Beating the Final Boss

Can't beat Gullveig or Flameu? This set makes short work of the last two bosses in Escha & Logy.

Try to increase the EFF bar wherever possible. Use the earth Effect+ skills as much as possible. Use wind's Absorb Attribute on all non-usable items.

Setup Item: Slag Essence

  • Slag Memory x2
  • Medical Solution
  • Whatever you feel like for the last slot

Just get max water effect (HP to SP) and the Slag Wave property.

Debuff Item: Poly. Poison


  • Black Powder. Get Level 5 property (Frame Reinforce+). Use fire skill Draw Property if necessary.
  • Toss that into a Mixed Lubricant. Get Level 5 Property. Keep Pricy Reinforce.
  • Property Level is shown in the bottom right corner.
  • Ancient Root -> Natural Extract (Max Expand)

Onto the item itself...

  • Darkness Shoot
  • Natural Extract (Max Expand)
  • Magical Paint
  • Mixed Lubricant (Pricy Reinforce)


  1. Use Mixed Lubricant
  2. Power+ 1 on Magical Paint
  3. Use Magical Paint
  4. Crafting Help on Natural Extract
  5. Use Natural Extract
  6. Division on Magical Paint
  7. From here, Effect+ as needed, toss in Darkness Shoot.

Keep Pricy Reinforce, Max Expand.

Attack Item: Titan Hammer


  • Automatic Drive. Get Level 2 property. (Property Enhance+)
  • Abrasive. Get Level 5 property. (Property Enhance)
  • Abrasive -> Crystal Ball -> Purple Crystal
  • Ancient Root -> Ziegel Nugget (Max Expand)

For the item itself:

  • Purple Crystal (Property Enhance)
  • Automatic Drive (Property Enhance+)
  • Ziegel Nugget (Max Expand)
  • Medical Solution


  1. Use Automatic Drive.
  2. Division on Automatic Drive.
  3. Use CP Recovery +3
  4. Use Crafting Help 3 on Medical Solution.
  5. Effect+ 3, Effect+ 1 if needed.
  6. Use Medical Solution.
  7. Reset Attribute on Wind.
  8. Throw in the rest, use CP Recovery/Crafting Help as needed.

Keep Property Enhance +, Cost Bonus, Max Expand.


Equip Poly. Poison to Logy, Slag Essence to at least Escha, Titan Hammer to Escha.

Throw Slag Essence as setup, you need the SP.

Double Draw as Logy. Use as many assist attacks as possible to increase damage rate above 200%. Should unleash Double Draw II at end. Takes a couple hits for final boss.

Bring Lucille as backup, she can revive from KO if your alchemists get wiped.

You do not need any equipment for this set. Just assist guard to make sure nobody dies.