Assignment 5

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... professional localization:

"A place so full of slugs, apparently, that the excavation isn't making any progress at all."
"So we have to go fight the slugs too? That sounds kind of difficult."
"Yes, according to the information, there are eyewitness accounts of a humongous slug."

Better bring the salt!

Truth be told, the mistranslations are part of my motivations for writing this guide. Even if you didn't notice any of them yourself (look at the properties, if you're ever in doubt), you probably saw me discussing some of them.

Of course, if you have the Plus version you're going 'wtf'. They did correct this, made some other fixes (not enough), and randomly changed a lot of monster names. This is most apparent when you go after Strong Foes. Aaaaaanyway! Enough bellyaching from the Loser, yes?

Initial Nine Assignments
Slag Graveyard Explore Large Corridor, Disposal Area, Graveyard Depths
Use Synthesis Skills Use the fire skill, Draw Property, 3 times.
Synthesis Synth 5 times
Check the Encyclopedia Check 50 new entries in the Encyclopedia.
Combat Fight 9 times
Gather Gather 15 times
Slag Parts Have Slag Antenna, Slag Memory, Slag Heart, Slag Cable
Graveyard Entrance Slay Bad Treasure at Slag Graveyard (Graveyard Entrance)
Gather at the Corridor.
Slay Carrier at Graveyard Center.
Gather at Large Corridor.
Requests Complete 6 requests
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Career Investigator Adventurer Level 30+
Bomb Disassembly Disassemble a (Bomb) category item.
Scorching Drake Slay the Scorching Dragon at Upland Forest (Atelier Garden Ruins)
Take Back the Village Slay everything at Abandoned River (Homunculus Village)
Past Fashions Synth Angel Ribbon
Pioneer's Work Perform a normal attack with Linca.
Lumber Delivery Deliver Wood Chips x1, Iron Plate x5, or (Lumber) x10 to the Hall.
Battlefield Melody Use a Music Box in battle.
Mass-Produce Items Request mass production from the Homunculus.
New Age Alchemy Use Roten Blitz in battle.
Medicine Delivery Deliver SP Medicine x2, Trad. Medicine x3, or Curing Powder x4 to Plaza.
Animal Material Synth Beast Earmuffs.
Slag Parts Delivery Deliver Slag Figure x1 or (Slag Parts) x30.
Resistance Increase Create equipment with Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind Resist.
Clothing Delivery Deliver (A Clothes) x5 to the Urban Area. At level 35, you get Quantity LV2 to help you.
Career Alchemist Alchemy Level 30+
Character Events
Awin Balloon Docks Awin still wants to renovate.
Deliver Rusty Cog x5 or (Metal) x10
Administration Office Request denied. :D
Balloon Docks Awin gives you nice stuff for helping him.
Colland Dragon's Fist Tavern Trophy event (Great Monster War)
Dragon's Fist Tavern He's getting along with Duke again.
Atelier Colland is scary
Katla Slag Graveyard Talking to sags.
Linca Development Office Linca sucks at cooking (Logy)
Linca needs to make friends. (Escha)
Development Office Awin tried Linca's new recipe (Logy)
Urban Area New friend: Katla (Escha)
Micie Plaza Dangerous criminals (lol Keithgriff)
Development Office Micie asks about Marion taking breaks.
Nio Apple Orchard Harvest Festival trophy event. (Escha)
Apple House Jam. You get How to Make Jam.
Solle Administration Office Solle's jealous of Lucille
Threia Atelier What Threia does when she loses a book.
Wilbell Dragon's Fist Tavern You missed her magic show.
Urban Area 30 friendship. Wondering about Ayesha.
Plus Atelier Choice. To tart, or not to tart. Different for both.
Atelier [Escha] Choice. Unfair division of labor.
Admin Office Lucille event with Solle. Paying homunculi.
Style Magazine Katla's Shop Strong Yarn, Beast Earmuffs, Feather Ornament, Concealing Skin, Angel Ribbon, Bi-color Corundum
How to Make Jam Nio's events Apple Jam
Recycling Manual Nio's Shop Wood Chips, Metal Chips, Various Scraps, Magic Fiber, Cardboard
Rare Weapons One assignment line Feather Staff, Black Wing Veil, Mjolnir, Magic Talisman, Red Starter, Teak Basket, Boneshatter
Freezing Ammo 5 assignment lines Eis Ice Bomb
Lost Kingdom Slag Graveyard (Disposal Area) Slag Figure, Dream Book, Magical Paint, Music Box, Roten Blitz
Dog-Eared Book Buy from Katla or get for free from Harry Flight Gas Jar
  • Area
    • Slag Graveyard
    • Boss fight at Graveyard Core.
    • I had the second tier equipment on, as well as the Lava Cube I mentioned in the previous section (along with Omega Craft).
    • You should get the second lithograph piece.

At some point, you'll get the Linked Attacks, Linked Guards, and Linked Specials experiments. I strongly suggest them, when you can afford it. You also get Materials, which is a synth skill. If you're on NG+, that really expensive (100,000 Cole) experiment allows you to buy your equipped adventure items from your previous playthrough.

Katla will try selling the book for 2000 Cole. You can be cheap and say no. You can't make the item yet anyway, and Harry will give it to you at the Town Entrance later.

During free time, you'll get an event and song at the Hall.

You are welcome to make a Music Box as good as you can make it, but if you don't care for that item, make it with Terrible Tone (the lowest wind effect). You will thank me later.

More Synthesis

Don't bother making the ~best~ Eis Ice Bomb right now. Soon, but not now. (Well, technically nothing I'm telling you to do is optimal.)

So instead, let's make a Roten Blitz.

  • Iron Plate
    • Use a Capactive Paper with Super Destructive.
    • Keep Super Destructive. You are free to make this property on the Roten Blitz using Black Neutralizer, if you want.
  • Roten Blitz
    • Ingredients: Ifrit Breath, Iron Plate, Wood Chips, Black Neutralizer.
    • Use CP Recovery as needed.
    • Toss in Ifrit Breath. Use Power+ LV1 on Wood Chips, then Division to toss it in again.
    • Toss in Black Neutralizer, Iron Plate. You may need to use Crafting Help LV3.
    • Use Quantity LV2 if you have it, whatever else you like.
    • Keep Flame Core, Super Destructive. I didn't plan for a third property, so alter this as you like if you have one you want.