Wealth + Chim ends)
  • After Chim's birth and hitting Platinum rank, there will be an event with Iksel. You'll get Iksel Recipe Book.
  • Make the items, hand them to Iksy. He'll give you Awesome Slow Food. Turn the items in for Great Ingredients. Make the new item (and don't make it crappy; Iksy will reject it) and to Iksy for Totori's Cooking.
  • Make '''that''' item, over 80 quality so you don't have to make it twice. Iksy will challenge you to a cook-off, whatever Atelier you happen to be at (stalker!). Bring the Brunch to him. ''You must win.'' You'll be rewarded with a Water of Life and Head Chef's Gift.
  • After, there's an event with Iksel. Rorona calls him a meanie.
  • By the way, you need 500,000 Cole for the Wealth end. See Money for the best (if utterly boring) way.