Assignment 7

Initial Nine Assignments
Defeat the Giant Slag Defeat Tank at Southern Ruins (Crumbling Altar)
Requests 5 or more
Synthesis 5 times
Search Do 5 Field Events
Gather 16 times
Combat 9 times
Subjugation Requests 3 or more
Ruins Altar Anterior Gather at Southern Ruins (Ruins Altar)
Total Preparation Enter a field with a Goddess Shield and Titan Hammer
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Senior Investigator Adventurer Level 35+
Aroma Delivery Deliver Dried Herbs x15, Angel Ribbon x2, or Healing Aroma to Urban Area.
Core Delivery Deliver (Core) x4 or Airto Blitz x1 to Town Entrance.
Graveyard Shining Slag Slay Emerald Ray at Slag Graveyard (Graveyard Center).
Model Slag Use a Slag Figure 3 times
Flame User's Delivery Deliver White Powder x10, Ifrit Breath x5, or Fire Lord Tears to the Hall
Equipment Compression Go to a field with 30 Adventure Equipment items.
Medical Supply Deliver Refuel Ointment, Healing Salve x10, or Magic Fiber x5 to Old Highway (Inclined Slope).
Goddess Shield Use a Goddess Shield.
Monster House Slay all monsters in the empty house at Twilight Forest (Forest Point). The Logical Moves experiment should help. Don't use a Beast King Relief; it won't work.
Dragon Material Deliver (Dragon) x15, Dragon Bone x5, or Dragon Tail x5 to Plaza.
Slag Hunting Season Slay 10 Slag type monsters.
Triple Handicap Synth a Poly. Poison with Triple Handicap.
Small Dragon Slay the Compact Dragon at Searing Wastes (Smoking Wastes).
Beast King Relief Synth a Beast King Relief.
Senior Alchemist Alchemy Level 35+
Character Events
Harry Administration Office Harry's a big donor.
Dragon's Nest Harry chickens out because of dragons.
Linca Hall Lucille gets some training. (40 friend)
Lucille Balloon Docks Brother. Need I say more?
Reyfer Dragon's Fist Tavern Reyfer wants to get a rarer item than Harry.
Dragon's Fist Tavern Reyfer gives you a recipe. (Different for both characters.)
Dragon's Fist Tavern A while after delivering the item, it's competition time.
Solle Administration Office (Logy) Logy's surrounded by women.
(Escha) Solle doesn't get fat.
Threia Hall Threia and Linca talk about Marion.
Plus Admin Office [Logy] Choice. Escha isn't using her intelligence on reportsl
Dragon's Fist Tavern [Logy] Choice. Solle eats too!
Atelier [Logy] Choice. Do not disturb.
Atelier [Escha] Choice. Figuring out the tablet.
Atelier [Escha] Choice. Still griping about paperwork!
Panacea of Gods Nio's Shop Eye-Opener, Refuel Ointment, Healing Cloud, Angel Powder, White Powder
Emblem Catalog Katla's Shop Dusk Talisman, Beast King Relief, Royal Crest, Goddess Shield
Dragon Repellant Plot event, from Reyfer Slumber Incense
Legendary Weapons 1 assignment line Sky Alchemy Staff, Crystal Fang, Soul Breaker, Wind Talisman, Goltriat, Dark Angel Bag, Slaying Blade
Electrical Stones 5 assignment lines Blitz Stone
Lady Mauselle Chest at Dragon's Left Wing Poly. Poison, Airto Blitz, Magic Stone, Healing Aroma, Yellow Crystal
Impromptu Recipe Reyfer's events (Logy) Flowing Metal
Secret Spice Memo Reyfer's events (Escha) Burning Spice
Hard Metal After visiting Dragon's Nest Einzel Steel
  • Area
    • Dragon's Nest
    • Get a Diamond Gemstone before leaving.
    • You should get the final lithograph piece here.
    • See Ruins Altar and Crumbling Altar.
    • If you've made the items I suggested up till now you will have no trouble with the boss. Otherwise, get Escha & Logy in the party and try Double Draw, with your best item last and with Threia's assist debuff. One thing, though. The boss does have little missiles he likes to launch at you. They're a timed effect and you can't defend against them, so make sure you're at decent health when he launches 'em.

In the Administration Office, you get a plot related event about a metal eating dragon, which is followed up with an event at the Dragon's Fist Tavern and another at the Hall (you get Dragon Repellant). Long story short, they're going to suggest that you scare it away. Well, if you want to do everything, you're going to have to kill it, and you might as well kill it sooner than later. You are very capable of doing it during this assignment. Basically, this dragon is the prerequisite to fighting a stronger dragon at the end of the game. For the record, I forgot to equip Escha with attacking items, threw her in my party (she was useless!) and STILL beat the thing. It's not as hard as the game makes it out to be, but I still suggest being more prepared than I was.

With Clone, you'll get the next chapter of her story. Finally, you'll get an event with Nio. If you haven't played Ayesha, uh, go play it now. I'll wait. :P Seriously, all the scenes with Nio tug at the heartstrings.


Properties are all yours. Use Effect and Quantity as you like.

  • Blitz Stone
    • Ingredients: Corundum Stone, Capacitive Paper, Mixed Lubricant (or Black Powder), Black Neutralizer
    • Toss in Corundum Stone, Capacitive Paper, Mixed Lubricant.
    • Use Power+ LV1 on Black Neutralizer, throw it in, then use Division on the Neutralizer.
    • Use Conversion LV1 on Wind, then Reset Attribute on Fire.
    • Conversion LV2 on Fire, then Draw Property. This gets you the LV5 Property.
  • Airto Blitz
    • Ingredients: Dragon Tail, Iron Plate, Rough Disk, Black Neutralizer
    • Throw in Dragon Tail, Iron Plate, and Black Neutralizer.
    • Use Conversion LV2 on Fire, then Power+ LV2 on Rough Disk.
    • Use Conversion LV1 on Fire, then Strengthen Material on Rough Disk.
    • Throw in Rough Disk, then use Division on it. Use Reset Attribute on Wind.