Angel Ribbon

LV 23
Angel Ribbon

Ribbons have long been popular as accessories among women, but this Angel Ribbon is well received among homunculi as well. The main secret to its success is the fact that it's shiny.

Recipe Book: Cutting-Edge Fashions

Nullify One Hit KO (0-19)
Nullify Blindness (70-94)
Nullify All (95-100)
Weakens Conditions (0-100)
Angel Blessing (75-89)
Ancient God's Blessing (90-100)
Can equp: steraCan equp: lotteCan equp: kortesCan equp: wilbellCan equp: jurieCan equp: mirucaCan equp: keithgriffCan equp: homuraCan equp: eschaCan equp: solleCan equp: logyCan equp: ayesha