One Angle Mascara

LV 58
One Angle Mascara

Putting this mascara on causes one to gain mysterious power for some reason. This is no joke, it truly does cause one to feel a mysterious force.

Recipe Book: Starlight of the Heavens

Awakens the Body (60-79)
Awakens Body & Mind (80-100)
Tempers the Body (40-74)
Tempers the Being (75-100)
Tempers the Heart (40-74)
Tempers the Mind (75-100)
Tempers the Spirit (0-100)
Can equp: steraCan equp: lotteCan equp: kortesCan equp: wilbellCan equp: jurieCan equp: mirucaCan equp: keithgriffCan equp: homuraCan equp: eschaCan equp: solleCan equp: logyCan equp: ayesha