Assignment 6

Initial Nine Assignments
Save the Orchard Deliver Plant Nutrients to Faul at the Apple Orchard
Then deliver a Fertilizer to Faul.
Check Withering Plains Go to Frontier Village after completing the main assignment.
Gather 15 times
Plant Nutrients Synth Plant Nutrients
Search Use Field Events 5+ times
Synthesis 5 times
Wilderness Subjugation Slay Lava Rat, Red Spirit, Fairydrake
Wilderness Materials Gather 10 times at Searing Wastes
Combat 9 times
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Bloodstained Saber Slay Blood Saber at Slag Graveyard (Graveyard Center)
Wilderness Boar Slay Red Skin at Searing Wastes (Burning River)
Water Research Gather Water, Black Water, River Water during term.
Beast Hunting Research Slay 5 Beast type enemies.
Medical Bandages Synth a Medical Bandage
Cooling Item Delivery Deliver Eis Ice Bomb x1, Squash Tea x2 (w/ Cool), or Freezing Gas x10 to Crimson Cliffs.
Searing Heart Synthesis Synth a Heart of Flame
Bomb Delivery Deliver Bomb x5, Dire Bomb x3, or (Bomb) x10 to Southern Ruins (Ruins Courtyard).
Three Magic Items Enter a field with Divine Jar, Living Bomb and Lava Cube equipped.
Ring Delivery Deliver Gunade Ring x2 to Town Entrance, or only one if it has Divine Speed.
Gathering Requests Do 2+ Gathering requests
Animal Material Deliver (Animal) x20 or some kind of Feather.
Warm Food Delivery Deliver Veggie Soup x5 (w/ Warm), Rich Potage x1, or Fruit Pie x1 to Plaza.
Music Box Delivery Deliver Music Box x3 to Balloon Docks, or just one if it has Terrible Tone.
Bag Delivery Deliver Explorer's Pack x4 or Medical Bag x2 to Urban Area.
Requests 5 requests
Character Events
Awin Balloon Docks See warning. 1 day after making Flight Gas Jar, he talks to Reyfer.
Hall Awin asks Threia about the Edge.
Harry Atelier You get From the Wild.
Katla Urban Area (Logy) Trophy Event (Exciting Treasure Alliance)
Urban Area Harry decided to support Katla's shop.
Lucille Hall Lucille's model collection. I want to see.
Nio Apple Orchard About growing apples.
Threia Hall Threia wants to go to Upland Forest. (50 friend)
Upland Forest Harry shares his theories about the ruins.
Hall Why Threia goes alone (Logy)
Threia wants a maid. (Escha)
Wilbell Dragon's Fist Tavern You missed her show again.
Plus Apple Orchard [Escha] Choice. Picture books.
Balloon Docks [Logy] Choice. Logy changed.
Balloon Docks [Logy] Treasure chests at unexplored ruins.
From the Wild Harry event Ancient Scroll, Slag Statue, Mystery Lantern
Great Gardener Katla's Shop Medical Bandage, Healthy Ration, Fruit Pie, Rich Potage, Plant Nutrients, Green Crystal
SP Fertilizer Automatic Fertilizer
Searing Men Searing Waste (Smoking Wastes) Black Powder, Burning Gas, Heart of Flame, Melty Metal
Rare Armor 1 assignment line Fur Shirt, Chain Shirt, Crystal Plate, Jewel Plate, Assassin's Coat
Tales of Lucard 4 assignment lines Titan Hammer, Demon Eye, Ziegel Nugget, Gunade Ring, Heavenly Spirits
Element Core From Wilbell, after meeting the Fire Lord Spirit Gem
Engine Blueprints After revisiting the Fire Lord Automatic Drive, 3rd Gen Engine

While you're out at Withering Plains, make sure to get a River Water. And when you go to Searing Wastes, be sure to drop by the Slag Graveyard to fetch Black Water.

Plus -- Avoid the hell out of the Thirsty Water God at Withering Plains. It's a level 100 monstrosity you aren't ready for.

  • Area
    • Searing Wastes
    • You'll have to visit it in two chunks thanks to the plot.
    • You should absolutely have a Heavenly Spirits before going back; it instant-warps you back to the Atelier.

In the Apple House, you'll get a plot-related event with Clone. You'll be seeing a series of Bumblebee Princess events. The Apple Orchard event is also plot-related, and you get SP Fertilizer.

After visiting the new area, Wilbell directs you back after making the Flight Gas Jar (you need Buoyant Gas from the wastes to make it). You'll need to visit a new area in the Wastes... to basically be kicked out again by the Fire LOOOORD. After consulting Wilbell *again* for the Element Core recipe, you can progress that part of the plot.

After you visit Withering Plains, you can enter the well at Village Well. Do so for a Lithograph Piece and document.

From now on, if you have an idle moment, make a Mystery Lantern. You need to reduce its equip cost to one slot (the wind skill, Compress, will do this), and preferably increase its uses as much as possible AND you want the best effect. You'll want about 20 uses, in total, for high end synthesis.

As for Plant Nutrients (I dearly want to call it a Tonic, thanks to older games), make your first one crappy as you like. But for your personal use, make one with the best effect, and as many uses as you can cram on it. Using Plant Nutrients allows you to gather rare items. Combined with "Check rare materials", you'll be gathering "max" level items that are typically hidden to you.

You should be about at Alchemy level 37 at the moment. Once there, you've reached your final skill (Reset Attribute). Any others must be bought from Marion as experiments.

You do have a boss fight at the Slag Graveyard waiting for you. It isn't much trouble though, especially not after making Titan Hammer, and Eis Ice Bomb, among others.


You will be able to make the Flight Gas Jar after going to Searing Wastes. You are encouraged to do this, as you get a trophy (Future Dreams) and the Double Draw ability, which is totally awesome to use in battle (just try it out, and be sure to get the damage rate over 200%).

Anyway. DO NOT LEAVE COLSEIT. Honestly, I never got Awin's events to disappear in my own testing. But be cautious. View his events before wandering off, and you might as well stick around for the other plot events.

Failure to comply may result in missing an entire dungeon.

Item Time

The following are less about the properties (I leave that to you) and more about the effects.

  • Eis Ice Bomb
  • This requires disassembling a Demon Eye from Searing Wastes for an SP Neutralizer. You will need all of your traits to be on a Ice Bomb.
    • Ingredients: Water Crystal, Ice Bomb, Bubbling Water (mainly for Earth skills; feel free to modify), SP Neutralizer
    • Toss in everything but your Ice Bomb.
    • Use Conversion LV1 on Fire, then Power+ LV1 on Ice Bomb. Use Crafting Help LV2 on Ice Bomb, then Conversion LV2 to Wind.
    • Toss in your Ice Bomb, then use Perfect Division to toss it in again.
    • Use Conversion LV3 to Wind, then use Division on Ice Bomb.
    • Finally, use Reset Attribute on Water.
    • And now you've seen why Reset Attribute is useful. Enjoy your Bomb.
    • Keep Super Destructive, Endow Cold, and Count Boost or whatever you like.

Yes, this item takes your MP. There's no avoiding it.

Titan Hammer - Zero wind. Lots of water and fire. I used Purple Crystal, Iron Plate, Antique Moss and Slag Memory. With Power+ LV1 on the Slag Memory. That should be all you need to get started.