Chapter 10

Return to depths of the earth Unlock Geofront
Stop water purification device Beat final boss
Hero Book DLC Dungeon Stone Coin, Heart of Fire, Planet Sphere, Chronicle Shield, Escape Jewel, Thunder Outfit, Divine Soul

  • Areas Unlocked: Seat of Eternity
  • Plus Note
    • Be extra sure to have seen all the Seed-related events.

Before I go on, if you're on Stera's side be sure to have a Talisman of Ancient Beasts with you. You'll get extra dialogue with this boss.

Go to Geofront. Instead of going toward the warp, go straight to the area that used to be a dead end. You'll run into a boss fight worth a trophy. If you lose, he's gone forever, so beware. He's best beaten on a second run, but you can do it on the easiest difficulty, at a decent level, with pretty mediocre (stat boosting) equipment. I know because I did it.

Here's my super duper cheap way of beating the King of Ancient Beasts. Level 55. Story Watcher difficulty. This is for those of you who want the game to end ASAP.

Lead off with Kortes in the back, possibly Jurie as well. Do not use Wilbell's Volcano skill. Make sure you get 110% when you activate burst, and pick Kortes and/or Jurie. Preferably, you can swap someone out to get 120+ for both. On top of that, I had a Lava Cube with Carries Heat going. But that's about it. He went down.

My equipment? The stuff I made in the chapter 8. Zero changes. But to give a full rundown... (it isn't that special):

  • Gunade Ring with Herculean Strength/Divine Protection, but just Speed
  • Dragon Shield with More Explosive Power / Fighting Spirit S / Tranquil Spirit
  • Weapons with Enhance Burst, Enhance Item (when applicable), Enhance Skill. Enhance Crit was emphasized, but not everywhere.
  • Armor had DMG Cut, kind of a crapshoot after that. Wilbell/Jurie had Critical.
  • Everything had Attack/Speed/Defense Huge Enhance.
  • Basically, put a lot into burst damage bonuses and kill him within a single burst.
  • If you don't manage to kill him in burst, he wins. Seriously. I don't care if he has 1000 health left (I've been there).
  • Oooor you can make "real" equipment and beat him the hard way. (Or just grind to level 99 and beat him anyway on Hardcore.)

Beyond the Beast King is the path to the final dungeon, as well as the DLC part of Geofront. There's nothing special to add, honestly. Go forth and beat the tar out of the final boss.

So go ahead and read up on this page if you want to beat bosses the hard way. There is a tooooon of good stuff in there.

  • Plus Version Bosses (NO HOPE HP values listed)
    • Coral Dragon (600,000 HP) will appear after beating Fran Pfeil, along the same route.
    • Ruler of Beast Kings (500,000 HP) is in the "DLC Area", The Abyss. You should be able to sneak around him for the recipe book beyond him.
    • As with the PS3 version, the Controller (500,000 HP) is at the end of that area
    • After beating the Controller, Omnipotent (750,000 HP) appears in the same spot when you return.

You'll get to choose which end you take, so make a save after beating the final boss to avoid some of the blah blah blah.

  • End requirements
    • Lotte/Stera generics, automatically given
    • Make the Flying Board (Lotte).
    • Stera's ending seems tied to doing life tasks (and a Solle event telling you how great you are). You'll get a special event with Solle about this. I did 103 non-main tasks on my NG+ run and got it.
    • For the NG+ end, just fulfill the non-generic requirements.
    • In Plus, if you did all the Seed-related events, you get an extension apparently. (I haven't seen the non-extended version.) This also seems to be tied to getting the NG+ exclusive end.