What are the Plus/DX Differences?

  • The PS3's DLC characters, Miche, Katla, and Wilbell are included by default
  • Nio is added as a playable character
  • New Escha & Logy events, with choices to make them romantic or friendly
  • Japanese voices are free DLC (Plus) or included (DX)
  • You get to see friendship values
  • Properties now display which item types they can be equipped to
  • Three new bosses: Thirsty Water God, Cursed Saber, and Rogue Guardian

Who should I start with?

While there are some odd rumors about Logy having a more "JRPG path", the two routes play out largely the same.

As such, it doesn't truly matter. However, having access to Escha exclusive items will make uber bosses easier. This either means creating those items and carrying them over to NG+ (you will have to purchase them, however, at a later point in the game), or simply taking Escha's route and demolishing everything in your path.

What do I need to do for Platinum?

  • As Escha, get the Girl's Association ending. This means finishing the events of Linca, Lucille, and Threia (and thus getting their endings).
  • As Logy, get the Men's Association ending. This means finishing the events of Reyfer and Awin.
  • Additionally, Escha has two unique trophies, part of Micie's and Clone's events.
  • Likewise, Logy has two unique trophies, part of Solle's and Katla's/Harry's events.
  • After finishing the game once, you will unlock the true end in your next run.
  • The final boss has multiple forms; ranging from level 50 to 99. You have to beat one form that is above level 50, not necessarily the 99 form.
  • There are some easier bosses you need to beat.
  • Grind to level 99. Not fun, but there are some tricks around to make it easier.
  • Otherwise, the trophies should come to you from just playing the game.

What do I need to do for total completion?

  • Awin's end has two versions and two different pictures. So you'll want to get his end with both protagonists.
  • Lucille's end has two versions, one picture.
  • Some events are Logy exclusive, some are Escha exclusive. For instance, Reyfer will ask you to make a different item during his events depending on your protagonist.
  • The final boss has five separate encyclopedia entries.
  • I have all the properties in the game listed, as well as how to get a lot of them.

How do I get other Strong Foes to appear?

Change your equipment. For instance, if you're in an endgame setup, try the crap you had at the beginning of the game.

Is anything missable?

There are three things of note. There is a monster, Tracker in one of the final areas that can be missed.

Without DLC in the original PS3 version, it is possible to miss the Elixir Base recipe from that same area in the PS3 version.

Finally, Awin has time limited events. You will not struggle to see them as long as he is in your back row most of the game.

How should I manage friendship?

If you're playing the PS3 version this is more of concern because friendship is hidden. The simple answer is to shuffle the party around, and kick your second alchemist and Nio out of the party ASAP. Characters that join early can be kept in the back row most of the game. Later characters such as Linca and Lucille should be given front row time. Do not mess around with Awin, he has time limted events. Keep him in the back at least.

Friendship raises 0.11 per day in the front row, 0.08 in the back, and 0.03 in reserve. It raises any time a day passes. Here are the friendship values you should aim for:

  • 80 Friendship for all Awin/Reyfer/Threia events.
  • 70 Friendship for Lucille.
  • 60 for Linca and Wilbell/Micie/Katla.
  • 0 for your second alchemist and Nio. They have no friendship events.

If you are the paranoid sort that needs a schedule to feel safe, the following table is just for you. For most people, this is very unnecessary to follow.

Front Back Reserve
A1 Awin (13.2), Alchemist
A2 Awin (26.4), Threia (11) Katla (8), Wilbell (8), Alchemist
A3 Reyfer (11), Threia (24.2) Katla (17.6), Wilbell (17.6), Awin (36) Alchemist, Nio
A4 Reyfer (24.2), Lucille (13.2) Linca (8), Threia (33.8), Awin (45.6) Alchemist, Nio, Micie (3), Katla (21.2), Wilbell (21.2)
A5 Reyfer (37.4), Lucille (26.4) Linca (17.6), Threia (43.4) Awin (55.2) Alchemist, Nio, Micie (6.6), Katla (24.8), Wilbell (24.8)
A6 Linca (30.8), Lucille (39.6) Reyfer (47), Threia (53), Awin (64.8) Alchemist, Nio, Micie (10.2), Katla (28.4), Wilbell (28.4)
A7 Linca (44), Lucille (52.8) Reyfer (56.6), Threia (62.6), Awin (74.4) Alchemist, Nio, Micie (13.8), Katla (32), Wilbell (32)
A8 Linca (57.2), Lucille (66) Reyfer (66.2), Threia (72.2), Awin (80+) Alchemist, Nio, Micie (17.4), Katla (35.6), Wilbell (35.6)
A9 Micie (30.6), Reyfer (79.4) Threia (80+), Katla (45.2), Wilbell (45.2) Alchemist, Nio, Awin, Lucille (69.6), Linca (60)
END Micie, whatever Katla, Wilbell, whatever whatever

The friendship values are estimates but should be fairly close to the truth. Use the final year to fix any issues. Without DLC/Plus characters, you'll note the schedule is easy to keep.

[PC] Why does my game run like garbage?

Plug in a controller. Yes, really.

Alternatively, if you are on laptop, you need to make sure the game is not running on integrated graphics.

Windows 10 Settings -> Search "Graphics settings" -> Browse -> Select the game exe -> Options -> High Performance -> Save