Medicine of the Four Beasts

LV 61
Medicine of the Four Beasts

Medicine made with the motif of the Four Great Beasts of legend, said to have existed in the past. Not only is the medicine highly effective, but the beautifully artistic bottle also leads it to fetch a very high price.

Recipe Book: Starlight of the Heavens

Size: 4

Four Beasts' Power (0-9)
All Stats Up-L (40-49)
Forbidden Power (50-100)
Crit Increase-S (0-19)
Crit Increase-L (20-39)
Crit Increase-M (40-59)
Crit PWR Increase-S (40-59)
Crit PWR Increase-M (60-79)
Crit PWR Increase-L (80-100)