Assignment 9

Initial Nine Assignments
Survey Team's Visit Deliver Canned Food x4 or (Food) x30.
Environmental Researcher Visit 68 areas.
Veteran Slay monsters using the Check strong foe Field Event.
Storage Expert Enter a field with 50 items equipped. Apple Tart, go!
Ultimate Attack Use Use 5 finishing attacks
Alchemist Combination Use Double Draw 5 times
Warehouse Keeper Use items 100 times. In battle or out.
Disassembly Mania Disassemble 20 relics/items
Researcher of Knowledge Buy 20 experiments from Marion.
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Legendary Panacea Disassemble an Elixir Base (Postgame only)
Legendary Investigator Adventurer Level 50+
Monster Leader Have 60+ monsters in the encyclopedia
Tool Wisdom Use 60 items in combat. You may have to wait for postgame.
Child of Disaster Slay Child of Terror at Ends of the Earth. (I suggest waiting till Postgame.)
Effect Specialist Record 100 item Effects in the Encyclopedia.
Small Creator Synth 200 different items
Complete Investigation Do 200 assignments. At 25 per term, you should be there already.
Total Damage Deal 99999+ total damage through support attacks. Not all at once.
Candy Maker Have Homonculi consume a total of 100 treats
Observer of Combat See 100 skills between all allies and enemies (lolwut)
Limits Giant Slag Slay the Dreadnought at Ends of the Earth. (I suggest waiting till Postgame.)
Walking Dictionary Read 300 encyclopedia entries
Document Collector Gather all 20 documents. If you are missing any, check Documents.
Legendary Alchemist Alchemy Level 50
Defeat Strongest Dragon Slay Altegewalt at Dragon's Nest (Postgame only; requires Duke event and you must have defeated the previous boss there.
Character Events
Awin Balloon Docks Ends of the Earth unlocked.
Ends of the Earth To the World's End trophy event
Balloon Docks Awin wants to buy a blimp.
Duke Dragon's Fist Tavern Logy will be in the eating competition.
Lucille Hall (Logy) The letters of protest stopped.
Hall (Logy) Lucille's father is lonely.
Hall A conversation about breast growth. :D
Linca Development Office Linca's double put it all on her tab
Dragon's Fist Tavern Let's Get Along trophy event.
Town Entrance Sister Three left.
Development Office (Escha) What's a mother?
Development Office Marion's worrying over Linca.
Harry Hall Harry's going to beat Ayesha's rare items.
Micie Plaza (Logy) Love letter.
Urban Area (Logy) He sent the letter. Haha.
Solle Administration Office Solle's relation to Colland.
Administration Office Colland talks about Solle.
Threia Hall Threia wants to go to Lab of Eternity
Lab of Eternity Threia's troublemaker uncle.
Lab of Eternity Threia's uncle left a note.
Atelier About Threia's thesis
Dragon's Fist Tavern Sad Girls' Association trophy event
Wilbell Urban Area Wilbell's sweets are pretty tasty.
Plus Balloon Docks [Logy] Choice. Edge of the World.
Plaza [Escha] Choice. The picture book's sad ending.
Emergency Rations Automatic Canned Food
The Billionaire Katla's Shop Blessed Ring, Gold Dust, Precious Stone, SP Neutralizer
A Forgotten Tale Nio's Shop Forbidden Candy, Brother Call, Phoenix Bracelet, Command Chime
Third Twilight Ends of the Earth (Structure - Upper) Dimension Bomb, Golt Board, Soul Binder
  • Area
    • Ends of the Earth
    • You may kick Awin out of the party forever.
    • STOP. There are two bosses there. You're too weak on your first run. Feel free toexplore, just be careful. You can dodge them both.

As I'm sure you noticed, there are a lot of events to do. The plot related ones are in the Apple Orchard.

Once you get the initial nine tasks done, you really don't need to go out of your way to do more. You'll naturally get to most of them by the end of the game (you have over a year to do them), and the rest are optional bosses. If you're behind on your item using one, though... good luck.

Too Much Free Time

Yes, you should have boat loads of time. And I'm quite happy to tell you what to do with it. You see, ultimate synths are a serious time investment, so you might as well get crackin', on some of the prep stuff that you can do now. Even if you're interested in suboptimal stuff, you should still do some of this.

You will need to stop by Ultimate Preparation. You don't have access to the Fallen Ruins, so you can only relic farm at Searing Wastes, Ends of the Earth, and Lab of Eternity. You should also be able to do PP Boosting Items. Unfortunately, some ultimate properties are not naturally available on any items; you must use the relic method to get unique properties.

If you STILL have nothing to do, uh, I guess you can start some ultimate synth stuff. You just can't complete most of it.

Or you can level grind. You need to get to level 99 for a trophy. Honestly, though, I'd wait for ultimate equips to do this.