Preparation and Farming

Items Weapons Armor Accessories
Jumbo Blessing (40) Valorous Soul (40) Benevolent Soul (33) Demon Soul (33)
Property Super Enhance (40) Force Soul (40) Evolving Body (40) Skill Savings (24)
Legend Destruct Power ( 40) Persisting Attack (17) Evolves the Body (15) Skill Huge Enhance (15)
Deadly Strike ( 35) Awakened Soul (40) Wind Spirit Soul (20)
Auto Use (14) Heroic Soul (20) Lord of Night Soul (25)
Soul Dwelling (30) Holy Soul (33)
Perpetual Motion (33) Star Soul (20)
High Cost Enhance (7) Earth Spirit Soul (20)
Automatic Activation 50% (5)
Mach Throw (25)
Curse of Powerlessness (30)
Curse of Defenselessness (30)
Curse of Slowness (30)
Consumes Soul

For some builds, you may require some other stuff. See the next section if that kind of thing appeals to you.

To farm for properties, well, bleh. This is stolen from afreaknamedpete. The DLC dungeon may be somewhat helpful (with Plant Fertilizer, I'd imagine), but I haven't tried it out myself yet.

  • PS3
    • You can stay on easy if you need to, but better loot drops on higher difficulties
    • Pretty much everything can be acquired from Silver Dragon at Geofront's Indirect Bypass. It might take a while though.
  • Everyone else
    • Aqua Phoenix at Altar of Spirits. Best done on hardcore at least.
  • If you're having trouble getting what you need, some other things to try:
    • Rage Guardian (Crystal Valley)
    • Servant of the Beast King (Herb Garden - Depths)
    • If you wait a few turns for Silver Dragon to transform, the loot gets better
    • If you can beat it, the Beast King reskin will drop top tier properties
  • Bop five enemies of your choosing to annihilate them, and return to Stellard. This resets the bosses.
  • This is, for better or for worse, a great way to level grind. I'd suggest equipping a couple Treasure Grimoires -- one for EXP, the other for item drops.


Work your properties onto other items. Try to work all your items up to about 120 Effect. I like to stick with Supplements because they're easy to remember, easy to modify, and easy to multiply. Here are some generic processes, depending on where your items are:

  • (Mystery) items can go directly into Supplement Black or White. Black has the added bonus of accepting (Animal) items.
  • There are a variety of (Medic. Ing.) and (Elixir) items that can go straight into a Medical Solution.
  • Yellow Supplements will take all your Old Stones happily. Red and Blue Supplements are also usable for common items.
  • Rainbow Supplements will take Jewels, which pretty much knocks out all the common drops.
  • For equipment, there's usually a way. (Metal) goes into Electric Orb, and (Cloth) goes into Medical Solution.

Even more generically, as long as you can get your property onto Zettel, Plant Oil, any Supplement, or Distilled Water, you're totally fine. These items form a loop; if you need more of an item, you cycle them through the loop for more.

PP Boosting Items

If you happen to have PP Frame Maximization on an item, you can skip the first step. Work it onto Medical Solution.

1.) Green Supplement

  • Create a Honey using an Ancient Map.
  • Get all three Properties. Keep PP Frame Expansion, PP +5.
  • Make a Green Supplement using Cactus Palm and that Honey. Keep PP Frame Maximization.

2.) Distilled Water

  • Work that PP Maximization Supplement onto a Plant Oil.
  • Create a Distilled Water using your items that have Traditional Soul and PP Frame Maximization.
  • Get all three property levels, keep Synthesis Chain Increase on top of the other things.

3.) Medical Solution

  • Unlock all its Properties, and be sure to keep Synthesis Skill Frame Increase, on top of your PP Boosting stuff.

4.) Transfer everything directly to a Supplement - Rainbow.

And from here, you have all you need to create more PP boosting items as necessary. I will tell you to do some things, but a lot of this stuff is on you. Also, the other properties mentioned, Synthesis Chain Increase and Synthesis Skill Frame Increase, ARE VERY IMPORTANT. Don't forget them.

Grinding to Alchemy Level 99 (yes, you really have to)

The short of it is, spam Brother Call. If you need to farm materials, refer to the following:

Also, believe it or not your inventory has a limit. For generic items, it's effectively limitless. But for "rare" items and anything you make, you have a limit. So be sure to sell all those accessories once you're done.