Endgame Farming

After the exam, a set of special monsters will spawn at specific locations and times of day. You will need to farm these for the various endgame traits. Some traits are tied to certain monsters at certain locations, refer to the table for sources. The materials dropped can also be of the highest (and lowest) natural quality, so you will need to farm for those also if you care about maxing quality.

Difficulty should not affect the items and traits dropped, so you can lower it for convenience.

Materials dropped by the post-exam monsters at up to 300 quality.
The entire raw material table is divided roughly evenly across the level 70 monsters in two sets of locations: Weist Plain/South Auoro Snowfield and Traveler's Grove/Silent Labyrinth/Heavenly Tree Einhorn. The Magmacius/Black Reaver drops are a bit weird, the two leftmost columns are repeated but flipped for Traveler's Grove vs Weist Plain. There are also 3 columns not represented, you can harvest ~200-260 quality versions of some of these in the DLC areas.

Below are sources for various useful endgame traits, separated by category. Additional monsters may drop certain traits, I've only listed ones that I've seen personally. Traits listed as DLC can also be obtained from monsters, but are more easily harvested on materials from Riesentrain and Vestier.


DLCRiesentrain, Vestier Holy Land
EULErtona Underground Lake
HTEHeavenly Tree Einhorn
LLFLeafy Laforet
LILLight Lake (?)
MCPMooncatcher Pass
NASNorth Auroro Snowfield
PPaPast Paradise
SLSilent Labyrinth
SFASkyfaring Stone Ark
SASSouth Auroro Snowfield
TLLTimelost Lake
TGTraveler's Grove
WBCWavebreaker Cove
WPWeist Plain

Attack Item Traits

# Trait Sources
25God Destroy
32Destruction Legend
54Half Critical
55One Hit Kill
150Consume Soul
151Powerless Curse
152Defenseless Curse
153Slowness Curse
181Trait Super Enhance
190Few + Many Bonus
198One Time End
202Enhance with Count
206Mach Throw
273Eternal Power
287Power of Truth
288Verdict of Rage
290Perpetual Motion
301No Attribute
380Twin Powers

Heal Item Traits

# Trait Sources
42Blessed by God
49Legendary Recovery
54Half Critical
138Soul Dwelling
139Blessing of Strength
140Blessing Protection
141Blessing of Skanda
181Trait Super Enhance
190Few + Many Bonus
198One Time End
202Enhance with Count
206Mach Throw
265Forbidden Contract
267Shroomtrooper Regen
270Convert Soul
274Shroomking's Regen
276Positive Risk
277Negative Risk
278Limit Break
279Devil Shield
285Force Cure
286Goddess' Curse
288Verdict of Rage
289Heal Break
290Perpetual Motion
305Cures All Illness
316Ancient Blessing
329Dragon Soul

Weapon Traits

# Trait Sources
136Expert Skill
137Super Skill
238Hammer of Justice
239Dreadful King
240Unceasing Desire
241Pursuit of Knowledge
245Kind Soul
263Demon's Dominance
264Nimble Weapon
266Mighty Swing
275Uncontrolled Aura
280Honed Blade
281Evil God's Power
283Flow of Gusts
294Skillful Attack
296Deadly Attack
331Resonance B: Fang
332Resonance B: Fist
333Resonance B: Sword
334Resonance B: Sacred
343Resonance All: Earth
344Resonance All: Sea
345Resonance All: H.
346Resonance All: Truth
377Black Abyss
380Twin Powers

Armor Traits

# Trait Sources
90Evolves the Body
119Flawless Body
120Tenacious Body
242Star of Expectation
243Ray of Hope
244Awakening Courage
246Indomitable Soul
262Glass Protection
271Power of Dark-Kin
272Lich Form
282Heightened Soul
284Alchemic Star
335Resonance S: Hide
336Resonance S: Bone
337Resonance S: Body
338Resonance S: Guard
343Resonance All: Earth
344Resonance All: Sea
345Resonance All: H.
346Resonance All: Truth
381Power of Evolution
390M. Memory: (Weapon)
398G. Memory: Staff
399G. Memory: Sword
400G. Memory: Zweihander
401G. Memory: Dagger
402G. Memory: Axe
403G. Memory: Spear
404G. Memory: Bow
405G. Memory: Gun

Accessory Traits

# Trait Sources
224Zeal Factor
225Happy Heart
226Cunning Wit
227Splendid Glory
228Benevolent Light
229Wild Instinct
230Persistent Faith
231Guide Intuition
232Empty World
233Power of Madness
234Burning Passion
235Unwavering Spirit
236Fog of Illusion
237Bonds of Belief
269Mountain God Bless
313Permeating Flame
314Attractive Force
326Pure Power
328Dragon Aura
329Dragon Soul
339Resonance A: Run
340Resonance A: Gale
341Resonance A: Blink
342Resonance A: Musou
343Resonance All: Earth
344Resonance All: Sea
345Resonance All: H.
346Resonance All: Truth
362Crimson Radiance
363Azure Radiance
364Jade Radiance
365Scarlet Radiance
366Dusk Radiance
367Gold Radiance
368Evolving Vitality
369Evolving Spirit
370Evolving Stamina
371Evolving Strength
372Evolving Defense
373Evolving Mobility
374Evolving Weapon
375Evolving Item
376Evolving Mitigation
380Twin Powers
412Truth Memory