Chapter 3

Lotte -- Plot
Go to Miruca's workshop -
Go to the Union -
Ask Homhom At edge of town
Save up money 2000 Cole
Money Saved Up Say hi to your mother you jerk :P
Stera -- Plot
Talk to the Union -
Prepare for ship repairs Save up 1000 Cole
Go meet Homura's acquaintance at Solice Trade Camp
Bring money to the Union 1000 Cole
Return to the ship -
Free Time
Clear the Green Desert Traverse the area Combat Exp +20
Clear Spine Post Traverse the area Combat Exp +20
Clear the Sandy Shore Traverse the area Combat Exp +10
Clear the Filled Cave Traverse the area Combat Exp +10
Do some more work Perform synthesis Synthesis Exp +20
Go exploring
Complete requests
Complete Requests/Let's fulfill requests 3 requests -
Investigate the Southern Archipelago Gather Combat Exp +20
Fight some enemies
Investigate the Baskes Region too (After above) Use Relic Discovery Combat Exp +20
Use gather sharing
Do a more detailed investigation (After above) Activate field events Combat Exp +30
Want to sell unneeded items Get 500 cole from selling items -
Free Time
Raise alchemy skills (Stera) Reach alchemy level 15+ Synthesis Exp +10
Use synthesis skills
Synthesize bombs (After above) Synth (Bomb) x2 Synthesis Exp +10
Get used to fighting (Lotte) Reach adventurer level 15+ Combat Exp +20
Perform combat
Get even more used to fighting (After above) Activate burst Combat Exp +30
Perform combat
Rumors of special regional grains Gather (Grain) at Stellard Southern Archipelago Combat Exp +20
Rumors of special regional ores Gather (Ore) at Baskes Region Combat Exp +20
Want new equipment Imbue Convenient Broom / Ship Clan's Bell Enhance Lumber
OR Imbue Cotton Shirt
Prepare new equipment for everyone (After above) Imbue Magician's Ring / Sea Clan's Charm Enhance Fabric
OR Imbue Flame Bunker / Crystal Twin Swords
Want to do some Synthesis (After above) Perform synthesis x5 Synthesis Exp +30
Gerhard Stellard Plaza He fights with Raoul over letting people into the city
Jurie Union (Stera) She'll request (Medicine) x2 through Raoul.
Hunter's Hangout (Stera) She gives you a Small Relic for fulfilling her request
Hunger's Hangout (Stera) Why Jurie is helping Stera
Kortes Ship's Cabin (Stera) About his first stay at Stellard
Miruca Stellard Plaza (Lotte) About the food at Central
Rose Solice Trade Camp Meeting Stera
Harbor Meeting Lotte
Stera Union She talks with Homura about making friends.
Ship workshop How long she's been in Stellard. (After synth, I think.)
Wilbell Edge of Town (Lotte) Wilbell gives her a life task to swing her broom 5 times.
Edge of Town (Lotte) After finishing, you get an event.
  • Lotte
    • If you spend all your money (like I did, on books) after you earn it, you'll get scolded by Miruca. I had less than 300 cole.
  • Stera
    • Homura will introduce you to Rose at Solice Trade Camp. She's more conveniently at the Harbor, once you meet her.
    • Raoul will have a request with (!) on it. That's a special one for Jurie, and it won't be the first of its kind. Do them as you see 'em.

You'll finally be allowed to make equipment with Miruca, as well as disassemble items. Homura will also join your party once you visit the Union, and you'll be introduced to assists. And you'll meet a new shopkeep, Rose.

Eventually, Solle will introduce you to environmental changes. These will change shop items, monsters in areas, etc. Not really a big deal, unless you're after a specific item and suddenly less items appear in an area. You should also be able to get your search equipment limit expanded with Raoul.

Such an empty section. How's your life goin'?