Chapter 1

Lotte -- Plot
Go to the Union -
Go to Hilt Street -
Clean up the trash! -
Clean up is done! -
Go home Receive payment, go home
Go find work Go to Union
Get some work done! Gather at Lush Valley
Report Survey Results Go to Union
Report to Mom! -
Report to Master! Wilbell is at the edge of town.
Stera -- Plot
Come back another day Return to ship
Go talk again Go to the Union
Help Central Defeat monsters at Fertile Sea - Eastern Area
Gather items at Fertile Sea - Eastern Area
Report the investigation Go to the Union
Return to the ship -
Jurie Hunter's Hangout (Stera) Alone in the crowd.
Katla Hilt Street Shop is open.
Default Items Auto Craft, Refuel Pads, Shelbani Flour, Supplement - Red
The Man Charmed by Fire Katla's Shop Bomb, Zettel, Black Powder, Supplement - Green
Cooking for Beginners Katla's Shop Herbal Soup, Healing Salve, Refresh Medicine, Dried Herbs
Craftwork for Beginners Katla's Shop Plant Oil, Abrasive, Leather
Free Time
Let's work hard Perform synthesis Synthesis Exp +10
Go exploring
Complete requests
Raise Alchemy Skills Alchemy level 5+ Synthesis Exp +10
Perform synthesis.
Want to Synthesize Food (After above) Synthesize (Sundry) Synthesis Exp +10
Do more Synthesis (After above) Perform Synthesis Synthesis Exp +20
Complete Requests 3 requests -
Check the Southern Archipelago Fight in the area Combat Exp +10
Gather in the area
Further Check the Southern Archipelago Use Relic Discovery Combat Exp +10
Use Gather Sharing
Do a more detailed check Use Field Events 5x Combat Exp +20
Clear the Fertile Sea - Eastern Area Traverse the area Combat Exp +10
Clear the Fertile Sea Traverse the area Combat Exp +10
Clear the Fertile Sea - Northern Area Traverse the area Combat Exp +10
Clear the Plaza of Great Trees Traverse the area Combat Exp +10
Get used to fighting (Lotte) Reach ADV level 5+ Combat Exp +10
Use Craft
Get even more used to fighting (After above) Deal at least 80 damage Combat Exp +10
Perform combat
Shopping for a change of pace Spend 100 cole -
Go for a walk Go to Hilt Street -
Go to Stellard Plaza
Go to the Edge of Town
Go to the Harbor
Go to the City Water Source
Talk to people (Stera) Talk to 10 people -

For those of you on hardcore, this is the "terrifying" part of the game. You need not fight every enemy as you see them, and some may be outright too hard for you. Or maybe you can fight one or two, but then you have to go back to town. Battles become much easier after you activate Burst, so... you'll definitely want to learn to abuse that feature. For Lotte in particular, wait for Wilbell in the second chapter to do any real fighting.

  • Lotte
    • Just keep fumbling through her events till you are allowed to go to a field for Raoul.
    • Once you gather at this area, you'll get Miruca.
    • Why are the cleaning requests so addicting?
    • Exclusive trophy, of course, when you meet Wilbell.
    • As soon as you put 500 items in the container, you'll get a scene and life task for 999 items. Don't go out of your way to get these; they'll both happen naturally. The scene can trigger at any point after this chapter too.
  • Stera
    • You start with Jurie and Kortes, so you don't face the difficulties Lotte does.
    • Once you hit level 10, you'll get a scene with Kortes and a life task to get to level 50. This can trigger whenever, so no rush to get it.

Once you go through an area, I suggest creating the basic alchemic items you have available. They make a huge difference.

The game requires you to do Life Tasks. Depending on the rate at which you fulfill them, your motivation will go up or down. If your motivation is low, you get a reduced walking speed, and the game will otherwise try to annoy you. The game is telling you that you need to stop screwing around, basically. Worry not; in the final chapter, your motivation will be permanently maxed, so just try and avoid grindy behaviors until then. When you do tasks, you may see that you received an exp bonus. This will take effect the next time you battle or synth.

The plot required life task(s) should be fairly obvious, because you really aren't allowed to even THINK about anything else until you've satisfied the plot. After that, you get free time to do other main life tasks. You don't have to do all the main tasks, and frankly, you can't. Once you do enough, the game will sweep the rest of them away. Certain life tasks are triggered by others. For instance, an equipment task will lead to another task telling you to make accessories. If you are the OCD sort, I have /most/ of these tasks listed.

In order to trigger any free time life task, you do these basic things first: turn in a request, go to the world map, make an item.

As for all the other kinds of life tasks, however, you should be able to do all of those, if you are so inclined.

Soon, you'll meet Katla on Hilt Street; she runs a shop and you should definitely buy her recipe books when you can afford it.

So here's a tip. Talk to everyone once each chapter till you get the life task for talking to 50 people. (I dunno if repetition works, honestly.) It'll upgrade your bell/broom swing so you can annihilate enemies without battling.