Ultimate Item Guide

The End Result

The usage of this build isn't straightforward, so let's start with the results. Theoretically you can get max damage. Even with slightly less ideal setup, you can clear most enemies in your path.

To see the set in action, see this video (Micie/Katla required) or this video (non-DLC characters). This build is by darknite01.

The generic process is:

  • Buff Escha up, and anyone else you have time for
  • Use Escha's Support Finisher (Ether Point)
  • [DLC] Use Micie's Rapier Pierce, then Awin's Break Impact
  • [No DLC] Use Blitz Stone with Weak to Attacks
  • Double Draw with best items possible, use Katla's Support Finisher


Property Recorded Locations
Brave Soul Fallen Ruins
Forceful Soul Fallen Ruins
Awakened Soul Fallen Ruins
Evolve Body Fallen Ruins
Loving Soul Fallen Ruins
Heroic Soul Fallen Ruins
Robust Body Ends of the Earth, Lab of Eternity
Wind Soul Lab of Eternity
Night Lord Soul Lab of Eternity
Demon Soul Ends of the Earth
Fire Soul Lab of Eternity
Power Overwhelm Searing Wastes, Dragon's Nest, Fallen Ruins
Super Properties Fallen Ruins
Jumbo Blessing Ends of the Earth, Fallen Ruins
Cost Bonus Searing Wastes, Lab of Eternity
Mach Throw Dragon's Nest, Lab of Eternity, Ends of the Earth, Fallen Ruins
All Around Boost Lab of Eternity, Ends of the Earth
Traditional Soul Searing Wastes, Lab of Eternity

You do have more options than just these, and if you're playing Plus you may want to consider a more 'solid' setup for Cursed Saber, at least for some allies, as you can't use items for that fight. This setup is designed for item damage.

It should be noted that recorded locations are just that -- places that have been observed directly. These are not the only locations you can get these properties at.


Principles: Use the field effect Check relic change, then use a Dowsing Rod with Amazing Relics. You'll want lots of Mystery Lanterns, with lots of uses, to help you farm.

There are a handful of properties listed that are considered 'lesser'. Instead of raising the relic level to max, try using only a Dowsing Rod.

Area Check relic change Farming Area Material
Searing Wastes Crimson Cliffs Crimson Cliffs Ziegel Nuggets
Lab of Eternity Entrance Herb Garden Natural Extracts
Ends of the Earth Structure - Upper Second Rise Natural Extracts
Fallen Ruins Area 1 Area 1/2 Green Crystals

The tutorial assumes you do not disassemble these items. However, if you deviate and farm other items, disassemble every single time, you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

PP Boosting Tutorial

If you coincidentally got a PP Maximization Ziegel Nugget, skip to Iron Clay.

  • Concealing Skin
    • No ingredient should have PP +3.
    • Feel free to use Effect+ LV3.
    • Keep Inherit PP +5. This is the LV3 Property.
  • Medical Solution
    • Use Trio Taun (PP Expansion) and Concealing Skin.
    • Keep PP Maximization.
  • Iron Clay
    • Use Ziegel Nugget (Traditional Soul), keep Traditional Soul.
    • If you got a PP Maximization Ziegel Nugget, throw BOTH your items with Traditional Soul and PP Maximization and keep those traits.
  • Neutralizer-G
    • Use Trio Taun (PP Expansion) and Medical Solution (PP Maximization). Keep both.
    • If you got the PP Maximization Ziegel Nugget, all you need is PP Expansion.


  • Moon Tablet
    • Use Iron Clay and Neutralizer-G. Keep PP Maximization, PP Expansion, Traditional Soul.
  • Comet Crest Stone
    • Use Moon Tablet. Yes, the one you just made. Keep everything on it.
    • Take care to not have PP Enhancement on anything.
    • Get your Homonculi busy duplicating this. Just do a bunch of requests for one item.
  • Cardboard with the SP Neutralizer. Keep all its properties.

Remake or duplicate anything that you're low on. Moon Tablet is a notable one.

Ultimate Weapons

First of all, boosting skill doesn't just apply to skills. You get up to 100% boost for all non-skill attacks (including item use!). The next point, for alchemists, is that a lot of their power is derived from crit boosts and crit bonuses. You are free to use properties of your choice in this tutorial (I'm never going to nag you much about stuff -- you can follow the original tutorial exactly and beat the tar out of the final boss!), just keep those points in mind if you do.

This tutorial is modified from jinhaoyu122's original topic to have better traits.

Characters Properties
Escha/Logy Brave Soul, Absolute Senses, Sharpened Senses
Lucille/Threia/Awin/Linca/Micie Brave Soul, Attack Surge, Power Overwhelm
Reyfer/Wilbell/Katla Comet Attack, Verdant Gold, Forceful Soul

For simpler builds, you will find you can reuse some weapons if you are sure to use quantity.

  • Ziegel Nugget 1
    • Green Gemstone -> Purple Crystal, keep Wind Damage.
    • Earth Stone + Purple Crystal -> Dowsing Rod, keep Verdant Gold.
    • Aurora Stone -> Purple Crystal, keep Comet Attack.
    • PP Boosting Liquid + Purple Crystal + Green Crystal (Forceful Soul) -> White Neutralizer, keep Forceful Soul and Comet Attack.
    • Toss into Ziegel Nugget, along with PP boosting.
  • Ziegel Nugget 2
    • Green Crystal -> White Neutralizer, keep Brave Soul.
    • Create a Brave Soul Ziegel Nugget.
    • Sky King Fossil + Ziegel Nugget -> Iron Clay, keep Absolute Senses, Brave Soul
    • Crystal Claw -> Black Neutralizer, keep Sharpened Senses.
    • Create a second Ziegel Nugget Iron Clay, Black Neutralizer, and a PP Boost.
  • Ziegel Nugget 3
    • Green Crystal -> White Neutralizer, keep Power Overwhelm.
    • Create a Golt Board, keep Attack Power +9. Toss into Metal Chips, keep Attack Reinforce, Attack Power +9.
    • Use that Brave Soul Iron Clay + White Neutralizer + Metal Chips, keep Brave Soul, Attack Surge, Power Overwhelm.
    • What just happened is that the attack power properties stacked with a property native to the Ziegel Nugget.

  • Humming Quasar
    • Use Linca's Ziegel Nugget and a PP boosting Comet Crest Stone (or Moon Tablet; just be sure to max all elements out for the weapon's effects)
    • Use a Quantity skill. You can basically toss this in Awin/Threia's sets.
  • Lifetree Staff
    • Create a Golden Wing Staff using a Ziegel Nugget.
    • Create a Spirit Garland using a PP Boosting Colseit Fiber. Keep its properties. (Truth be told it's overkill for this set, but if you're doing something a bit different you'll want it.)
    • Toss both of those into the Lifetree Staff.
  • Brave Bunker, Holy Talisman and Proto Phantom take a (Metal) directly.
    • For the first two, you can use Humming Quasar.
    • For Proto Phantom, consider using Time Flower, Dunkelheit, or Sun Flower to max all elements.
    • You will need PP Boosting Comet Crest Stones and a Dragoon Cape.
  • White Feather 9
    • Create a Silver Arm using a Ziegel Nugget a PP Boosting Iron Clay.
    • Use a PP Boosting Colseit Fiber or Cardboard. You know what to keep.

Ultimate Armor

As with the ultimate weapons, you can have a super optimized set or a more generalized set. Both are fine.

This is, again, modified from jinhaoyu122's topic. Actually, it's grossly simplified beyond the point of recognition.

Characters Properties
Logy Evolve Body, Awakened Soul, Heroic Soul
Escha Awakened Soul, Loving Soul, Heroic Soul
Lucille/Threia/Awin/Linca/Micie Evolve Body, Robust Body, Loving Soul
Wilbell/Reyfer/Katla Evolve Body, Heroic Soul, Loving Soul

For a simpler setup, the third one will do for everyone. But Logy doesn't need Loving Soul (he's the beginning of a chain, usually), so replace with Enhance Body.

Everything will be a Celestial Shirt.

For a simpler setup, Precious Stone (two properties) -> SP Neutralizer (add third property) -> Moon Tablet. This is only if you have one property you need on a Natural Extract.

For the more complex set, make a Magic Fiber with Evolve Body and Loving Soul. As with the simpler setup, get Heroic Soul, Awakened Soul, and, if possible, Robust Body on a Moon Tablet. If Robust Body is on a Green Crystal, simply toss it into the Celestial Shirt directly, and get your PP Boosting from another shirt.

Ultimate Accessories

This is where there is a lot of freedom to try out different sets. For this particular build, however:

Characters Set
Escha & Logy Magic Stone, Soul Binder (different effect for Logy!)
Wind Soul, Night Lord Soul, Absolute Senses
Lucille/Threia/Awin/Linca/Micie Soul Binder, Brother Call
Wind Soul, Demon Soul, Fire Soul
Reyfer/Katla/Wilbell Soul Binder, Glorious Note
Wind Soul, Demon Soul, Saving Skill

Per usual, you have two essential options for transferring properties. Ziegel Nugget/Iron Clay or Moon Tablet/Comet Crest Stone, which will work for all items listed and most other accessories, if you want to make them. Wind Soul and Demon soul are the two most common properties and should be applied first, with Fire Soul, Night Lord Soul, Absolute Senses, and Saving Skill coming closer to the end.

Saving Skill is a rather luck based property no matter what you do, unless you happen to have DLC characters. It is formed from MP Use 1/2, which can be created from scratch if need be, and Skill Surge, which relies on either relics or boss drops. You'll need either Skill Power +15% or Skill Reinforce somewhere among all your items, at minimum.

  • Magic Stone
    • Max all elements
    • Either a Sun Flower or something like a Proto Phantom should get you water.
  • Soul Binder
    • For Logy, do not reset attribute on water. Just max all elements. Should be easy if you use Comet Crest Stone.
    • For everyone else, reset attribute on water.
  • Brother Call
    • Max Elements.
    • What I did was have two Ziegel Nuggets and Lava Stone.
    • This allowed me to use Power +1 on Jet Black Cube, as well as quantity.
  • Glorious Note
    • Max elements.
    • This is easy to accomplish using a Dragon Tail and Comet Crest Stone.

Ultimate Items

Note that some of these are for fun, some are not. Like, Eye Opener is essential, but Goddess Shield isn't.

As a summary of the properties you'll want:

  • Perpetual Motion -- Good for items you anticipate using a lot, but bad for power output. Basically good for your infinite use auto Elixir, but can be used elsewhere if you want.
  • Super Properties -- Always used when power is primary focus.
  • Cost Bonus -- To be used among high cost properties.
  • Jumbo Blessing -- For use on 5 slot items.
  • All Around Boost -- Use this over Jumbo Blessing on small items.
  • Slag Wave -- Best on utility items, if slot available.
  • Mach Throw -- Best on utility items.

Support Item Preparation

The properties here will not net you the most powerful item. But they will get you a great infinite use item.

  • Distilled Water
    • Use the Spray from #2. Keep Perpetual Motion and 50% Automatic.
  • Slag Essence with the Slag Wave property.
    • It's entirely valid to just use Slag Essence to boost the gauge, thus freeing up this property slot for something else.
  • Cup of Life
    • Use the Slag Essence; keep Slag Wave.
  • Note: If you want to use this property elsewhere, you can duplicate your Cup, then synth Slag Wave into a Medical Solution. I will assume you do this for the Command Chime, which is by no means a necessary item. Feel Free to keep Traditional Soul and PP Maximization.
  • Medical Solution
    • Use Cup of Life and Distilled Water.
    • Keep Perpetual Motion, 50% Automatic, Slag Wave.

Canned Food

More prepwork.

You need a Green Crystal with Super Properties, another with Jumbo Blessing and preferably a Ziegel Nugget with Cost Bonus.

  • Ziegel Nugget
    • Use SP Neutralizer (Super Properties) and Ziegel Nugget (Cost Bonus).
    • You may need some PP boosting from Iron Clay or Cardboard <-<
  • Another Ziegel Nugget
    • Use SP Neutralizer (Jumbo Blessing)
  • Iron Plate
    • Use Ziegel Nugget (Super Properties, Cost Bonus), Ziegel Nugget (Jumbo Blessing), and Cardboard (Trad. Soul, PP Max., PP Exp.).
    • Keep Super Properties, Cost Bonus, Jumbo Blessing.
  • Canned Food
    • Use Apple Jam and Iron Plate. (Fruit Pie has a decent Earth bonus, for Quantity.)
    • Keep Super Properties, Cost Bonus, Jumbo Blessing.

Elixir Base

End Result: Slag Wave, 50% Automatic, and Perpetual Motion. Basically an infinite use, automatic Elixir that also increases your support gauge. There are reasons to go for a more powerful Elixir Base, such as the Plus version boss, Rogue Guardian, preventing the use of auto items. It isn't necessary, however.

  • Use PP Boosting Dragoon Cape and Slag Wave Medical Solution
  • Keep Slag Wave, 50% Automatic, and Perpetual Motion.
  • You will want to Reset Attribute on Wind at the end to get HP/MP Recovery S; the alternative is HP Recovery S3, which is also very good, but no MP. Your choice. You will want some way to deal with status effects with this setup.

Knowledge Book

End Result: Super Properties, Cost Bonus, Jumbo Blessing.

  • Use your special Canned Food, Treasure Grimoire (with PP Boosting properties)
  • Use Reset Attribute on Earth at the end.
  • Be sure to boost Quantity both times.
  • Do NOT use Compression. It weakens your Jumbo Blessing because it reduces the size by one.

Tauzent Blitz

End Result: Super Properties, Cost Bonus or Light Core, Jumbo Blessing.

  • Sun Flower
    • Use the Canned Food listed above, as well as the PP Boosting Dragoon Cape.
    • Keep Super Properties, Cost Bonus, Jumbo Blessing.
  • Use PP Boosting Dragoon Cape, Sun Flower
    • Use Reset Attribute on Wind. Water's lowest effect is cute, but not necessary.
    • Do NOT use Compression. It weakens your Jumbo Blessing because it reduces the size by one.
    • You can keep Light Core over Cost Bonus; I couldn't tell you which is better for this item. They have similar damage output according to Uryvichk.

Dimensional Bomb

End Result: Super Properties, Cost Bonus, Jumbo Blessing.

Keep in mind this is nowhere near as good as a Knowledge Book or Tauzent Blitz. But if you don't have the best item for Escha or Logy, this acts as a decent stand-in. You can skip this if you like.

  • Dimension Bomb
    • Use Medical Solution, Cardboard with PP boosting properties.
    • Keep Super Properties, Cost Bonus, Jumbo Blessing.
    • Do NOT use Compression.
    • Put Buried Bomb in.
    • Use Power LV1 on Jet Black Cube.
    • Put Jet Black Cube in, then use Perfect Division on it.
    • Put Cardboard in. Use Quantity LV1, then Conversion LV1 to Earth.
    • Put Medical Solution in. Conversion LV3 to Earth. Quantity LV2.
    • Reset Attribute on Fire. CP Recovery+ LV3.
    • Division on Medical Solution.
    • Absorb Attribute LV2.
    • You now have 4D Damage. Yes, this is a very good Effect; that's why it's hard to get.

Poly. Poison

End Result: One Time End, Perpetual Motion, and Mach Throw. You could also go for the more traditionally powerful properties, but this set is funny.

  1. This assumes you have a Natural Extract with Mach Throw.
  2. You should have a Ziegel Nugget with One Time End.
  3. Tauzent Blitz is probably a better debuffer, but this does well enough.
  • Spray
    • Make with Ziegel Nugget (One Time End) and Spray (Perpetual Motion). You will need PP Boosts.
  • Distilled Water
    • Make with Spray, keep those properties. You should have enough PP boosting ingredients around to do this.
  • Medical Solution
    • Use the Distilled Water you just made and a PP Boosting Colseit Fiber.
    • Keep One Time End, Perpetual Motion, Traditional Soul (trust me on this)
  • Poly. Poison
    • Make with Natural Extract with trait of your choosing (if relevant), Cardboard (PP Boosting properties) and Medical Solution.
    • Keep One Time End, Perpetual Motion, and whatever you want.
    • You will want to use Power+ LV1 on Medical Solution. From there, you should have no trouble maxing out all the elements.
    • Use both Quantity LV1 and LV2. And Compression, since you can have it all. (At least, if you use Natural Extract, you can.)

This goes well with Dream Book.

Time Watch

End Result: Earth Armor, Perpetual Motion, and Mach Throw.

This assumes you made the Poly. Poison.

  • Black Neutralizer
    • Make with Trio Taun (Frame Compress), Medical Solution (Perpetual Motion, Traditional Soul).
    • Get the Level 3 Property (Frame Compress+).
    • Keep Perpetual Motion, Max Compress (you'll need it later), Traditional Soul.
  • Moon Tablet
    • Use Black Neutralizer, Natural Extract (Mach Throw), PP Boosting Iron Clay.
    • Keep Perpetual Motion, Mach Throw.
  • Time Watch
    • Use Moon Tablet you just made, PP Boosting Comet Crest Stone. I used Junk as my fourth.
    • Use Power+ LV1 on Comet Crest Stone. And put it in last. Then use Division to put it in again.
    • Use Reset Attribute on Wind.
    • Use Compression and Effect+ LV3.
    • Keep Earth Armor, Perpetual Motion, Mach Throw.

Goddess Shield

End Result: Perpetual Motion, Mach Throw, and Goddess Blessing. Do not use Golden Aegis. It does nothing on this item.

Guess what? You can use that Moon Tablet you made with the Time Watch.

  • I used Iron Clay (PP Boosting stuff), Golden Apple, Moon Tablet, and Slag Cable.
  • Toss in Iron Clay, Moon Tablet, Slag Cable.
  • Use Power+ LV1 on Golden Apple. Use it, then use Division on it.
  • Use Reset Attribute on Earth.
  • Remember to use Compression and Effect+ LV3.


End Result: Jumbo Blessing, Super Properties, Cost Bonus

  • Like Dimension Bomb, get a Medical Solution with the properties.
  • Reset Attribute on Earth.
  • Do not use Compression.

Demon Crucible

End Result: Demon's Crucible, Max Compress, Mach Throw. Whatever modifications you make (Elixir Source isn't a bad idea, for instance), you should follow the fifth step carefully.

If you are just interested in the best effect, rather than all the properties, skip to the fifth step and use Moon Milk instead of Fertilizer.

  • Duplicate your Eye-Opener. (15 days. But if you're doing this, you should have plenty of time!)
  • Cup of Life
    • Use Eye-Opener, keep Max Compress.
    • You are welcome to get creative here and come up with your own properties to use (Slag Wave, Spirit Medicine, etc.)
  • Dried Herbs
    • Make it with Natural Extract (Mach Throw) and PP Boosting Spirit Garland.
    • Keep Traditional Soul, PP Maximization, Mach Throw.
  • Fertilizer
    • Make it with Dried Herbs. Keep all its properties.
  • Demon Crucible
    • Use Dunkelheit, Cup of Life, and Fertilizer.
    • The following is from MasterLL.
    • Add Heart of Flame and Cup of Life.
    • Use Power+ LV1 on Dunkelheit. Toss it in.
    • Use Quantity LV2, Compression, CP Recovery+ LV3.
    • Use Division on Dunkelheit, then Quantity LV1.
    • Use Perfect Division on Dunkelheit.
    • Reset Attribute on Water.
    • Add Fertilizer.
    • Use Absorb Attribute LV2, then LV1.
    • YOU. ARE. DONE. Keep Mach Throw, Max Compress, Demon's Crucible.

Command Chime

End Result: Mach Throw, Command Chime, Slag Wave. Feel free to get creative on the third one. I don't think you really need Perpetual Motion here.

  • Use Medical Solution with Slag Wave. See the Elixir Base section for more info on that, if you didn't do it. Also toss in Moon Tablet (Mach Throw). My final one was Corundum Stone.
  • Do the yada yada, get your elements maxed out, Compress the crap out of your item, Quantity LV2 and whatever.
  • Reset Attribute on Wind at the end. This is seriously the reason I made this section.
  • Both of Command Chime's Wind Effects are called Reduce Wait. But they're different, and the lower one has a greater effect.

Dragon's Secret

End Result: All Around Boost, Super Properties, Cost Bonus

  • At this point, you should know the tricks to transferring All Around Boost.
  • Use Medical Solution (Super Properties, Cost Bonus) and Purifying Liquid (All Around Boost). I also used a plain Distilled Water and Dragon Tail.
  • Toss in everything but Medical Solution. Use Power+ LV1 on it.
  • Reset attribute on Wind.



i got demon soul at herb garden