Chapter 8

Go to five water sources for the task. Ten for the ability to get more water at the City Water Source. Thanks to Aster Selene for this info.

Report water source investigation Go to Union
Go talk to Gerard -
Investigate the legend Talk to Rose (then Harry at Faav Village). If you do not see this event, you need to unlock the Harbor by walking to it from Hill Street.
Research the Ocean Talk to Jurie (then Wilbell)
Go to the Summit Go to Heaven's Vine
Search for the rumored alchemist! Go to Castle of Mirages
Search for Keith Find Keith
Go to the Altar of Spirits -
Meet the Lord of Water Spirits -
Talk to Keith After defeating Lord of Water
Report to the Union -
Free Time
Clear the Drifting Cemetery Traverse the area Combat Exp +100
Clear the Heaven's Vine Traverse the area Combat Exp +100
Clear the Heaven's Vine - Sapling Traverse the area Combat Exp +150
Clear the Furthest Village Traverse the area Combat Exp +100
Clear the Castle of Mirages - Space of Knowledge Traverse the area Combat Exp +2500
Clear the Tunnel of Plants Traverse the area Combat Exp +50
Clear the Forest of Miracles Traverse the area Combat Exp +250
Do work while waiting Perform synthesis Synthesis Exp +50
Go exploring
Complete requests
Want to make some stylish equipment Synth Dragon Shield Synthesis Exp +20/30
Synth Blue Crystal Ring
Use synthesis skills Use synth skills Synthesis Exp +50
Get used to fighting (Stera) Reach adventurer level 45+ Combat Exp +250
Perform combat
Get even more used to fighting (After above) Break an enemy Combat Exp +250
Perform combat
Free Time
Clear the Path to the Altar Traverse the area Combat Exp +1000
Become a great tactician Attack enemy weaknesses Combat Exp +1000
Raise alchemy skills (Lotte) Reach alchemy level 40+ Synthesis Exp +20
Use synthesis skills
Synthesise adventures (After above) Make (Adventure) x2 Synthesis Exp +30
Use Synthesis skills (After above) Use synthesis skills Synthesis Exp +50
Perform synthesis
Check the Eastern Continent Fight on the Eastern Continent Combat Exp +200
Gather on the Eastern Continent
Further check the Eastern Continent (After above) Use Relic Discovery on the Eastern Continent Combat Exp +250
Use Gather Sharing on the Eastern Continent
Do a more detailed check (After above) Activate field events Combat Exp +500
Complete requests Make 6000 cole from requests -
Read Starlight of the Heavens Obtain Starlight of the Heavens Synthesis Exp +20
Synth items form it.
Read The Way of the World Obtain The Way of the World Synthesis Exp +30
Synth items form it.
Albert Stellard Plaza Give automaton from Heaven's Vine
Stellard Plaza Give automaton from Castle of Mirages (will not appear if you found 3 already)
Ayesha Edge of Town Nio, Ayesha's criminal background, and Keith
Hilt Street Bad things that can happen.
Hunter's Hangout Following Keith.
Escha Hilt Street A visit to Lotte's house.
Hunter's Hangout Upon delivery, she'll make you find Solle/Odelia/Jurie for another event.
Hunter's Hangout She requests (Fruit) x8 (Odelia Snacks first.)
Hunter's Hangout Sweets Fair! (Trophy event)
Hunter's Hangout Escha wants to track down a regional dish... and gives you the recipe.
Union Looking up plants in the region.
Harry Harbor More of his fine literature unleashed upon the world.
Corporation Harry spreads his fine literature to Gerard.
Cape of the End You found nothing.
Drifting Cemetery I forgot to fill this in but there's deffo an event here.
Homura Union Keith wants to research him.
Hunter's Hangout Whether baked sweets or alchemy sweets are better. And a bit on Keith.
Union Homura was likely created by alchemists.
Katla Hilt Street Reyfer gets a deal.
Hilt Street Her water selling plots didn't work out. Of course.
Logy Hunter's Hangout Escha's plan to get Logy back from Miruca.
Hunter's Hangout All the alchemists in the area.
Odelia City Water Source She gives you a life task to give her (Snack) x10
Stellard Plaza Al tries to give her flowers. Odelia doesn't want 'em.
Kortes Heaven's Vine - Sapling Nature Dragon
Ship Workshop About defeating a lot of dragons.
Union Solle is concerned about the impact of dragon slaying on the environment.
Stellard Plaza (Lotte) Miruca's supposedly living the dream.
Miruca Miruca's Workshop (Stera) About how Miruca and Lotte grew up together.
Hunter's Hangout (Lotte) Escha's dream wasn't in Central.
Union (Lotte) Miruca was selected for a scholarship in Central.
Miruca's workshop (Lotte) But she's not at all enthused.
Shallie's House (Lotte) And Lotte makes something to celebrate anyway.
Union (Lotte) Miruca refuses the scholarship.
Reyfer Hunter's Hangout (Stera) His treasure hunting dream.
Wilbell Edge of Town Complaining about how Keith treats her.
Hilt Street Wilbell outdoes Katla.
Seeds (Plus) Hunter's Hangout Keith wants to see the seeds.
Ship Cape of the End / Castle of Mirages (DLC) Escha and Miruca talk about Central's alchemy
Cape of the End / Castle of Mirages Miruca asks why Homura is a treasure hunter.
Hidden Forest / Drifting Cemetery Homura and Wilbell talk about Solle
Drifting Cemetery / Heaven's Vine (DLC) Talking to Solle on reliability
Forest of Miracles / Tunnel of Plants (DLC) Solle wants Keith to do work for Central. (Ha!)
Water Extraction Methods Auto Distilled Water
The Harry Chronicles Harry's events Cole Medapaid
Legendary Forging Book Rose's Shop Meteonite, Halmolium, Super Pure Water, Meteor Gloves, Meteor Boots
Forgotten Arts Escha's Shop Brother Call, Elixir, Sun Flower, Aroma Materia
Mythical Materials Escha's Shop Mystix, Yggdras, Velvetis
Ultimate Stellard Cuisine Escha's events Golden Extract Soup, Millionaire's Full Course
Weapons - DLC 2 - Golden Blue Staff, Golden Wing Staff, Plan Board, Operation Plan Board

After finishing that task, you'll have two more things to do in this chapter; find Keith, and fight the Water Lord. You can go straight to the Water Lord, but you have to stop at Faav Village to unlock the area Keith's at. You'll be doing a lot of exploring this chapter. Either way you go, you'll want to be prepared for a fight.

At the Castle of Mirages, you'll eventually hit a dead end. You need to fight all the enemies in the area to unlock the way. They're tough. After doing both tasks, you will get Keith in your party.

Right at the end of the chapter, you'll get a trophy. Shame there's no Raoul or Kortes swimsuit action. But especially Raoul.

Let's see, you get a trophy for...

  • The event right before fighting the Water Lord
  • Beating the Water Lord
  • For finding Keith
  • Escha's Sweets Fair
  • For the Water Festival event after you "complete the check"
  • And you can't forget the one for clearing the chapter.

Equips! The "Easy Platinum" Set

Disassemble a Ziegel Nugget to get Silver Groundwater. Do it now before you go wtf later.

I created a set, right here, that carried me through the hardest fight in the game... on Story Watcher difficulty. This is a very viable set for those of you who just want the platinum.

This is also good for property grinding for ultimate equips. You'll want a pretty decent set like this to take care of the bosses easily.

You have that Gunade Ring that Raoul gave you, right? Because you need it. It has Attack Huge Enhance, Defense Huge Enhance, and Speed Huge Enhance. You can create these yourself, but it's luck based, as you need to rare material farm (via bosses, perhaps) to get the properties you need.

First, toss your Gunade Ring's properties into a Blue Crystal Ring (use Ingredient Zero and Cost Down). Then transfer to Supplement - Rainbow. These properties total 24 PP, so make sure you can afford that.

Yep, it was that easy. Getting stuff from any supplement to about any other item is trivial and I'll leave it to you. Among the items you can create, five will directly take that supplement.

In the event that you're feeling more experimental (you may have some decent properties from bosses, but only a few), you can get PP Frame Maximization by using a Plant Oil (from Chapter 5) with Transfer PP +7 / PP Frame Expansion in a Supplement - Red, then getting the LV3 Property.

Weapons Armor Accessories
White Winged Bell Riveted Shirt Gunade Ring
Magia Sumonitora Meteorite Armor Dragon Shield
Lunic Charm Dragoon Coat Spirit Belt
Demonkin Ring
Bloody Claws
Mythical Beast Sword
Ancient Heat Bunker
Operation Plan Board

Escha's weapon... just wait till free time.

Personally, my accessories were Gunade Ring (minus the better speed effect) and Dragon Shield (with More Explosive Power). These served me well, so actually bother getting good effects on your equipment. Trust me.

Also, Synthesis Skill Increase (Medical Solution) is very, very helpful (though 15 PP). It gives items an additional skill slot. But only experiment with this if you really want to. You'll have to use it for high end synths, but for now it's for fun.

By the way, with this setup, I beat the Lord of Water on Despair difficulty. Which is NG+ exclusive, but I was playing on a fresh file. It was a close battle because she took out both my alchemists in one swoop, but I DID IT. I was about level 49 for the fight, which was primarily because of all the life task exp bonuses I got.

Chain Tutorial

Oh, right, and here's a mini-tutorial on what the crap the chain stuff is about. It can help.

By now, you've surely noted that items all have elemental attributes, and if you followed my earlier tutorial, you'd know that the Elemental Attribute properties can grant new ones to items. Well, to chain, you spam skills of the same element consecutively. No gaps between earth skills, for instance. The catch is that the item MUST be of the same element as the skill element you're spamming. Something like a Supplement - Red can only have fire skills, but a Rainbow one can have any element applied. There is an exception. Maybe a glitch? But if you have, say, an earth skill on a Burning Gas (Fire/Wind exclusively), you can put it in the last slot to start the earth chain. This works with single slot items too, but either way it MUST start the chain.

And this is relevant because you should be able to use Chain [Element] skills as well as Chain Effect to help you out.

But here's an example for you to try out, if you wish:

  • Demonkin Ring
    • Supplement - Rainbow - Chain Water, Chain Effect, whatever earth
    • Sword Manipulation Ring - Add Earth
    • Alto Metal - Attribute Absorb, Ingot+
    • Sand Dragon Scale - Whatever earth x2

Note that the order DOES matter. Press square to move items around. A chain of 1024 results in +30 Effect thanks to Chain Effect. Synthesis Skill Frame Increase can give you up to 3 further slots, using that setup. At level 99, you'll use this technique to get 999 Effect items.

And do note how much the chain drops if you put, say, a fire skill on the Alto Metal.