Assignment 1

Initial Nine Assignments
Deliver the Parts Gather Wind Flower x3, Rusty Cog x3, Bent Screw x3
Make Windmill Parts
Deliver to Clone
Nio's Shop Purchase Newlywed at Nio's Shop
Synthesis Synth 3 times
Basics of Synthesis Synth Neutralizer-R
Combat 8 battles
Gather 15 times
Highway Subjugation Slay Green Spirit and Poison Squirrel at Old Highway
Inclined Slope Slay Green Spirit at Old Highway (Northern Road)
Gather at the Old Highway (Checkpoint)
Slay Poison Squirrel at Old Highway (Former Market)
Gather at Old Highway (Inclined Slope)
Highway Maintenance Gather 5 times at Old Highway
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Novice Investigator Adventure Level 8+
Preemptive Attack Use Square to hit enemies and start encounters 5 times
Alpha Wolf Slay the Flesh Eater in Twilight Forest (Forest Point).
Forest Slicer Bug Slay the Scissor Beast in Twilight Forest (Forest Point).
Attack Items Use a Craft 5 times in battle.
Maximizing Search Equip 5+ adventure equips, go to a field, return to town.
Help with Requests Complete a request.
Synthesize Bombs Synth Bomb from Let's Make A Bomb.
Gather Water Gather water three times from the Town Entrance
Search Use Field Events three times.
Support Guard Use Support Guards 7+ times.
Bursting Craft Synth a Craft with Bursting. Spiky Fruit x2 from Nio's shop.
Indoor Search Gather Grain Scraps inside the buildings in Twilight Forest.
Heal Allies Use Healing Salve during combat.
Support Attacks Use Support Attacks 15+ times.
Novice Alchemist Alchemy Level 8+
Character Events
Awin Balloon Docks Heizman chews out Awin.
Balloon Docks Awin gets asked to modify stuff.
Clone Apple Orchard Escha's butt (Logy)
About work (Escha)
Duke Dragon's Fist Tavern Going to his bar for the first time.
Katla Urban Area Meeting, and your first look at her shop.
Urban Area Ruin Pendant (two versions, same item)
Linca Development Office Linca was born a swordswoman.
Nio Apple Orchard Meeting. After making Windmill Parts.
Apple Orchard Nio's helping at the Orchard.
Solle Administration Office Snacks, introduce requests.
Wilbell Twilight Forest Meeting.
Atelier (Auto) I'm a Magician trophy event.
Urban Area About keeping the secret (Logy)
Wilbell's clothing (Escha)
Plus Exclusive Dev Office? [Logy] Choice. Marion will want to talk to Escha about her report.
Administration Office [Escha] Choice. Solle just smiled.
Atelier [Escha] Cauldron synthesis.
Escha's Book Default Healing Salve, Craft, Neutralizer-R, Neutralizer-Y, Neutralizer-B, Neutralizer-G,
Windmill Parts Default Windmill Parts
Cook Book Duke's Shop Honey, Five Grain Flour, Squash Tea, Veggie Soup, Pressed Oil,
Newlywed Nio's Shop Purifying Liquid, Dried Herbs, Curing Powder, Fluffy Whip,
Let's Make A Bomb 1 assignment line Bomb, Mixed Lubricant, Abrasive,, Zettel,
Craft Secrets 5 assignment lines Omega Craft

For the choices, yes the heart would be considered the "romantic" one and you do get rewarded for making those choices eventually. What happens if you choose friendship smileys? Uh, I don't know why don't you tell me? I ship it.

You'll quickly be left to explore town. Go ahead and walk around, trip all the scenes... just keep going till you synth for the first time. Once you've synthed for the first time, you can press start to quickly travel anywhere. This menu will display icons with ! in them to represent events, so check it every so often to make sure you've tripped all the events you can. You can't do too much synthing yet; make your Healing Salve and Craft, slap 'em on Escha or Logy via Adventure Equip, and go out exploring.

Do note that you can use up ALL your items outside town, and you'll get them back when you return to town. So don't be shy about item usage! In fact, I'm going to put this out here right now: Use every single attack and healing item at least once in battle. And keep track of what you've used. This is part of a minor assignment waaaaay later in the game (so you don't have to do this), but you WILL thank me later if you're the super completionist sort.

At the Town Entrance, you can gather Water. At the Apple Orchard, you can gather Apple.

And I do seriously suggest checking area sections out; it'll help you gather rare stuff and find documents (you need all 20 for an assignment). For the time being, explore till you fill your basket, then return to Colseit; you can collect more on a second trip. You have plenty of time to waste, trust me. If time is making you anxious... The final year gives you a single goal: beat the final boss. Aside from that, you can finish any assignments you missed. Seriously.

After you finished the major assignment for the term, enjoy Haruka Shimotsuki's singing. Personally, I love the vocal themes in this game. At some point, you'll get an event with Solle that will open up the request system. Requests get you treats (and rank points, actually) you'll eventually be using to pay the Homonculi to duplicate items.

Once you get to Old Highway, the game will introduce Field Events to you. You probably noticed that I listed Field Events in my Twilight Forest section; using certain Events can get you powerful monsters (which you will not find otherwise), rare materials, and so on. Some of these events are used once, then disappear (such as "Check relic"), others change the field itself (e.g. "Check rare materials"). As long as you do not leave to the world map, the field changing events will stay in effect. So you can go from place to place with "Check rare materials" on, and as long as you don't override it, you will gather rare materials at each area you go to. I may mention you need the max level for a particularly rare item; you'll make the item required for that later, so don't worry about those items for now.

Once you've unlocked Field Events, be sure to drop back by Twilight Forest to get Documents, and whatever else you like.

After you've done everything (you WILL have free time), be sure to synth everything you can. In the final 14 days of the term (no sooner!), if you're done with that, go to Marion to make your final report. Those days will carry over into your next assignment.

About Items

When you make items, you'll notice they have effects with S, M, and L at the end of the name. These DO NOT mean Small, Medium, and Large.

Instead, they stand for Strong, Medium, and Light. In short, S is better than L when you're making items.


One Field Event looks like a sheet of paper. This is called "Check Documents". For an Assignment later, you need all 20 documents, but you might as well grab them as you pass by. So if my area sections say there is a document somewhere, or even multiple documents (in which case you will have to repeat the process till you get 'em all), you should enter and exit the area till you get the check document Field Event.

You can check out what Documents you have by going to your menu -> Journal -> Guide.

Exploration Notes

  • Keep in mind that you can break barrels for items
  • The first area you go to actually does have gatherable items, just not the first time you enter it.
  • You can enter and exit areas infinitely without wasting time... unless you encounter an enemy or gather something. This is very handy once you unlock field events.
  • You can enter the houses in the final area of the forest.