Chapter 2

Lotte -- Plot
Search for automatons! Investigate the Ancient Ruins
Find another one! Investigate Ruins of Frozen Time
Report to Al At Stellard Plaza
Report to Mom! -
Stera -- Plot
Go to the Corporation -
Complete the Corporation's Request Use gather sharing at Land of the Dead
OR Defeat powerful enemy at Land of the Dead
OR Discover a relic at Land of the Dead
Return to the Ship -
Jurie Hunter's Hangout (Stera) Jurie's reading a book. She wants to find the ghost ship.
Linca Corporation Shop opens.
Lotte Union Raoul talks about Stera.
Miruca Shallie's House (Lotte) About the people she met in Central
Stera Union Solle talks about Lotte.
Ship Workshop She asks Kortes about the people of Stellard.
Ship Workshop And then she asks Jurie.
Wilbell Edge of Town (Stera) How to tell who's an alchemist. And maybe spirit talk. :P
Supplement Revolution! Linca's Shop Supplement - Blue, Supplement - Green, Supplement - Yellow, Supplement - White, Supplement - Black
Introduction to Leather Linca's Shop Leather Gloves, Leather Boots
Local History of Stellard Linca's Shop Honey, Stellard Fabric
Knowledge of a Housewife Katla's Shop Medicine Bread, Stellapearl, Handmade Jam, Plant Syrup, Handspun Rabbit Yarn
Ancient Formulas Auto - Stera Ingot, Cloth, Lumber, Palma Board, Supplement - Blue
Free Time
Clear the Land of the Dead Traverse the area Combat Exp +10
Clear the Ancient Ruins Traverse the area Combat Exp +30
Clear the Facility Ruins Traverse the area Combat Exp +10
Clear the Hill of Silence Traverse the area Combat Exp +50
Let's work hard Synth something Synthesis Exp +20
Complete requests
Raise alchemy skills (Lotte) Reach alchemy level 10+ Synthesis Exp +20
Use synthesis skills
Synthesize sundries (After above) Synth (Sundry) Synthesis Exp +10
Check/Investigate the Baskes Region Fight in the area Combat Exp +10
Gather in the area
Further Check the Baskes Region (After above) Use Relic Discovery in the area Combat Exp +10
Encounter powerful enemy
Do a more detailed check (After above) Activate 5 field events Combat Exp +20
Read a history book Obtain Local History of Stellard Synthesis Exp +10
Synth items from the book
Let's use Synthesis skills (After above) Use synthesis skills Synthesis Exp +20
Perform synthesis
Want to make a bomb Obtain The Man Charmed by Fire Synthyesis Exp +10
Use Bomb
Complete Requests Obtain 500 Cole from requests -
Want to practice Swings BOP THEM ENEMIES -
Let's use Synthesis skills Use synth skills Synthesis Exp +20
Synth stuff
Get used to fighting Reach adventurer level 7+ Combat Exp +10
Perform combat.
Get even more used to fighting Deal 100+ damage Combat Exp +20
Perform combat.
  • Lotte
    • WILBELL AT THE HARBOR GET GET GET. She's the powerhouse you NEED.
    • You'll get ambushed when you try to approach the automaton.
      • Bring some crafts, activate Burst ASAP, use any attacks that hit multiple enemies, and you'll be fine. Hopefully.
      • Basically, take them out as fast as possible. I was about level 10 for this fight (hardcore).
    • Once you clear the plot, Nady will give you a life task. Get Leather x50. THANKS MOM.
      • You can buy Wild Pelts from Linca and Rosemia (she's coming soon).
      • You make 4 leathers at a time, and using a wind skill on Sand Runner Tailfeather you can make a fifth.
      • That's a minimum of 10 synths, 30 pelts, and a maximum of 13 synths, 39 pelts. Try to get this done by about Chapter 4.
    • Purchase all the recipes you can; you should spend over 1000 Cole. That'll unlock a life task.
  • Stera
    • Really? Stera has an easier time.

Linca will be available as a shopkeep. You do not need to buy Supplement Revolution for now. Black and White are well out of your league, and you'll get the rest in other books.

You may have noticed by now, but Raoul will periodically give you better jobs for doing requests. Eventually, you get more equipment slots out of him as well (I got my first expansion in the next chapter), so just keep doing jobs and good things will happen. And it's really your only way to get money for a long, long time.

As for the Stera events... yeah, each Shallie gets her own icon on the menu, so they have personal events. They are exclusive to their own routes.

Want to level up super fast? Get 50 (Liquid), (Fuel), and (Plant) to unlock three life tasks, make the required (Medicine) to finish all three tasks, fight one battle, and HOLY CRAP. I accidentally shot to level 21 this way. Along with some other body life tasks. On top of that, you should gather 600 items per region to get the full gathering benefits. Well, you can start with the 100/200 item bonuses; don't do it all now! Just take a glance at body life tasks to see some of the stuff to do. Some of it really is good to know, and at this point can get you a mass exp boost if you want it.

Protip: Visit Land of the Dead and Facility Ruins every now and then. Get the Slag Coins from their chests. You need 6 for a task later on, and they're kind of a pain in the butt. By the way, most chests will get their items back after bopping five enemies and returning to Stellard. At least, I think that's the trigger. That also resets the strong glowy monsters that appear in the fields.