Fragment Episodes

You cannot get all fragments in a single run.

means you should follow it for as many effects as possible in the database.

means you can only get the fragment from that choice.

means the effect is better from a gameplay perspective.

means you are guaranteed a copy of this effect.


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
3 Initial Admiration HP Recovery
3.1 Cooking Club Okay then (Feelings Up) Joy of Devotion Ether Recovery 50%
I'll pass Steel Service Recovery Increase
3.1 Hanging Out Invite her to talk Fulfillment Max HP Increase
Invite to hang out (Feelings Up) Unfulfillment Max MP Increase
5.1 Rap Battle Okay Pregame Tension Paralysis Attack
Time for a showdown! (Feelings Up) Pregame Elation Blind Attack
8.1 Battle Rapper Heart Armor Melt
8.1 Trophy event Battle Junkie Dream Dash
11 Final A Friend's Tears Rank Up
Don't see all events Last Consideration Treatment


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
3 Meeting Fear of Change Defense Boost
3.1 Juice You must be working hard. (Feelings Up) From Mind to Body MP Recovery
Isn't that a little too much? The Bright Side MP % Recovery
3.1 Cooking Oh really? (Feelings Up) Rebellious Heart Ether Recovery 50%
That's amazing Joy of a Smile Ether Strike 50%
5.1 Festival Menu Yakisoba Gentle Refusal Fixed Damage Increase
Crepes (Feelings Up) Sweet Heart Supporter Backup
8.1 Deciding Lonely at the Top Critical Strength
8.1 Trophy Event Beautiful Dreamer Armor Melt
11 Final A Friend's Tears Rank Up
Don't see all events Self-Projection Damage Increase


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
3 Initial 1-B Special Class Dimming Star Damage Increase
3.1 What are you doing at night? Studying. Lonely Past OD Strength
Watching ballet videos. (Feelings Up) Rival Appreciation Ether Attack
3.1 Training Results Don't worry Anguish of the Unknown Basic Attack Increase
None of your concern Useless Worry Mortal Blow
5.1 Injury Comeback Impatience MP Recovery
8.1 Fear Fear of Incompetence Slash Damage Halved
9 Story event True Feelings Attack Boost
9.1 Trophy event Friendship Speed Boost
11 Final Don't see all events Final Push Last Stand
A Friend's Encouragement Ether Charger


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
3.2 Initial Front Gate Whole-Body Agreement Mortal Blow
3.2 Messing Up At Practice Practice makes perfect! Headlong Dive Ether Strike 50%
Maybe it's a fluke? No Time for Trouble Ether Attack
3.2 Challenge You can do it. (Feelings Up) Battle Spirit Attack Boost
Sure you can win? Adversity Knockback Strike
5.1 Recruiting Hinako I trust you… (Feelings Up) Overwhelming Thanks Anti-Sephirot
I've got no choice… Relief Ether Strike 40%
8.1 Game No Guard Basic Attack Increase +1
8.1 Trophy Event Fiery Zeal Basic Defense Increase +1
11 Final Don't see all events Spiritualism Impact Damage Halved
A Friend's Reaction Pierce Damage Halved


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
4 Initial 2F Hallway Suppressed Dreams Continuous Damage
4.1 Borrowing Money Okay, here. (Feelings Up) Hoarding Habit Fragment Fighter
4.1 Spending Money? How earnest. Honest Heart Ailment Assailant
That's amazing. (Feelings Up) Unfamiliar Embarrassment Absorb Attack
4.1 Getting Sweets Modest Happiness Drop Increase
5.1 Livestream Miss Popular Extra Ether
5.1 Tired Hard Worker Critical Recovery
8.1 Eiko's Sister Pressure OD Cost Reduction
8.1 Trophy Event Daily Calm MP Use Reduction +1
11 Final Don't see all events Fighting Spirit Rank Up
A Friend's Soul Timeline Advance


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
4.2 Initial 1F Hallway Ostracizing Effort OD Cost Reduction
4.2 Swap Okay. (Feelings Up) High Tension Max HP Increase
Not happening. Affection Protection HP % Recovery
4.2 Look Don't move. (Feelings Up) Mischievous Spirit HP Recovery
Quickly step back. Indominable Ambition Continuous Damage
5.1 Going to the Pool What's your angle? Trading Desire Basic Speed Increase +1
I don't wear bikinis (Feelings Up) Straightforward Zeal Basic Defense Increase
8.1 Pool Alluring Longing Ether Absorption
8.1 Trophy event Love with a Chance Ether Attack +1
11 Final Don't see all events Adult Tenderness Pierce Damage Halved
A Friend's Beauty Slash Damage Halved


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
5 Initial Courtyard False Peace MP Use Reduction
5.1 Assertiveness Read a book on positive thinking. Positive Thinking Luck Boost
Read lots of books (Feelings Up) Can-Do Spirit Ailment Assailant
5.1 Confidence Did you make that? Bitter Experience Recovery Increase
Was that yours? (Feelings Up) Crowd-Pleaser Strength in Numbers
5.1 Working by Herself Sorry I didn't notice. (Feelings Up) Time Stop Timeline Delay
Why didn't you call? There is a Future Ether Recovery 40%
8.1 Popularity Jump for Joy HP % Recovery
8.1 Trophy event Signs of Growth Extra Ether
11 Final Don't see all events Encouraging Smile MP % Recovery
A Friend's Prayer Revival


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
5.2 Initial 3F Hallway Illusion of Perfection Rank Up
5.2 Expanding Horizons? Expand your horizons. (Feelings Up) Sensory Reset Paralysis Attack
Clear your mind. Absence Blind Attack
5.2 Triage Just try a few. Will to Advance Basic Luck Increase
Start with what you're most interested in. (Feelings Up) Obsession Luck Boost
5.2 Ideal Sound For your grandmother? Unyielding Dedication Blade Chip +1
Purpose in life? (Feelings Up) Reason to Live Armor Melt +1
8.1 What Everyone Wants Ups and Downs Ether Attack
8.1 Trophy event Death March Foot Sprain +1
11 Final Don't see all events Hand on Your Back Damage Increase
A Friend's Concern Fragment Fighter +1


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
5.3 Initial 1F Hallway Blurred Beginnings Foot Sprain
5.3 Movies Well... Anti-Prejudice Basic Luck Increase
They're fine. (Feelings Up) Tolerance Basic Speed Increase
5.3 Cosplay Never thought about it. (Feelings Up) Desire to Change Critical Consistency
It's like I'm a different me. Chasing a Fantasy MP Use Reduction
5.3 Delinquency Is that friend a boy? (Feelings Up) Friendship Embarrassment Critical Strength
8.1 After Cosplay Event Important Bond High Speed
8.1 Trophy event Broadening World Critical Recovery
10 Story event True Friendship Basic Speed Increase +2
11 Final Don't see all events The World is Mine Rank Up
A Friend's Advice Knockback Strike


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
5.3 Initial Field Disappointing Outcome Recovery Increase +1
5.3 Normalcy Just do what you like. (Feelings Up) Slow and Steady Basic Speed Increase
Sleep on it. Change of Pace Speed Boost +1
5.3 Learning about Ballet Things might not change. Further Ambition OD Strength
It'll get better. (Feelings Up) Progress Timeline Advance
5.3 Trying Other Events Having fun. (Feelings Up) Accomplishment Heart Damage Halved
Good times are important. Joy of Running Impact Damage Halved
8.1 Back to Normal? Fear of Stagnation Blade Chip
8.1 Trophy event My Own Medal High Speed
11 Final Don't see all events Trust Defense Boost +1
A Friend's Assertion Rank Up


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
7.2 Initial Science Club Room Color of the Void Reinforcement
7.2 Understanding Emotions Talk to people? (Feelings Up) Questioning Spirit Critical Consistency +1
Have fun with everyone? Intellectual Curiosity Critical Strength
8.1 Talk with Fumio / Sarasa Understanding the Arts Ether Attack
8.1 Talk with Shihori / Kaori / Rika Understanding the Ordinary Ether Absorption
8.1 Talk with Rin / Sanae Understanding Love Timeline Delay +1
8.1 Talk with Kei / Ako / Chihiro Understanding Individuality Timeline Advance +1
8.1 Talk with Mao Understanding Genius Rank Up
8.1 After everyone Unquenchable Curiosity Max MP Increase
11 Final Don't see all events Intellectual Need Skip
A Friend's Consideration Time Card Strength


Ch Event Condition Name Effect
7.2 Initial 1-B Special Class Inverted Reflection HP-Using Attack
8.1 Second Iron Policy Dream Dash
8.1 Memorized? I'm sorry. (Feelings Up) Lone Warrior Anti-Sephirot +1
Of course it's memorized. Lone General Solitary Struggle
8.1 Rejected Budget Something's suspicious. (Feelings Up) Accord Strength in Isolation
What can we cut? Preliminary Survey Damage Increase +2
8.1 Budget Wisdom of Silence Fixed Damage Increase
8.1 Budget pt 2 Mission Complete Mega Hit
8.1 Budget continued Leader's Fate Absorb Attack
8.1 Budget... (trophy) Independent Charisma Heart Damage Halved
11 Final Special Treatment Rank Up