Name Description Acquisition
Escha's Journey Started Escha's story. [Escha] Start the game
Logy's Journey Started Logy's story. [Logy] Start the game.
Just Getting Started Cleared and reported 1st term assignment. Assignment 1
An Atelier for Two (secret) Escha and Logy's new life begins. Assignment 1
I'm a Magician (secret) Found out that Wilbell is a real magician. Assignment 1
You've Got the Hang of It Cleared and reported 2nd term assignment. Assignment 2
Journey through the Sky (secret) Acquired a worn down air balloon. You became an alchemist of the sky...maybe. Assignment 2
Big Eater (secret) Witnessed the twilight survival instinct of Escha. [Escha] Assignment 3
Scars of the Past (secret) Learned Logy was greatly injured in a past accident. [Logy] Assignment 3
The Charm Cleared and reported 3rd term assignment. Assignment 3
A Behemoth Falls (secret) Eliminated the behemoth living at the water spring. Assignment 4
Going Forth Cleared and reported 4th term assignment. Assignment 4
Powerup Meeting (secret) Planned for the future with the development team. Assignment 4
Harvest Festival (secret) Harvested apples with Nio and Clone. [Escha] Assignment 5 -- Nio/Clone Events
Fortress Destroyed (secret) Destroyed the Slag guarding the ruins interior. Assignment 5 -- Beat Frigate
Oh You're Halfway There Assignment 5
Future Dreams (secret) Logy retook his dreams with Escha's support. Assignment 6 -- Make Flight Gas Jar.
Flying Further (secret) Built a basic airship. Assignment 6
Moving Right Along Cleared and reported 6th term assignment. Assignment 6
Making Progress Cleared and reported 7th term assignment. Assignment 7
Into the Dusk Sky (secret) Completed a true airship. Assignment 8 -- Make 3rd Gen Engine
So Close Cleared and reported 8th term assignment. Assignment 8
Terminal Term Cleared and reported 9th term assignment. Assignment 9
Set in Stone (secret) Gathered lithograph fragments. See Lithograph Fragment Locations
Like Father (secret) Like Son [Logy] End Game -- See Solle/Colland Events
Sleep (secret) Dragon King End Game -- Duke unlocks this fight if you defeated the boss at Dragon's Nest
Guardian of Unexplored Ruins (secret) Defeated the giant alchemic creature in the Unexplored Ruins End Game -- Defeat Gullveig
Salvation (secret) Saved the girl's soul bound to Geosis. End Game -- Defeat Final Boss
A Grand Triumph (secret) Stopped Flameu after she released her true power. End Game -- Break at least one honeycomb, beat Final Boss
Storyteller of Dusk (secret) Destroyed the giant device used by a girl. End Game -- Defeat Final Boss
Logy's Rest Completed Logy's story. [Logy] Ending
Escha's Rest Completed Escha's story. [Escha] Ending
Welcome Home (secret) Fulfilled an important promise. NG+ Ending. Play as the other alchemist.
A Smiling Departure (secret) Escha saw Logy off with a smile. Normal Ending
Promise at the Ruins (secret) Fell victim to a classic ruins trap with Reyfer. Reyfer Events
The Thrill of the Hunt (secret) Went on a search for treasure with Reyfer and Harry. Reyfer End
To the World's End (secret) Saw the "Ends of the Earth" with Awin. Awin Events
Over the Hill (secret) Journeyed to the Ends of the Earth with Awin. Awin End
Sad Girls' Association (secret) Saw an unexpected side of Threia and Marion. Threia Events
Deadline Approaching! (secret) Helped Threia with her research. Threia Ending
A Dropout's Struggle (secret) Read a difficult reference book with Lucille. Lucille Events
Dr. Lucille (secret) Medicine Woman Lucille Ending
Let's Get Along (secret) Watched Linca's reunion. Linca Events
Each With Their Own Strengths (secret) Decided to work with Linca and Marion in the development team. Linca End
Girls' Association (secret) Girls' Association [Escha] Unlock Threia/Lucille/Linca Ends
Men's Association (secret) Saw the complete men's association. [Logy] Unlock Awin/Reyfer Ends
Please Act like and Adult (secret) Witnessed Micie's elegant shopping. Micie Events
Eating Contest (secret) Participated in Duke's eating contest. Duke Events
Great Monster War (secret) Watched Duke and Colland's manly struggle. Colland Events
Exciting Treasure Alliance (secret) Encountered Katla and Harry's fateful meeting. [Logy] Harry/Katla Events
Leave the Battles to Me (secret) Reached combat level 99. Are there any worthy foes left?
I'm an Expert! (secret) Reached alchemy level 50. You're now an expert!
Trophy Completionist All trophies acquired.