It should be noted that quests are interconnected, especially in the last questline (Pamila). Thus, you may have to progress certain quests to do other questlines. You do get a handful of recipes for doing quests… some important ones are early on. There are also a handful of quest unique monsters.

Quests in the same line will trigger no sooner than one day after the last, so sleep at the Atelier a lot if you’re trying to advance the lengthy final questline.

It is also possible to have quests you can’t fulfill yet, so don’t fret over finding materials overly much.


Helping Her Legs Blessing Ointment x1
Quality 30+
Boltwind Earring
Memories of the Continent Lantern Grass x3 Treasure Map 4
Memorable Smell Talk Cole: 30
Different Features Talk Cole: 30
Fragrant Memories Delphi Rose Incense x1
Quality 60+
Zettel > Traveler's Water Orb > Delphi Rose Incense
Wait until Liese Valley
Gold Coin: 3
Youths of Past Talk Gold Coin: 5


Goat Milk Delivery Deliver to Fressher
Fresh Goat Milk x1
Natural Oil
Island Garden (Seed) x1 Gold Coin: 3
Dessert Making Talk Cole: 30
Specialty? Talk Cole: 30
New Specialty Eltz Sugar x3
Quality 50+
Pudding Made Easy
Gold Coin: 5


Island Teacher (Gemstone) x3 Jiggling Recipe; Dry Biscuit
Teacher's Curiosity Roteswasser Tonic x4
Quality 60+
Bitter Root
Island's Textbook Talk Cole: 30
Textbook Making Alchemy Paint x2
Quality 60+
Quartz Necklace
Seeds of Doubt Talk Cole: 30
Elmer's Feelings Talk to people in the Boden district, the Rasen district, and Kurken Port. Gold Coin: 5


Traveling Guy Talk Cole: 30
Between Travels (Magic Tool) x1
Quality 40+
Silver Beehive
Broken Harmonica Poison Smoke x3
Quality 50+
Cole: 300
Broken Harmonica Talk Treasure Map 2
Delivering Sound Energianica x1
Effect: Graceful Melody
Rainbow Gemstone
Melody of Travels Talk Gold Coin: 5


Island Doctor (Medicinal) x3
Quality 30+
Cole: 200
Doctor's Past (Supplement) x3
Quality 50+
Tall Taun
In My Dreams Talk Cole: 30
Memorable Place (Accessory) x1
Quality 70+
Cole: 450
The Doctor is Out Sundry Remedy x2
Effect: Fast Acting Cure
Cole: 550
Memorable Place Talk Cole: 30
Place of Reunion Talk Gold Coin: 5


Intel Gatherer's Daughter Delicious Bait x2 Northern Wind Flower
Book-loving Gina Talk Cole: 30
Gina's Dream Talk Cole: 30
Shipment of a Book Talk Cole: 30
Gina's Interview Roteswasser Tonic x3 Plant Essence
Parent's Worries Talk Cole: 30
Where the Book Went Talk to people in the Boden district and Kurken Port. Gold Uni


Sneaking Atop Trees Zettel x1
Quality 40+
Goat Hoof Stamp
Adventurer Goat Hoof Stamp x2 Goat's Milk
Traveling Goat Talk Gold Coin: 1
Monster Shadows Defeat: Boulder Soldier x1 Goat Hoof Stamp
Return of the Adventurer Talk Sweets That Pop
Gold Coin: 5


Waiting for the Prince Alchemy Fibers x2
Quality 50+
Gnardi Ring
Battle of Beauty War Powder x1
Effect: Gut Instinct
Flying Love Bubble Bullet x1
Effect: Balloon Bullet
Scrap Paper
Power of Pride Talk Cole: 30
Prepare for Battle Radiant Plate x1
Quality 70+
Schwartz Thruster
Jonna's Fan Talk Cole: 30
Prince? Defeat: Lunaria Angel x1 Lucky Clover
Prince Flour x10
Trait: Critical Finish
Gold Coin: 5


Mysterious Adventurer Talk Treasure Map 5
Island Specialty Talk Gold Coin: 1
Island Intel Talk Gold Coin: 1
Center of Island Talk Gold Coin: 1
Oncoming Changes of the Island Talk Gold Coin: 1
Island Lights Talk Gold Coin: 1
Favorite in the Island Talk Gold Coin: 1
Mysterious Stone Tablet Talk Gold Coin: 2
Clues of the Stone Tablet Talk Gold Coin: 2
Connecting Fragments Talk Gold Coin: 2
Searching for Fragments (Lumber) x20
Quality 50+
Cole: 500
Searching for Fragments Talk Gold Coin: 1
Searching for Fragments 2 Talk Gold Coin: 1
Searching for Fragments 3 Talk Gold Coin: 1
Searching for Fragments 4 Cloth x1
Quality 200+
Gold Coin: 5
Where the Tablet Points Talk Gold Coin: 1
Ancient Knowledge Defeat: Great Guardian x1 Revelation Book
Pamila's Future Talk Gold Coin: 5


Replacement Crystal Fairystone Fragment x3 Common Paper Recipe; Kurken Fruit
Old Habits Talk Cole: 30
New Apprentice? Talk Cole: 120
Dye House Preparation Composite Plate x1
Quality 50+
Cole: 350
Dye House Preparation 2 (Ingot) x3
Quality 60+
Cole: 400
A Certain Clue (Cloth) x3
Quality 60+
Purely Water
Gold Coin: 5


Island Reporter Honey x1
Quality 40+
Treasure Map 1
What is Alchemy? (Magic Tool) x1
Quality 50+
Searching for a Scoop Talk Cole: 30
Dye House Reopening! Talk Cole: 500
About Textbooks Talk Cole: 500
Holiday for the Traveler Talk Cole: 500
Doctor's Memory Talk Cole: 500
Interview Request Talk Creation & Destruction
Gold Coin: 5


Handyman in Need Talk to people in the Boden district (girl north of fishing spot), Old Town (south from exit), and Kurken Port (next to Romy). Fish Oil
Colleague (Lumber) x8 Animal Hide
Apprentice's Work Talk to people in Kurken Port and the Rasen district, then talk to Fressher. Rainbow Grape
Item Repair Composite Plate x3
Quality 50+
Skuller Coat
Moonlighting Busyness (Cloth) x4
Quality 50+
Polish Powder


For the Island Talk Gold Coin: 5
Familiar Merchant Wasser Wheat x6 Cole: 150
Strange Wish Defeat: Flower Gardener x4 Treasure Map 3
Big Sisters Talk Cole: 30
Merchant's Lost Item Talk Gold Coin: 1
Merchant Again Defeat: Cloud Liner x1 Exorcism Brooch
Cole: 500
Merchant Again Talk Gold Coin: 5