Ancient Power Belt

LV 46
Ancient Power Belt

A belt containing technology of the past era. Those who wear it gain mysterious power, but it's unknown exactly what that power is.

Recipe Book: Walking in Dusk - Continuation

DMG Cut-XS (0-39)
Challenger's Spirit (75-100)
Strong Predicament (80-100)
Quick ATK Knowledge (30-69)
Quick ATK Mystery (70-100)
Resist Gravity (0-59)
Super Resist Gravity (60-100)
Can equp: steraCan equp: lotteCan equp: kortesCan equp: wilbellCan equp: jurieCan equp: mirucaCan equp: keithgriffCan equp: homuraCan equp: eschaCan equp: solleCan equp: logyCan equp: ayesha