Ultimate Equipment


Here are your three Properties:

  • Valorous Soul
  • Force Soul
  • Persisting Attack

Get them onto the following items:

  • Halmolium
  • Meteonite
  • Yggdras (Ayesha)

You'll need to make special ones for Miruca, but we'll get to that later. I suggest putting all the properties on a Ziegel Nugget/Aroma Materia/Zettel before transfering to Halmolium/Meteonite.

Get PP Boosting Traits + Synthesis Skill Frame Increase onto the following:

  • Supplement - Black
  • Spirit Belt
  • Supplement Rainbow
  • Double Foot Component (disassembled from Dimension Bomb)
  • Medical Solution
  • Mystix (if you have Escha)
  • Nectar Springwate (Ayesha + Logy), Dragon Cup disassembly

Get Synthesis Skill Frame Increase on these:

  • Gravicrystal / Alto Wood
  • Sea Clan's Charm
  • Demonkin Ring
  • Ignis Gem / Solis Gem
  • Mystix (if you don't have Escha)
  • Zettel (if you have Solle)
  • Polarized Gem
  • Flame Bunker

Sea Alchemist's Bell

Item Information @ Enhance Burst, Accuracy, Enhance Item, Enhance Skill

Do not use Chain Attribute. Everything else will go in.

  • White Winged Bell -- Add Earth
  • Halmolium
  • Mystix
  • Supplement - Black - Whatever earth, Absorb Attribute, Late Addition

Dragon Scale Charm

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Attack Power +10, Accuracy

Earth spam. Do not use Chain Attribute.

  • Supplement - Rainbow
  • Sand Dragon Scale
  • Halmolium
  • Sea Clan's Charm -- Earth whatever, Attribute Absorb, Late Addition

Make a second one for the next synth, a third if you have Logy. It only needs 120 effect.

Magia Sumonitora

Item Information @ Enhance Burst, Shorten Item, Enhance Crit, Enhance Skill

Yes, do NOT use her final tier broom. This one has better effects. Make Dragon Scale Charm first.

Use everything earth, but be sure to include Chain Attribute.

  • Alto Wood
  • Gravicrystal
  • Spirit Belt -- Add Earth
  • Dragon Scale Charm

Orbis Spiritis

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Enhance Crit, Accuracy

Use all your earths except chain attribute. (If you want Break instead, you'll need a Skill Frame + Elemental Attribute - Water Polarized Gem.)

  • Demonkin Ring -- Add Earth
  • Meteonite
  • Supplement - Rainbow
  • Polarized Gem -- Absorb Attribute

I like to make two of these for Escha's weapon.

Air Foecutters

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Attack Power +10, Accuracy

Earth everything except chain attribute.

  • Bloody Claws
  • Meteonite -- Chain Water, earth whatever x2
  • Super Pure Water -- Add Earth, Absorb Attribute
  • Supplement - Rainbow

Chronicle Bunker

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Enhance Crit, Accuracy

Make a Ziegel Nugget with Elemental Attribute - Wind (Twin Color Corundum LV3 Property -> Supplement White) and one of your weapon properties. Disassemble to Old Stone. Then make a Halmolium with the other two properties and Synthesis Skill Frame Increase. Make a Flame Bunker with Synthesis Skill Frame Increase and Elemental Attribute - Water. Spam earth, except Chain Attribute.

  • Double Foot Component -- Blank, Chain Wind, Chain Water, Attribute Absorb
  • Halmolium
  • Old Stone
  • Flame Bunker -- Add Earth, whatever earth, Late Addition

Diabolos Gem

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Attack Power +10, Accuracy

Spam earth, but don't touch Chain Attribute.

  • Ignis Gem / Solis Gem -- Chain Water, Absorb Attribute
  • Halmolium
  • Sun Flower
  • Medical Solution

Meteorite Sword

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Enhance Crit, Accuracy

Spam earth, except Chain Attribute.

  • Demon Ore Sword -- Chain Water, Chain Wind, Attribute Absorb
  • Meteonite
  • Meteonite
  • Supplement - Rainbow

Lifetree Staff

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Enhance Crit, Accuracy

The three weapon properties should be on a Golden Blue Staff. You can use Orbis Spiritus, or any metal weapon you like.

Spam earth, except Chain Attribute.

  • Golden Blue Staff -- Chain Water, Chain Wind
  • Mystix
  • Dunkelheit
  • Endangered Herb -- Absorb Attribute

Operation Plan Board

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Attack Power +10, Accuracy

You'll want to put all your properties onto another Operation Plan Board.

Spam earth, except chain attribute.

  • Operation Plan Board -- Chain Wind
  • Zettel -- Absorb Attribute, Add Earth
  • Medical Solution
  • Dunkelheit

Fairy Queen Staff

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Attack Power +10, Accuracy

You'll want your properties on Yggdras.

Spam earth, except chain attribute.

  • Fairy Queen Staff -- Chain Wind, Chain Earth
  • Dunkelheit
  • Yggdras
  • Nectar Springwater

Proto Phantom

Item Information @ Enhance Skill, Enhance Burst, Enhance Crit, Accuracy

Spam earth, except chain attribute.

  • Proto Phantom
  • Dragon Scale Charm
  • Old Stone -- Absorb Attribute is safe here
  • Nectar Springwater -- Add Earth, Chain Water


Alchemist Set: Awakened Soul, Benevolent Soul, Heroic Soul

Everybody else: Awakened Soul, Evolving Body, Evolves the Body

For this, you have two sets you need to make, and you're going to scatter these things across several items. This recipe is stolen from Uryvichk, because he keeps posting nice stuff online and I can't unsee it.

  1. Handspun Rabbit Yarn
    • Create with Synthesis Skill Frame Increase, Synthesis Chain Increase, and PP Frame Maximization.
    • You'll need a bunch of these.
  2. Herbal Shirt
    • Make a Moffcot using that Yarn you just made, as well as something with Evolving Body (probably via Medical Solution).
    • Keep Synthesis Skill Frame Increase, Synthesis Chain Increase, and Evolving Body. Transfer all to your Herbal Shirt.
  3. Dragoon Coat
    • Create an Unbreakable Glass with Traditional Soul and Evolving Body.
    • Now make the Dragoon Coat using it and one of your Yarns.
    • Keep Evolving Body, Synthesis Skill Frame Increase, Synthesis Chain Increase.
  4. Mysterious Cloth
    • Use another of those Yarns and something with Traditional Soul.
    • Keep Traditional Soul, Synthesis Chain Increase, Synthesis Skill Frame Increase.
  5. Velvetis
    • Make a Supplement - Rainbow or any liquid with Awakened Soul and Evolves the Body.
    • Use that, and a Mysterious Cloth, in a Velvetis.
    • Keep Awakened Soul, Evolves the Body, Synthesis Skill Frame Increase.
  6. Alchemist Set
    • Basically, repeat all the steps above except #3.
    • Replace Replace Evolves the Body with Heroic Soul, and Evolving Body with Benevolent Soul.

Divine Coat

Item Information @ Max MP, Assist Recovery, Defense, Less Action Chance

This is only for Wilbell (and a particular Keith build). Spam earth, except Absorb Attribute and Chain Attribute.

You have some freedom on whether you want HP or MP +30, Enhance Rear Regen or Assist Recovery. I suggest MP +30 (if you use Star Soul on your accessory) and Assist Recovery.

  • Dragoon Coat -- Late Addition or Early Addition. The final slot must be any earth skill.
  • Velvetis
  • Handspun Rabbit Yarn -- Add Earth
  • Mysterious Cloth -- Final slot should be Attribute Water or Fire or blank.

Divine Shirt

Item Information @ Max MP, Enhance Crit, Defense, DMG Cut

  • Mysterious Cloth -- Your choice, earth whatever
  • Herbal Shirt
  • Velvetis -- Absorb Attribute
  • Handspun Rabbit Yarn -- Add Earth, Number+

So, for the free slot in Mysterious Cloth, you have options. You can Chain Fire or you can Chain Attribute. One will get you the evasive set, the other the defensive set. "Vanilla" would be the defensive set, so Chain Attribute.

Dragoon Mail

Item Information @ Max MP, Enhance Crit, Defense, DMG Cut

You don't really need to make this (shirts are better except defense), but this section is here if you want it.

Create a Meteorite Armor with PP Frame Maximization, Traditional Soul. Get all the properties you want onto a Meteonite.

Spam Earth. Be sure to Chain Attribute and Number+.

  • Meteorite Armor
  • Meteonite
  • Dragon Bone
  • Dragon Bone


You have a loooooot of freedom here. Some things to consider:

  • Wind Spirit Soul boosts critical damage. It caps at 2x damage. Only Stera, Kortes, Jurie, and Solle need this (and only once).
  • Lord of Night Soul boosts crit rates. But it also has a chance of lowering wait speed (quick). It's extremely useful, so use it twice.
  • Earth Spirit Soul increases assist recovery rate. It's good to have twice, though you can probably replace one of them if you really wanted to.
  • Star Soul can work on some characters, as it switches HP and MP. Wilbell will probably benefit the most. Kortes will die with it. Alchemists will become more dodgy with it, but you sort of want them getting hit to trip infinite use Elixirs.
  • Skill Savings and Skill Huge Enhance are decent filler options. But NEVER on alchemists unless you are specifically building a Mix damage set.
  • For stats, you have All Stats Power Up. I don't generally suggest it, but it's your best raw stat boost.
  • As a defensive option, there's Holy Soul and Light God Soul.

Extremely generically, you can go for this: Earth Spirit Soul x 2, Lord of Night Soul x2, and the last two are your choice.

For the vanilla set, you want Thunder Outfit or Spirit Belt (if no DLC) and Mirage Talisman. Other accessories are for other sets.

You may only need Traditional Soul for much of this section, as accessory properties aren't quite as expensive (33 at the most). I'm going to cover my ass and refer to PP Frame Maximization. You should have both on thousands of items anyway.

Thunder Outfit

Item Information

You have a choice with this one. You can go for pure offense (low fire) or you can select a more defensive setup (middle fire). I recommend the latter for your alchemists, at least. The main reason you want this is for the low wind effect.

All the items will need Synthesis Skill Frame Increase. Your Meteor should be PP Boosting, and your item properties should be scattered across Burning Gas and Supplement - Black (offense) or Rainbow (defense). Your final item should be Stellard Fabric (offense) or Leather (defense). In the event that you want speed, you can use Chain Fire on the Meteor.

Spam earth.

  • Meteor -- Ingredient Zero, Number/Count+
  • Burning Gas -- Absorb Attribute, Add Earth
  • Stellard Fabric / Leather
  • Supplement Black / Rainbow

Mirage Talisman

Item information @ Soul Evolution

You'll need Synthesis Skill Frame Increase on both items you can make, and you'll need to spread your properties and Traditional Soul through the four remaining slots available.

  • Ancient Water -- Add Earth, Attribute Absorb
  • Dunkelheit
  • Comet Crest Stone
  • Old Stone -- Whatever, Cost Down 0, Chain Attribute, and either Hidden Effect or Number/Count+, depending on how valuable that 5% burst damage bonus is to you.

Spirit Belt

Item information

Put your properties on a Sun Flower. Synthesis Skill Frame Increase on the others, PP Boost on something as always. Spam earth.

  • Dragoon Coat -- Number/Count+, Hidden Effect, Chain Water, Ingredient Zero
  • Stellard Fabric -- Attribute Absorb
  • Handspun Rabbit Yarn -- Attribute Earth
  • Sun Flower -- Earth whatever x3, Cost Down

I don't particularly like any of the fire effects, and the wind effect is more of an overachiever thing. As long as you get high water feel free to alter this setup however you like.

Meteor Boots

Item Information @ Tireless Legs, Quick Action, Resists Impacts, Speed +25

Put all your properties onto a Meteonite, and have PP boosting and Skill Frame on Velvetis. Or vice versa.

Spam earth.

  • Meteonite
  • Velvetis
  • Giant Triangular Fang
  • Wind Rider Feather -- Add Earth, Absorb Attribute, Chain Wind

Divine Soul

Item Information @ Ultimate Revive, Ultimate Fastness

Abrasive should have PP boosting and Skill Frame, Aroma Materia should have all your properties.

You do have some freedom in this setup; spam Wind and absorb attribute on Wind Rider Feather for Solle's set. Earth otherwise:

  • Abrasive
  • Wind Rider Feather -- Add earth
  • Golden Beehive
  • Aroma Materia -- Earth Whatever, Chain Wind, Number+

Heart of Fire

Item Information @ Hide Figure, Powers of Light

You need PP on your Supplement and properties on your Cole Medapaids, or vice versa. Spam earth.

  • Slag Heart -- Hidden Effect, Chain Water, Absorb Attribute
  • Cole Medapaid -- Add Earth
  • Dark Shoot
  • Supplement - Rainbow


Z Tetriminos

I personally prefer an Operation Plan Board with Enhance Skill/Enhance Burst/DMG Absorb/Enhance Break, as Solle is more of a support character. The recipe: Operational Plan Board with 2 properties + Skill slot increase; Zettel with the 3rd property + skill slot increase; Medical Solution with Traditional Soul, PP frame max and skill slot increase; and the secret ingredient: a Fish Lord, which can be gathered in the DLC dungeon. Spam wind, and it's done!