When Sterk hits 50 friendship, he'll bring lots items, including a Dark Dew. Have a Chim gather a copy, then make a Spring Cup (recipe is from Rorona Events) with the Dark Dews to get the best effect. Let it sit till it enhances to 100 quality and 5 uses, then register with Pamela. Four/five times.

Bother selling the Milk and Dark Dew (and later liquids), but not water. Sometimes you can't sell it, and it isn't worth the whopping 1 Cole. The reason you get some waters that you can't sell is because they have price reducing traits on them, bringing their total value to, seriously, 0 Cole.

This technique works better after you get the boat, because you've seen Sea Puddle and Forest Dew. That means less worthless water.

  • Tips
    • Hold X (or A or equivalent) and drag to select items, especially when selling.
    • Use Spring Cup on world map, skip animation! Thanks to DAENF0RCER13 for telling me to add this.
    • Buy your cups, wait a day, and the cups will enhance to give you a sixth usage.

Plus/DX Version

PS3 version owners, you are welcome to make an item like this as well.

Unfortunately, the base prise of Spring Cup has raised such that it's harder to profit from this method. But worry not, there is a way. Create a cup with the following traits and you will profit:

  • Required
    • Price Down L
    • Price Down M
  • Any three of the following:
    • Rare Shape
    • Almost Invisible
    • Perishable L (strongly suggested -- increases enhance speed)
    • Reduce Effect L
    • Bad Quality L
    • Airy
    • Giga Stink
    • Complex L
    • Lasts L (not suggested -- reduces enhance speed)

You might create the Spring Cup like this: Arland Crystal -> Blessed Coin -> Spring Cup. Creating a non-cheap Spring cup to get Dark Dews with better traits may also be necessary as an intermediary step. Do what you must.

It is okay to have the quality low. This item enhances, so the quality will gradually go up to 120 if it sits long enough. If you have a Charger Blessed Coin and Perishable L, you'll have it charged fairly quickly. Just toss both items in the basket.

Following the above method, I got a Spring Cup at 100 quality to sell for 88 Cole.