Chapter 7

Lotte -- Plot
Go ask about the water source Go to the Corporation
Arrange your thoughts Return to the workshop
Go find work Go to the Union
Go home and work Make Holinic Steel Plate x5
OR Make Stellard Fabric x10
Report the work Go to the Union
Go see Shallie... -
Stera -- Plot
Ask about the water source Go to the Corporation
Arrange your thoughts Return to the ship
Investigate Keith Go to the Harbor
Talk to the Union -
Synthesize requested item Mini Sound Machine
Deliver Synthesized item Bring to Escha at Hunter's Hangout
Return to ship's workshop -
Synthesize Wonder Drug of Tranquillity -
Return to ship's workshop -
Free Time
Let's work even harder! Perform synthesis Synthesis Exp +50
Go exploring
Complete requests
Complete requests 7 requests -
Complete requests (After above) 15 requests -
Raise alchemy skills (Stera) Reach alchemy level 35+ Synthesis Exp +10
Use synthesis skills
Synthesize magic items Synth (Magic Tool) Synthesis Exp +20
Get used to fighting (Lotte) Reach adventurer level 35+ Combat Exp +150
Perform combat
Get even more used to fighting (After above) Break an enemy Combat Exp +150
Perform combat
Free Time
Want new equipment Imbue White Winged Bell / Magia Sumonitora Synthesis Exp +10
OR Imbue Splint Mail
Prepare equipment for everyone Imbue Lunic Charm / Demonkin Ring Synthesis Exp +10
OR Imbue Bloody Claws / Ancient Heat Bunker
Want to do some Synthesis (After above - Lotte) Perform Synthesis x5 Synthesis Exp +30
Rumors of special regional clay Gather (Clay) x15 at the Eastern Continent Combat Exp +250
Rumors of special regional naturals Gather (Natural) x15 at the Eastern Continent Combat Exp +250
Want to do some Synthesis (After above - Stera) Perform Synthesis x5 Synthesis Exp +30
Nuisance of the Eastern Continent Defeat 10 animals at the Eastern Continent (you will have to fight strong foes) Combat Exp +150
Nuisance of the Eastern Continent 2 Defeat 10 beasts at the Eastern Continent Combat Exp +200
Do a more detailed check (After above) Activate field events x5 Combat Exp +250
Albert Stellard Plaza A bit on his Odelia obsession.
Miruca's Workshop (Lotte) Miruca and Lotte were childhood friends with him.
Escha Hunter's Hangout A letter from a coworker. Lotte asks all the pressing questions :)
Ayesha Stellard Plaza Intro, joining.
Stellard Plaza Herbalist.
Edge of Town Wilbell won't let Ayesha talk about her dark past.
Stellard Plaza Her homeland.
Harry Union Solle talks about him.
Harbor From the Wilderness.
Faav Village Harry's next book.
Faav Village (Lotte) Lotte asks for advice. Wilbell points out how lucky Harry is.
Green Desert They rope you into an easy battle.
Jurie Drifting Ghost Ship - Admiral's Quarters (Trophy event) Octopus boss fight
Hunter's Hangout (Stera) Talking about work with Reyfer, Harry, and Homura.
Miruca's Workshop (Lotte) Jurie's earning money for Miruca.
Katla Union She requests Slag Coin x6 through Raoul. These are found in chests in the Baskes Region.
Hilt Street She gives you a lame Double Foot Component for fulfilling her request.
Hilt Street ...To later find out the coins are garbage. Ha!
Hilt Street Katla ropes you into a life task for (Water) x12
Kortes Ship workshop (Stera) Nobody listens to Stera.
Union He wants to slay three dragons. Life task unlocked.
Land of the Dead Bio Dragon
Sandy Ruins Grand Dragon
Logy Miruca's workshop Clean freak wants to pick up after the slob.
Union Logy, the skilled alchemist left to do paperwork.
Union Poor Micie never got over Katla.
Miruca Union She wants (Ancient Relic) x5 delivered. (Life task.) Just do it immediately.
Miruca's Workshop Thanks for the items. (They were all junk you crazy girl!)
Miruca's Workshop Discount!
Miruca's Workshop Shallies talk to each other too much about sweets. Miruca jelly.
Hilt Street She thinks she's in the way. And now Stera's jelly. Apple tart, chocolate cake, I'm hungry.
Miruca's Workshop (Plus) She's going to try telling Jurie straight up.
Nady Shallie's House (Lotte) She's been feeling a lot better.
Shallie's House (Lotte) About making amends with Stera.
Shallie's House (Lotte) A 10000 Cole bill for a wig. KATLA. Refund time.
Union Find out if Linca is single.
Corporation And you find out that Linca likes a lot of people!
Union Trophy event. Tell Raoul "probably not", or else you do not get the trophy.
Rose Harbor She has new "customers" because the sand dragon is gone.
Harbor Why she collects.
Drifting Ghost Ship Get the note on the desk at the Crew Quarters.
Harbor Show the note to Rose for the end of her story.
Wilbell Edge of Town (Lotte) Learning to fly. Life task unlocked. Jump off the Harbor 10 times.
Shallie's House (Lotte) She can't teach Lotte to fly.
Ship Nomad Camp / Hidden Forest (DLC) Escha built an airship.
Stellard / Fertile Sea - Eastern Area Miruca and Jurie are still not talking.
Spine Post / Forgotten Laboratory Miruca wants to know Wilbell's weakness
Spine Post / Forgotten Laboratory (DLC) Escha and Wilbell talk about Nio
Keithgriff's Memo Auto - Stera Mini Sound Machine
Lugion Village Tradition Auto - Stera Wonder Drug of Tranquillity
Starlight of the Heavens Rose's Shop Meteor, One Angle Mascara, Supplement - Rainbow, Comet Crest Stone, Medicine of the Four Beasts
Medicine for the Health-Conscious Harry's Shop Healthy Ration, SP Medicine, Awakening Medicine
The Way of the World Harry's Shop Pumpkin Doll, Time Watch, Mysterious Cloth, Medical Solution
The Legendary Traveler Harry's Shop Travel Gate, Treasure Grimoire, Spirit Belt, Gold Coin of Fortune, Goddess Shield
Armor - Batch 4 - Combat Shirt, Riveted Shirt, Splint Mail, Meteorite Armor, Dragoon Coat

Don't use a Travel Gate until you've gotten all events. It can interfere with resetting shops too. And you may want to wait until the next chapter asks you to make one anyway.

Your motivation will be zero while the Shallies are separated. Hurry the plot along and it'll bounce back to full, and your walking speed will be nice and zippy again. Aaaand you'll get your chosen alchemist's ability, which unlocks in burst. With Stera, it's frankly lame. It duplicates items at 60% power. Lotte's is the significantly better Mix, where you choose two items and combine them. Though if you don't know the mechanics behind it, you won't get far at all. (It's much weirder than you think. The items you use matter, and you are free to use two of the same item. The properties you use matter, but not in a common sense manner. The effect does not matter.)

Raoul's events will grant you an awesome Gunade Ring. Hang onto it for now; the next section has a tutorial that uses it.

After getting Rose's event, you'll need to head into the Drifting Ghost Ship to see the rest of her story. You'll get the one and only key item in the game there. This is also a decent place to actually finish off the ghost ship, if you haven't already. This is worth a bunch of events for Jurie and a trophy for beating the boss at the end. (If you already did all that, you still need to go back for Rose.)