Ultimate Items

Attack Items

About Beast King's Blade or Ability Enhancement... BKB is better against the highest level enemies, so a slight edge to it. AE will work well enough if you don't have it.

Most items are better done as Stera due to her access to Double Skill.

Honestly? If you aren't building a special set, just skip this entire section. MAYBE do Living Trash Can.

Living Trash Can for Mix Damage

Item Information

If you want to use this for debuffs, Carries Heat is the best defense debuff so Defenselessness is pointless to slap on.

ALSO, effect doesn't matter. The properties do. This tutorial is largely for those of you who /have/ to have 999 for some reason.

  • Steals Speed, Absorbs All, MP Consume-L
  • Can 1: Deadly Strike, Curse of Powerlessness/Slowness/Defenselessness
  • Can 2: Consumes Soul, Curses

Recommendation: Make Ice Bombs, disassemble to Broken Item. Make Unbreakable Glass, disassemble to Trash.

  • Broken Item x3
    • Skill Frame, Synthesis Chain
    • All three of your chosen properties across the other two
  • Trash x2
  • Old Stone
    • Skill Frame, Synth Chain, Elemental Attribute - Wind
    • Twin Color Corundum (LV3 Property) -> Supplement White/Black -> Lightning Bomb or Ziegel Nugget -> Disassemble
  • Sun Flower
    • Synth Chain

Spam earth.

  • Broken Item -- Attribute Absorb
  • Trash -- Chain Earth, Add Earth
  • Old Stone -- Ore+, Clay, whatever
  • Sun Flower -- Earth whatever x2, Equip Frame-, Number/Count+

Flying Board

Item information

  • Blitzkrieg Special / Reduces Critical / Unstable DMG
  • V1: Jumbo Blessing, Deadly Strike, Beast King's Blade / Ability Enhancement
  • V2: Jumbo Blessing, Property Super Enhance, Beast King's Blade / Ability Enhancement (998 effect)
  • 9 slots
  • Kinda crummy for being an 'ultimate' item, use if you must.
  • Ridiculously complicated synth

This synthesis had me doing backflips trying to figure out how to have my cake... and eat it. V1 is courtesy of whimsic_al, V2 is what I came up with. You can get V2 properties on a 999 item, BUT you need to farm any PP boosting property (even +3 will work if you are sure to use the Efficiency skill) on Wind Rider Feather / King's Wing. My version is less painful than that.

There are two essential properties -- Synthesis Skill Increase and Synthesis Chain Increase. You will worship them.

  • Gravicrystal 1 - Synthesis Skill Frame Increase, Synthesis Chain Increase, Beast King's Blade. Use Efficiency to afford the 35 PP.
  • V1 Gravicrystal 2 - Jumbo Blessing, Deadly Strike
  • V2 Gravicrystal 2 - Property Super Enhance, PP Frame Maximization
    • Make sure your Gravicrystals average to 120 Effect (Medical Solution is helpful); you may need to make one with super high effect
  • Spirit Belt - Skill Frame, Synthesis Chain, Traditional Soul
  • V1 Burning Gas - Skill Frame, Synthesis Chain, Elemental Attribute - Water (gives the chain a boost)
  • V2 Burning Gas - Skill Frame, Synthesis Chain, Jumbo Blessing
  • King's Wing / Wind Rider Feather must be 115+ effect.

If you lack BKB, just use the Property+ skills to get Ability Enhancement.

Spam wind.

  • Burning Gas -- Ingredient Zero, Hidden Effect, Chain Effect
  • Gravicrystal
  • Wind Rider Feather / King's Wing
  • Spirit Belt

Alternate of V1: Blitzkrieg Special / Draws Attention / Hinders Movement-L

Replace Spirit Belt with Travel Gate. Spam Water (put relevant Order+ properties in their proper place)

  • Burning Gas
  • Travel Gate - Split Ingredient
  • Gravicrystal
  • King's Wing - Number+, Frame+, Chain Effect

Talisman of Ancient Beasts

Talisman of Ancient BeastsItem Information

  • Set 1: 1 slot, auto crit, 6 use ** Opens Wounds-M, MP Consume-M, Summon Beast King ** Property Super Enhance, Deadly Strike, Beast King's Blade (88 PP) ** Items: Giant Fossil, Zettel (Elemental Attribute - Fire), Handspun Rabbit Yarn (also fire), Dragon Scale Charm

  • Set 2: 9 slot, 6 use, max damage on broken targets ** Opens Wounds-M, MP Consume-M, Summon Beast King ** Property Super Enhance, Jumbo Blessing, Beast King's Blade (90 PP) ** Items: Giant Fossil, Zettel (Elemental Attribute - Fire), Handspun Rabbit Yarn (also fire), Dragon Scale Charm

  • Set 3: 9 slot, 4 use, max damage with ailments ** Opens Wounds-M, MP Consume-M, Summon Beast King, Triple Handicap ** Property Super Enhance, Jumbo Blessing, Beast King's Blade (90 PP) ** Items: Giant Fossil (115+ effect), Zettel (Elemental Attribute - Water), Handspun Rabbit Yarn, Dragon Scale Charm ** Synthesis Chain Increase x3 required

Suggestions for Lesser Items

Generally synth with Stera, and you may need to get creative with synth chain and skill frame usage.

  • Meteor, 1 slot 7 use

    • Destruction Light, MP Consume-M, Falling Stars, Causes Ailments
    • Legendary Destructive Power, Deadly Strike, Beast King's Blade
    • Use Leichester Meteorite Iron, Oribis Spiritis, Shelbani Flower, Supplement - Rainbow
  • Dimension Bomb, 1 slot, crap clearing

    • Flames of Hell, MP Consume-M, Defense Down-L
    • Perpetual Motion, Deadly Strike, Mach Throw
  • Weight Stone, 1 slot

    • Blackout Attack, Quick Throw, Break Addition-M, Ignores Defense
    • Legendary Destructive Power, Deadly Strike, Beast King's Blade
    • Abrasive, Old Stone, Supplement Rainbow
    • Skill Frame and Synth Chain on everything. Attrib - Wind on Old Stone. Properties and PP on Abrasives.

Healing Items

Both items are worth making, though you don't need an uber Dragon Cup if you don't want it.


Item Information @ MP Recovery-XL, Recover KO-L, Cure All, HP Recovery-XXL

No matter what, you want Perpetual Motion and Auto Use, which is an infinite elixir that trips at 60% health. From there, you have some options. You can do Automatic Activation 50% so the elixir triggers at the slightest hint (though Automatic Activation 30% is a good, easy to find substitute). Or you can put something like Goddess' Blessing, Approaches the Gods, Auto Material, whatever. I can guarantee that 60% is enough to keep you alive, but you need to keep an alchemist in the back at all times just in case, and you'll probably want damage reduction on your accessories.

This recipe was stolen from Uryvichk.

You'll want to get all your properties onto a Super Pure Water. Perpetual Motion is 33 PP, so watch out. If you don't have Perpetual Motion, you can make it via combining the Recycle properties, or simply Low Energy Mode + Reuse Resources. Your PP boosting should probably be on the Travel Gate. As for Nectar Spring Water, you'll either need Elemental Attribute - Wind or Synthesis Skill Frame Increase. I roll with the latter in the tutorial. Make a Dragon Cup and disassemble to get the Springwater of your dreams.

Spam Earth.

  • Travel Gate -- Cost Down 0
  • Super Pure Water -- Add Earth
  • Dunkelheit] -- Attribute Absorb
  • Nectar Springwater -- Skill Frame+, Equip Frame-, Double Skill (if Stera)

V2 of this item is courtesy whimsic_al. The properties are much the same, but perhaps consider Good Medicine.

It has Undead Power, Cure All, and HP Recovery-XXL. Can be useful on some sets. Requires Skill Frame on Mysterious Cloth and same Springwater as above.

Spam earth.

  • Nectar Springwater -- Equip Frame-, Double Skill, Add Earth, Attribute Absorb
  • Contaminated Water
  • Dunkelheit
  • Mysterious Cloth -- Earth x2, Late Addition

Dragon Cup

Item Information @ Recover KO-XL, HP & MP Recovery-XL.

Works on back row and thus can be used to buff the back row. Level buff is +126.

Get Property Super Enhance, Cost Bonus, Soul Dwelling onto a Stellard Medicine, and PP Boosting stuff and Skill Frame on Distilled. Or vice versa; whatever is easier for you.

Spam wind.

  • Dragon Core -- Skill Frame+, Chain Effect
  • Endangered Herb
  • Stellard Medicine
  • Distilled Water -- Wind whatever x2, Number/Count+, Double Skill (if Stera)

Support Items

Four Beasts is best for max damage sets. Otherwise, it can be replaced easily enough. I put Soul Dwelling on my Elixir and got by fine, so this stuff is mainly super-optimal.

Medicine of the Four Beasts

Item information

  • Forbidden Power, Crit PWR Increase-L
  • Property Super Enhance, Jumbo Blessing, High Cost Enhance
  • All stats +360, crit power +20%

Here's the ideal (9-slot) version. You'll probably have to property farm off Prototypes.

Make a Dragon Scale Charm with the PP Boosting properties and Skill Frame.

Spam wind. Be sure to use Equip Frame+.

  • Wind Rider Feather
  • King's Wing
  • Dragon Scale Charm
  • Smech -- Attribute Wind, Chain Effect, Chain Fire

For a more compact setup (no Jumbo Blessing), use Fish Lord to squeeze in Double Skill and Number/Count+ on a 1 slot version.

Honestly? I used a very crummy version compared to this. But if you want max damage, you have to use it.

Traveler's Ration

Item Information

  • 1 slot, 6 use
  • Quick Digestion, HP Regen-XL, Temp Stamina Up-L, Eat and Recover-XL
  • Property Super Enhance, Cost Bonus, Soul Dwelling (81 PP)
  • Hits back row, +42 level, max HP buff (200%)
  • Preferred over Dragon Cup as primary Soul Dwelling item.

Get PP boost and properties onto Shelbani Flour. Traditional Soul and Efficiency will help. You'll also want Skill Frame. Outside of that, use Golden Apple and two 3-slot items of your choice. Spam wind, use Chain Attribute.

Time Watch

Item Information

  • Cure Slow, Quicken Action
  • Property Super Enhance, Cost Bonus, whatever (Perpetual Motion, Item Clone, Soul Dwelling, etc.)
  • Alternatively, (instead of using Elixir) move your turn forward every time you're hit with Perpetual Motion, Auto Use, Automatic Activation 50%
  • 1 slot
  • Only get the hidden effect if you aren't using Medicine of the Four Beasts.

An easy synth, honestly. Try Double Foot Component, Glass Tube, Old Stone x2. Move Old Stone to rear, add wind, late addition. Spam earth otherwise. If you use Skill Frame you get to do more stuff, but you can make it with just one Skill Frame. You'll also need to get Elemental Attribute - Water somehow if you intend to get the hidden effect. I have faith in you.

Goddess Shield

Item Information

  • Goddess' Protect-L, Defense Up-L
  • Property Super Enhance, Cost Bonus, whatever (Perpetual Motion, Soul Dwelling, Crosses Time, Item Clone)
  • Don't use the LV3 property, though. It's weak and overrides the more powerful effect on the item.
  • If you're using Medicine of the Four Beasts, don't get either Defense Up.

Old Stone, Comet Crest Stone, Wind Rider Feather x2 should give you enough to work with. Attribute Absorb or Chain Earth on Old Stone depending on what you need. If you want those extra two uses, well, that's on you. The build is just something I whipped up super quick in my head, but perhaps replace Comet Crest Stone with Golden Apple and see what the other ingredients have to offer for your property needs.

Debuff/Utility Items

Lightning Bomb is always worth your time. The rest? Well, if you want.

Debuff Lightning Bomb

Item Information

  • Blindness, Hinders Movement-M, Wind DMG-L, Attack Power-M
  • Property Super Enhance, Cost Bonus, and Carries Heat (56 PP).

You need Synthesis Skill Frame Increase on everything. You have a lot of freedom in where your properties come from, so just do what's easiest.

Make a Bomb, get the LV3 property. Now disassemble for Black Powder. From there: Supplement - Red -> Ziegel Nugget. Disassemble the nugget.

Spam wind.

  • Abrasive - Chain Effect, Chain Water, Chain Fire
  • Electric Orb
  • Old Stone -- Attribute Wind
  • Supplement - Rainbow -- : Wind anything x2, Number/Count+, Double Skill (if Stera)

Chain Building Lava Cube

Item Information

This is a min damage set, so no 999 effect necessary. As close to 0 as possible is preferable.

  • Rain of Fire, Continuous Damage-S, MP Consume-S
  • Perpetual Motion, Beast King's Blade, Steel Thorns (48 PP) (BKB could be substituted with Weight of Stones, I think, as the point is for the extra hit.)
  • 15 hits per use. Since items get weaker and weaker with repeated use, you'll get min damage while adding tons to the chain.

You need Skill Frame on one item.

  • Phlogiston - Ingredient Zero
  • Bomb - Attribute Absorb
  • Zettel - Add Earth
  • Supplement - Rainbow -- earth spam, Chain Earth

Be sure to squeak in Equip Frame- in there somewhere.


Item Information

Lots of sets. Personally I haven't bothered with this, so these are whimsic_al's notes directly.

  • Force of Mountains, Weakens Legs-M, MP Consume-M, Attack Power Down-L
  • Carries Heat, Carries Cold, Consumes Soul (40 PP)
  • 1 slot, 7 use, multi target, 983 effect

Basically, you need Skill Frame and Synth Chain on Golden Blue Staff (Magia Sumonitora can be a non-DLC substitute... with compromises), Zettel, and Sun Flower. Scatter the the properties and Traditional Soul as necessary.

Set 2 is much the same, but it looks more like this:

  • Force of Mountains, Weakens Legs-M, MP Consume-S, Speed Down-L
  • Tone of Exhaustion, Consumes Soul, Property Super Enhance (76 PP)

This time, Magia Sumonitora can be used without penalty.

You can also do a set like the first with Property Super Enhance, Multi Enhance, Carries Heat (62 PP)



the 3rd way of getting the elixir is absent from the guide when comparing to the one nuked from other websites