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Community Post

Albert Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
6 Stellard Plaza If you bought the automata from Katla, give it to him.
6 Stellard Plaza Bring the Crystal Valley automata to him. (You can get it during free time.)
7 Stellard Plaza A bit on his Odelia obsession.
7 Miruca's Workshop (Lotte) Miruca and Lotte were childhood friends with him.
8 Stellard Plaza Give automaton from Heaven's Vine
8 Stellard Plaza Give automaton from Castle of Mirages (will not appear if you found 3 already)
9 Stellard Plaza (Lotte) Complaining about his father, and his dream.

Ayesha Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
7 Stellard Plaza Intro, joining.
7 Stellard Plaza Herbalist. (I probably should have written a longer note whoops.)
7 Edge of Town Wilbell won't let Ayesha talk about her dark past.
7 Stellard Plaza Her homeland.
8 Edge of Town Nio, Ayesha's criminal background, and Keith
8 Hilt Street Bad things that can happen.
8 Hunter's Hangout Following Keith.
9 Harbor How Ayesha & Escha became alchemists.
9 Edge of Town Master and apprentice
9 Stellard Plaza Why Nio is really staying in Colseit
9 City Water Source Delivering the, um, herbal mix.

Escha Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
4 Hunter's Hangout (Stera) A chat about alchemy.
4 Hunter's Hangout (Stera) The most important thing for alchemists. May be tied to alchemy level.
5 Hunter's Hangout Shop prepwork.
5 Hunter's Hangout And then helping with the shop. Shop open!
5 Hunter's Hangout About Colseit Apples.
6 Hunter's Hangout A letter from a coworker. Lotte asks all the pressing questions :)
8 Hilt Street A visit to Lotte's house.
8 Hunter's Hangout She requests (Fruit) x8. (Odelia Snacks first.)
8 Hunter's Hangout Upon delivery, she'll make you find Solle/Odelia/Jurie for another event.
8 Hunter's Hangout Sweets Fair! (Trophy event)
8 Hunter's Hangout Escha wants to track down a regional dish... and gives you the recipe.
8 Union Looking up plants in the region.
9 Hunter's Hangout (Plus) About being away from home.
9 Hunter's Hangout About the person that gave Escha the seeds.
9 Hunter's Hangout Shallies will help find a place to plant the seeds. (Nothing comes of this, sadly.)

Gerard Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
3 Stellard Plaza He fights with Raoul over letting people into the city
4 Corporation (Lotte) He fights with Raoul over Central.
5 Corporation (Stera) Linca wants a Noble Suit
5 Corporation (Stera) He liked his suit?
6 Corporation (Stera) Linca wants you to make Formal Dinner Suit
6 Corporation (Stera) He seems happier with this suit.

Harry Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
6 Faav Village Meeting.
7 Union Solle talks about him.
7 Harbor From the Wilderness.
7 Faav Village Harry's next book.
7 Faav Village (Lotte) Lotte asks for advice. Wilbell points out how lucky Harry is.
7 Green Desert They rope you into an easy battle.
8 Harbor More of his fine literature unleashed upon the world.
8 Corporation Harry spreads his fine literature to Gerard.
8 Cape of the End You found nothing.
8 Drifting Cemetery I forgot to fill this in but there's deffo an event here.

Homura Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
5 Union About his purchases.
8 Union Keith wants to research him.
8 Hunter's Hangout Whether baked sweets or alchemy sweets are better. And a bit on Keith.
8 Union Homura was likely created by alchemists.
9 Union Homura wonders why he's different from the others.
9 City Water Source Odelia wanders off to talk with Homura and Escha.
9 Union Funeral.
9 Union Solle and Homura know each other well.

Jurie Events

Earliest Chapter Covered in FAQ Location Description
1 Hunter's Hangout (Stera) Alone in the crowd.
1 2 Hunter's Hangout (Stera) Jurie's reading a book. She wants to find the ghost ship.
3 Union (Stera) She'll request (Medicine) x2 through Raoul.
3 Hunter's Hangout (Stera) She gives you a Small Relic for fulfilling her request
3 Hunger's Hangout (Stera) Why Jurie is helping Stera
4 Miruca's Workshop (Stera) Jurie wants Miruca to enjoy herself more.
5 Union About his purchases.
5 Hunter's Hangout (Lotte) Jurie is scary.
5 Union Her interesting note-taking hobby.
5 Hunter's Hangout She wants to find the Ghost Ship
5 Hunter's Hangout Drifting Ghost Ship found. She wants you to go with her.
5 Drifting Ghost Ship You found it.
5 Drifting Ghost Ship Endless corridor trap.
5 Harbor (With Rose) About not progressing in the ghost ship.
5 Ship Workshop (With Teo) He gives you the Eyedrops of Truth recipe.
5 Hilt Street Katla needs help with an item description.
5 6 Miruca's workshop Miruca asks about a fairy tale.
5 7 Drifting Ghost Ship - Admiral's Quarters (Trophy event) Octopus boss fight
5 7 Miruca's Workshop (Lotte) Jurie's earning money for Miruca.
7 Hunter's Hangout (Stera) Talking about work with Reyfer, Harry, and Homura.
9 Miruca's Workshop (Trophy event) The sisters are getting along.

Katla Events

Earliest Chapter Covered in FAQ Location Description
1 Hilt Street Shop is open.
5 Hilt Street Why she travels.
6 7 Union She requests Slag Coin x6 through Raoul. These are found in chests in the Baskes Region.
6 7 Hilt Street She gives you a lame Double Foot Component for fulfilling her request.
6 7 Hilt Street ...To later find out the coins are garbage. Ha!
6 7 Hilt Street Katla ropes you into a life task for (Water) x12
6 8 Hilt Street Her water selling plots didn't work out. Of course.
8 Hilt Street Reyfer gets a deal.
9 Union She's thinking of leaving town.

Keith Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
9 City Water Source Keith's pipe.
9 City Water Source Running low on them pipe drugs. Life task for Forgetful Grass, Evergreen Leaf, Verdant Taun, Ultramarine Root
9 City Water Source Shallie delivers the 'medicine'.
9 Ship Workshop Lotte will ask about having Keith teach them.
9 City Water Source When they approach him, he gives a life task for Travel Gate.
9 City Water Source Show it to him for a brief scene and life task for Medicine of the Four Beasts
9 City Water Source Deliver that and he'll have nothing more to teach you.

Kortes Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
3 Ship's Cabin (Stera) About his first stay at Stellard
5 Ship's Cabin (Stera) His realistic viewpoint. Don't tell dad!
6 Ship's Cabin About killing the Sand Dragon
7 Ship workshop (Stera) Nobody listens to Stera.
7 Union He wants to slay three dragons. Life task unlocked.
7 Land of the Dead Bio Dragon
7 Sandy Ruins Grand Dragon
8 Heaven's Vine - Sapling Nature Dragon
8 Ship Workshop About defeating a lot of dragons.
8 Union Solle is concerned about the impact of dragon slaying on the environment.
9 Union A new dragon appeared.
9 Heaven's Vine - Root Division (Trophy event) Altegewalt (He's strong, come prepared.)
9 Ship's Cabin (Stera) How much Kortes doesn't know.

Linca Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
2 Corporation Shop opens.
6 Hunter's Hangout Escha comments on how similar she looks to the other Linca.
6 Corporation The Shallies ask directly about her sisters.
9 Herb Garden - Depths Trophy event. The truth about all the Lincas.
9 Corporation Shallies tell Linca about her origins.
9 Union With Solle/Homura. All Lincas are different.
9 Stellard Plaza How Linca knows Nady.

Logy Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
6 Hilt Street Meeting Miruca
6 Union Paperwork with Solle
7 Miruca's workshop Clean freak wants to pick up after the slob.
7 Union Logy, the skilled alchemist left to do paperwork.
7 Union Poor Micie never got over Katla.
8 Hunter's Hangout Escha's plan to get Logy back from Miruca.
8 Hunter's Hangout All the alchemists in the area.
9 Hilt Street (Lotte) After Flying Board events. He fixes it.

Lotte Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
2 Union Raoul talks about Stera.
9 Edge of Town Get a trashy recipe from Wilbell.
9 Edge of Town Wilbell informs Lotte that there's a nebulous way for alchemists to fly.
9 Ship workshop Teo tells her about Gravistones.
9 Hunter's Hangout Escha knows about engines.
9 City Water Source Keith offers his own form of advice. And Lotte is a monster.
9 Shallie's House Miruca lays everything out. Recipe acquired.
9 Ship workshop After making the Flying Board, she shows Wilbell.

Miruca Events

Earliest Chapter Covered in FAQ Location Description
1 2 Shallie's House (Lotte) About the people she met in Central
3 Stellard Plaza (Lotte) About the food at Central
3 4 Miruca's Workshop (Lotte) More about central. CG get.
3 5 Miruca's Workshop (Lotte) What does it mean to be great?
5 6 Ship workshop (Stera) Stera has a good time with her.
6 Miruca's Workshop (Plus - Lotte) Miruca doesn't try to see thins from Jurie's perspective.
7 Miruca's Workshop (Plus - Lotte) She's going to try telling Jurie straight up.
7 Union She wants (Ancient Relic) x5 delivered. (Life task.) Just do it immediately.
7 Miruca's Workshop Thanks for the items. (They were all junk you crazy girl!)
7 Miruca's Workshop Discount!
7 Miruca's Workshop Shallies talk to each other too much about sweets. Miruca jelly.
7 Hilt Street She thinks she's in the way. And now Stera's jelly. Apple tart, chocolate cake, I'm hungry.
7 8 Miruca's Workshop (Stera) About how Miruca and Lotte grew up together.
8 Stellard Plaza (Lotte) Miruca's supposedly living the dream.
8 Hunter's Hangout (Lotte) Escha's dream wasn't in Central.
8 Union (Lotte) Miruca was selected for a scholarship in Central.
8 Miruca's workshop (Lotte) But she's not at all enthused.
8 Shallie's House (Lotte) And Lotte makes something to celebrate anyway.
8 Union (Lotte) Miruca refuses the scholarship.

Nady Events

Earliest Chapter Covered in FAQ Location Description
5 Shallie's House (Lotte) She used her savings to give Lotte a treat.
5 Shallie's House (Lotte) Bill for 500 cole. Give money.
5 Shallie's House (Lotte) A bill for an ugly mask. Cough up 3000 cole.
6 Corporation (Lotte) With Gerard. About her resigning.
6 Shallie's House (Lotte) With Gerard again. How Nady wouldn't return.
5 7 Shallie's House (Lotte) About making amends with Stera.
5 7 Shallie's House (Lotte) A 10000 Cole bill for a wig. KATLA. Refund time.
7 Shallie's House (Lotte) She's been feeling a lot better.

Odelia Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
8 City Water Source She gives you a life task to give her (Snack) x10
8 Stellard Plaza Alfred tries to give her flowers. Odelia doesn't want 'em.
9 City Water Source What sort of automaton she is.

Raoul Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
7 Union Find out if Linca is single.
7 Corporation And you find out that Linca likes a lot of people!
7 Union Trophy event. ''Tell Raoul "probably not"'', or else you do not get the trophy.

Reyfer Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
8 Hunter's Hangout (Stera) His treasure hunting dream.
9 Hunter's Hangout He's friends with Raoul. wut.
9 Hunter's Hangout (Also an event for Escha/Harry/Solle) A bunch of old friends talk to each other.
9 Hunter's Hangout Why Raoul's been sighing all day. LOL.

Rose Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
3 Solice Trade Camp Meeting Stera
3 Harbor Meeting Lotte
5 Trade Ship Graveyard The things she finds.
5 Harbor A fight with Katla (you tell her, Rose).
6 Harbor She makes Wilbell nervous.
6 Harbor Wilbell senses magic.
6 Dusk Sea Lose a battle. You weren't Rose's next customer.
7 Harbor She has new "customers" because the sand dragon is gone.
7 Harbor Why she collects.
7 Drifting Ghost Ship Get the note on the desk at the Crew Quarters.
7 Harbor Show the note to Rose for the end of her story.

Solle Events

Earliest Chapter Covered in FAQ Location Description
4 Union He submits a request with Raoul for a Stellapearl
4? 5 Union The full analysis on the Stellapearl you made for him earlier.
5 Union Stress relief.
5 Union How he became friends with Homura.
6 Union He feels like tearing it all up. I would love to see that.

Stera Events

Earliest Chapter Covered in FAQ Location Description
2 Union Solle talks about Lotte.
2 Ship Workshop She asks Kortes about the people of Stellard.
2 Ship Workshop And then she asks Jurie.
3 Union She talks with Homura about making friends.
3 Ship workshop How long she's been in Stellard. (After synth, I think.)
4 Ship Workshop She's feeling optimistic. (After synth.)
5 6 Ship Workshop A choice between Lotte or Miruca.
5 6 Miruca's workshop Tea with Miruca.

Teo Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
5 Ship Workshop (Stera) Lost alchemy.
5 Ship Workshop (Stera) He offers a new recipe.

Wilbell Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
2 Edge of Town (Stera) How to tell who's an alchemist. And maybe spirit talk. :P
3 Edge of Town (Lotte) Wilbell gives her a life task to swing her broom 5 times.
3 Edge of Town (Lotte) After finishing, you get an event.
5 Union She requests Leichester Meteorite Iron x4 through Raoul
5 Edge of Town Eventually, she'll give you apples for completing the request.
5 Shallie's House Life Task -- Beat up the sheep. Turn the game to easy and do just that - it doesn't fight back.
5 Hunter's Hangout (Stera) All the alchemists she knows.
5 Sandy Ruins No spirits around.
7 Edge of Town (Lotte) Learning to fly. Life task unlocked. Jump off the Harbor 10 times.
7 Shallie's House (Lotte) She can't teach Lotte to fly.
8 Edge of Town Complaining about how Keith treats her.
8 Hilt Street Wilbell outdoes Katla.
9 Edge of Town (Plus) She was finally recognized.

Ship Events

Earliest Chapter Location Description
5 Rotted Forest / Eastern Sea of Smoke (DLC) Solle tries to rope Kortes into his paperwork (Plus: Chapter 6, with Logy)
5 Woods of Eternal Night / Land of the Dead (DLC) Escha talks to... Odelia? Why you so early Odelia? (Plus: Chapter 8)
5 Woods of Eternal Night / Land of the Dead (DLC) Escha and Solle talking about work. (Plus: Chapter 6, with Logy)
5 Eastern Sea of Smoke / Trade Ship Graveyard (DLC) Solle asks Jurie about Raoul.
5 Eastern Sea of Smoke / Trade Ship Graveyard Wilbell and Kortes fight.
5 Solice Trade Camp / Filled Cave Miruca and Kortes talk education.
5 Plaza of Great Trees / Green Desert Wilbell and Stera have a secret chat.
5 Sandy Ruins / Rotted Forest (Stera) Kortes, Homura, and Jurie talk about dreams.
6 Stellard / Land of Fallen Stars Kortes and Lotte talk about the Water Festival
6 Eastern Sea of Smoke / Nomad Camp Jurie and Miruca.
6 Nomad Camp / Hidden Forest (Stera) Kortes and Jurie discuss the Dusk
7 Nomad Camp / Hidden Forest (DLC) Escha built an airship.
7 Stellard / Fertile Sea - Eastern Area Miruca and Jurie are still not talking.
7 Spine Post / Forgotten Laboratory Miruca wants to know Wilbell's weakness
7 Spine Post / Forgotten Laboratory (DLC) Escha and Wilbell talk about Nio
8 Cape of the End / Castle of Mirages (DLC) Escha and Miruca talk about Central's alchemy
8 Cape of the End / Castle of Mirages Miruca asks why Homura is a treasure hunter.
8 Hidden Forest / Drifting Cemetery Homura and Wilbell talk about Solle
8 Drifting Cemetery / Heaven's Vine (DLC) Talking to Solle on reliability
8 Forest of Miracles / Tunnel of Plants (DLC) Solle wants Keith to do work for Central. (Ha!)
9 Rotted Forest / Eastern Sea of Smoke Teo, Odelia, and Homura all talk about... old times?
9 Sandy Shore / Spine Post Teo and Keith talk about age
9 Forest of Miracles / Tunnel of Plants Gives a CG. Wilbell and Odelia talk about the past. (Plus: Does not give a CG.)
9 Green Desert / Spine Post Odelia and Homura eat sweets.
9 Land of the Dead / Ancient Ruins Keith and Miruca have an alchemy chat.
9 Ruins of Frozen Time / Altar of Spirits Keith's addicted and needs a resupply.
9 Drifting Cemetery / Heaven's Vine Odelia and Teo talk about cleaning.
9 Tunnel of Plants / Hidden Cave Keith questions Homura.
9 Plaza of Great Trees / Green Desert Shallies wonder what Keith's apprentice is like.
9 Hidden Cave / Heaven's Vine "Shallie" gives Teo a massage
9 The Furthest Village / Heaven's Vine - Sapling Fake magician vs. cranky alchemist
9 The Furthest Village / Castle of Mirages About artificial life