Treasure Grimoire

LV 56
Treasure Grimoire

A how-to book held by anyone who's looking to get rich quick. It was written by a legendary explorer, said to be the origin of treasure hunters.

Recipe Book: The Legendary Traveler

Ultimate Mastery (90-100)
Scholar's Mentality (0-59)
Sage's Mentality (60-100)
Enhance Skill-L (0-19)
Enhance Skill-M (90-100)
Master of Bargains (0-29)
Master of Studies (30-59)
Master of Misers (60-100)
Can equp: steraCan equp: lotteCan equp: kortesCan equp: wilbellCan equp: jurieCan equp: mirucaCan equp: keithgriffCan equp: homuraCan equp: eschaCan equp: solleCan equp: logyCan equp: ayesha