Trophy Acquisition
Shallistera's Path Start the game as Stera.
Shallistera's Rest Finish the game as Stera.
Shallotte's Path Start the game as Lotte.
Shallotes's Rest Finish the game as Lotte.
Chapter 1 Clear Complete the chapter. (There are 9 of these trophies.)
Admirable Alchemist!? Automatic in Chapter 1 on Lotte's side.
Tyrant of the Sand Sea Defeat the Sand Dragon.
Fallen Mother Automatic in Chapter 6 on Lotte's side.
Reconciliation Automatic in Chapter 7.
Small Master Automatic in Chapter 8.
Angry Lord of Water Defeat the Lord of Water during Chapter 8
The Solitary Alchemist Automatic in Chapter 8.
Water Festival Automatic upon clearing Chapter 8.
Place of Origin See Linca's origins at Herb Garden - Depths
The Eternal Controller Beat the final boss.
2nd Play Start Start a second playthrough.
Busy Atelier Generic Lotte ending.
A New Adventure Begins Hidden Lotte ending.
The Next Chief Generic Stera ending.
Bridge with Central Hidden Stera ending.
Two Shallies NG+ exclusive ending
Protector of Treasure Defeat the Ghost Ship's boss. (Jurie Events)
Celebrity Meeting Do all Harry Events; you'll get it during the ending sequence.
Confection Fair Chapter 8, Escha Events
The Greatest Dragon Defeat Altegewalt, as part of Kortes Events.
Time Between Sisters Chapter 9 event related to Jurie Events and Miruca Events.
Unspeakable Thoughts Raoul Events in Chapter 7, if you answer "probably not".
Full Fledged Alchemist! Alchemy Level 99
Leave the Fighting to Me Combat Level 99
Ruler of the Depths Defeat the Ancient King of Beasts (see Chapter 10 for how I did it)